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Feb 21 2010, 12:23 AM
Here are some images and one mp3 from my game to keep you interested.
This music is licensed under the Creative Commons license.

If you use it, please attribute it to:
Theo and Co. Work
Two maps as well:
Looks Handrawn:


All for now,
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Feb 20 2010, 08:22 PM
Magetown is the new game I'm making, and will hopefully be the first one I finish. I don't feel like writing down what the premise is, so I'll just copy-and-paste the prologue here:
The world of Baldeniad. In the early years of its creation,
all races had one sole goal: to create a civilization where
they could all thrive. Once their civilization had been
created, they were without anything to do. It was an
anarchy. Some places were civilized. Others, not. Finally,
magic was discovered. It helped establish the civilization
again, with little resistance. It turned out though, the
government wanted to keep the magic to themselves.
There were many riots, though with magic they were
quelled quickly. Then, the government has formed the
Mages. Recently the world faced destruction from multiple
new threats. The oceans started to attack the land,
volcanoes began to erupt, and meteors rained hell on
cities. Finally, the Mages came. they alone stood between
the world and destruction. A single one could hold of a
flood. They were armed with magic the likes of which had
never been seen. The few that even concieved the idea
that the disasters were caused by the Mages, never spoke
out loud, for they new that there could always be an
"accident" where the Mages didn't get there quite fast
enough. The world was in a new order. Traveling was
rare, adventuring was unheard of. The Mages could keep
monsters and natural disasters away from the cities, but
not away from the barren countryside. The few conspiracy
theorists there were suspected there weren't either
outside the gates, but again, didn't want to risk it. This is
your world. You begin in a small Inn and Pub you stayed
in the night before. This is where your journey begins.

So, that's it. When there's no updates to give, I'll post world map pictures and music and stuff to keep you attentive. Which reminds me, I'm aiming to make this game's music either all be written by me or my friends, or be a song played by me or my friends that is so old it doesn't have a copyright. That's it.
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