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May 17 2010, 01:27 AM
Hello, person reading this blog entry. If you're here, you are probably curious about the game I am currently developing known as Phantasma. Well, unless you clicked on this by accident.
I've decided to give you a brief story synopsis.

After the race's evolution period, humankind, without structured laws or a fair society, began to wage war against other humans. It was an uncontrollable event that left the planet ravaged by violence. This continued until one fateful day, the Gods appeared. These were idols man had only dreamed of, now seen as real. Among the three Archgods were Volcanus, Glacia and Divum. Because they couldn't communicate directly due to a language barrier, the Gods each selected a translator, or Rift Being, to be imbued with magical powers and gave them the ability to understand the language of the Gods. Before they could do this, each of them were given a challenge to overcome to deem themselves worthy.
This resulted in peace and prosperity for all of humanity.
It was not long before a person with strong magic power was chosen, a person who bore a connection not just to the Gods, but to hell itself, providing them with enough power they could seize the throne of the Gods for themselves. So they entered the lair of the Gods, and after a bloody skirmish, was cast down to hell, the Gods unscathed.
Only a few decades later, the dark energy of the magician still hangs in the air like thick fog. As shadowy powers begin to resurface, a young boy and those he loves will become a part of the battle to decide the fate of humanity.

BTW I didn't actually let on anything about the story, really. It is a lot better in the game. I just didn't want to give anything away.

That's all for now. Bye!

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