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Sep 21 2010, 07:42 AM

Check Out the Development Team for more Info

Our TEAM Bar:


Are you here just to support us? Cheer us up by putting this in your Signature:


~The Photobucket Images in my blog will be renewed on 29th
Sorry for the bandwidth exceeded shit
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Sep 3 2010, 07:34 AM

VS: Escallion Rising - Main Menu System v0.5 (Early Version)

Hi Guys, Since i will be releasing a Demo this October, I'm keeping myself busy scripting the Official Main Menu System...
The Design, Graphics, Main Menu Script is all created by me thru Scratch...
Though the other scenes such as the custom ones: Skill Tree, Spirits, Quest List, Organize Party, ETC is not created by me but will be modified and will be redesigned to fit the actual main menu...

Main Menu Items
Expanded List
Party Member Selection

The Main Menu Items is Divded by 5 Categories:
Tools - Items, Monster Dictionary, and other tools will be listed in its Expanded Menu
Party - Skill, Equipment, View Status, Organize and other Party-related system will be listed in its Expanded Menu
System - System Features such as Quest List, Skill Tree System, Spirit System and other Custom Features will be listed in its Expanded Menu...

Animations Designed:

Main Menu Items & Expanded List:
Fade in - It will Fade in the current selected Main Menu Item.
Fade Out - It will Fade Out the other Main Menu Item that is not needed to be highlighted.
Colored - When Menu is Currently selected and is available It will transit from being a Grayscaled to Colored and increase Opacity from 155 to 255
Grayscaled - When Menu is Currently selected and is NOT available it will just transit the opacity from 155 to 255
Flash - Used when Confirming Main Menu Item and when going back from Party Member Selection to Expanded List
Expand - Used when a main menu item is selected, It will show the expanded list menu

Party Member Selection:
Pulling Effect - The current selection in party members is moved a little bit to the left after the Pulling Effect is the Bouncing Effect.
Bouncing Effect - Every time Party Members Selection is moved the boxes bounces while moving to the left.
Flashing Effect - When the Selection is idled for a few seconds the current selection's box will flash repeatedly for (20 Frames) every (100 Frames).

There's a Different Cursor Sound Effect in Party Member Selection and in Main Menu Items and Expanded List.


1 Party Member Active

3 Party Members Active, Organize Feature Added to Expanded List of Main Menu Item: Party via Switch

4 Party Members Active, Monster Dictionary Feature Added to Expanded List of Main Menu Item: Party via Switch

Main Menu: System Expanded List shown

Idle Flash Animation(Vance' Box) for Party Member Selection

Here's A Video Because it's Animated:
for bigger better quality:CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE MAIN MENU SYSTEM v0.5 VIDEO
or watch it here:

For Noobs:
This script is Originally Written and made by me. So please don't ask where i get it. also don't ask for me to release it in public since i will never release it and is specially designed and scripted for my project, Valkyrie Stories Only. Thank You for Reading smile.gif.

Rate and Comment is appreciated happy.gif

If you are a Supporter of my Game Project kindly attach this Support Bar in your Signature:

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Aug 25 2010, 07:50 AM

VS: Escallion Rising - Character Profiles

It's time for me to release some of the info's since september is getting near...
Here's the Character Profiles that will give you idea on who the characters are, what are their roles, etc.
I'll add more next time so check my blog, or my signature for Updates(in my signature the last blog update is written)

More Character Profiles soon... more more more smile.gif

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Aug 7 2010, 01:13 PM

VS: Escallion Rising - Project Renamed

Well I guess you noticed already, I renamed the Project's Title, but the story is still the same, I just guess This Title is better than blood brothers...
I also made a new Logo for it if you can notice in my sig and the Blog Entry Logo...
I like it better than the old one...

I also made a Small VS Logo for some other purposes:

On my Signature Banner, You'll see unknown characters posted,

This is to show you guys that Vance and Veinhart is not the only character in the game
There are actually lots of character that will appear in this game and they will all gonna have different emotional roles...
I just don't want to share much information right now...
I want it to be big and better before I release further Informations about the story/characters/gameplays and such...
Don't worry... September isn't that long... 2 months away from now you can see yourself playing this game
and knowing that these characters will play a large role and an effective role to the whole gameplay... and i hope you'll enjoy it happy.gif

I also wanna share my Full Body Colorings to the Characters:

You can read more info about this here: http://www.rpgmakervx.net/index.php?act=fi...&pid=325944

If you are a Supporter of my Game Project kindly attach this Support Bar in your Signature:


Please do Answer the Poll biggrin.gif

Gonna post more and more to come happy.gif
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Jul 16 2010, 06:25 PM

VS: Blood Brothers -- Revelations

Releasing a Demo
Around September - October I will release a Demo of this project, I need 3 Beta testers in the end of September and I will release it to the public after 2 weeks...
So if you want to be a Beta tester, Post a reply here and tell me what you can help about beta testing... I need to straighten up my bad grammars, graphic errors, script bugs,
glitches and other things.

Short Spoiler Intro:


I woke up lying on a floor, Feeling the cold breeze air touch my skin
as I stood up, I see blood all over me... I was in shocked...
I checked if I am injured in any body part but i dont feel any pain...
I just feel weak... As I glance thru my back I see someone lying on the floor...
As i walk by near that person, My heart beats faster...
I couldn't speak, can't even believe that it is my brother covered with blood
and already dead... I screamed for Grief and Sadness... I tried to wake him up...
but miracle doesn't even exist... I gave a minute of silence to my brother while i'm holding him...
Trying to remember, what happened... but only gives me headache...
I can't seem to remember anything about this, about being here in a mountain,
about being weak and lying on the floor, brother's death...
He was my only family left... and now i'm alone...
Who did this to you brother... Who did this...

If you have any questions about the game feel free to ask me smile.gif
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