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Jan 24 2012, 07:29 PM
So, throughout my time starting to learn a little about RMVX, i have found some amazing things I wish to put into my game. One is the finding of quite a few sprite, and the while not anywhere near a full set, it is, by far, good enough to give me a very nice start into delving into this game process. I have also found a few scripts that I would like to note here, mainly so I don't forget. The rotating menu, like that of the spells in Spellbinder, but for the main menu. I loved this type of process while I played spellbinder, and the fact that i found the script for it as a main menu thrills me. I also decided that, unlike most games, my game will be set-up the same way as digimon world, at least when it comes to enemies. Their will not be a sincle random encounter in the entire game. Instead, I will have sprites of everybody, and all the digimon will be on the screen walking around, and i will use either a touch system or a area type system to start a fight scene, and at the end of the fight, i will either just have the sprite dissappear or have the sprite change to the item dropped (similar to that in Digimon World, but I won't make the enemy run away, as this would cause me more work..lol). Anyway, I do have to find the specific catepillar script to use, which will mostly be you and your digimon. I am thinking that, at first, the original digidestined will be there to teach you the ways of the digital world, from menu usage to battle system, to the basic tutorial of the start of the game. I am feeling very ositive at this moment, but i know when you start eventing, and trying to create maps, that over time, the project drags, and you have to take breaks from development. This is fine, and this blog will be my memoirs of events and everything going on in the game so that when one of these breaks come along, all I have to do to get back into the game making without leaving loose ends is read. That is all for today.
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Comments (0) · Permalink · The Digimon Revolution · Not rated (0 votes)
Jan 18 2012, 09:21 AM
My intent is producing a game that will take the very essence from the show, throughout the seasons, and imply them into a game format. I should mention that I personally hate playing video games based on a movie because, well, you know what is going to happen, and it is pretty lame IMO. So, I will very much change it around, but stay true to the basics. I have been loading my PC with Pics, going to work on sprites, and do the preliminary writing type things before i start making a game. The other factors that will need finished before I start the game is learning RPGMaker VX in-depth, and not with the pansy type stuff I have been doing so far. I can make boring maps, and move from one to another, and do simple eventing. I am now learning much cooler stuff thanks to the many users here writing useful guides.

Anyway, I am very eager to work on this project, as it has been tossed around in my head since the RPGMaker 2k days... I am also currently in college, with 92 credits done and one crappy semester coming up. After that, the last Semester will be a piece of cake, and hopefully I will get my job at the Prison, and have more time to dedicate to making my game. I want my game to reach people who, many years ago, fell in love with the show, and that made people happy, and excited, to see what happened next. My intention is to completely build that emotion into my game, where you will be on the edge of your seat wanting to see more.

I also want to include a full spectrum list of the Digimon, which is insane with all the carnations developed for various games, and allow every digimon to be a potential digivolution of the many digimon available as your partner. I intend on making a persobnality test in the beggining that will give you your partner digimon(this will be out of however many digimon I can come up with full digivolution lines for). There will also be 2 fanmade digimon lines in the game, as both me and my brother, in our youth, made them and they are rather amazing. smile.gif You will also, throughout the game, run into the digidestined from the shows seasons, as they will partner up with you, and include various hints to defeat any given boss. I have very high expectation for the game I am creating, and many elements that will be involved, which pretty much means this will be a long developed game for maximum gameplay and maximum time consumption emerged in the game. I am looking forward to putting a lot of minigames in that will not only fund your time in the digital and real world, but will be nescessary for progression into the game...

This is all I have to say at this point, but i think fans outside of the show will, in the end, like this game as well.
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