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Oct 9 2010, 01:56 PM
Hello, All.

Now that I have announced my game, I would like to tell you a bit about the story and such. I really need help to finish this game, as some of the stuff I need are not on this site or RPG revolution.


VINCE: An 18 year old boy who lives with his family and helps take care of them, his father sent him to military camp when he was 13 to learn about fighting. He has two friends, and will do anything to keep those close to him safe from danger and evil.

KEAL: Vince's best friend since childhood. He is tall muscular, and handsome. He went with Vince to training as well, and learned how to be the best swordsman in their village.

HEATHERWAY: A girl that Vince has been crushing on ever since he layed eyes on her, she is a friend of his, and spends most of the day hunting for her family. She joins Vince on his quest for moral support and friendship.

CLARISSE: A mysterious magician's apprentice who helped Vince and co. escape from the Dark Army's clutches, she specializes in transformations to weaken her enemies, or strengthen her allies (Lots of TF skills for her XD)


MALLOS: Leader of the Dark Army, he maved in to Gramosa and took over the continent, ruling as the most brutal tyrant the world has ever seen, he will see to it that he crushes any remaining resistance.

GENERAL GREK: Mallos' right hand man, he is very experienced in military knowledge. He runs into the group several times on their adventure, attempting to destroy them.

SHOORLAK: A rogue warrior who wants the Power Crystals for his own nefarious purposes, to crush the Dark Army and take over as king instead.

Vince is returning home from errands from the market. When he finds that his home had been ransacked, and his mother, father, and little sister were missing. He finds a paper on the door, saying the family was placed under arrest for not paying taxes (Which were too high for the family to pay) Vince gets a mixture of emotions, and goes to Keal and Heatherway for help. They find an ancient book in a small tomb while walking in the forest, telling them of the nine power crystals. They were said to harness the nine elements of Gramosa. Water, Fire, Earth, Air, Light, Plants, Metal, Ice, and Morph. They set off to find the crystals so they can defeat Mallos and his minions, rescue the true king of the land, and Vince's family to restore peace to the land.

The game uses the Yanfly diagonalview Battle Engine Melody
Several minigames (Thanks to Shanghai Simple Scripts)
A goal of at least thirty hours of FULL gameplay, including secrets, optional bosses, and hidden temples.
Several Transformations that give the player abilities to access certain areas.
A score of dozens of new enemies (I need other people to draw them, as I suck at drawing them)
Four playable characters
Supreme controls and animations (designed by other people until I get the hang of it XD)
A world map filled to the brim with temples, ruins, towns, and other secrets triggered through sidequests
Two unlockable party members (VERY hard to unlock)
Animated enemies with awesome attack animations and skills

Just so you know, what I have listed above are my GOALS. These features have not happened yet, I am gradually planning the basice plot of the game and maps on a notebook in my room, I need you guys to help me make this happen. I need scripts, sprites, tilesets, eventing tutorials, animations, and other resources. You will be given full credit in the game, telling the gamer exactly what you did to contribute so you will get more popular on the forum, that kind of stuff. I am planning to use a sprite builder for most of the characters, but the generator does not do animals (*sulks*) and other creatures. I also need facesets based off of the sprites. Anybody who wants to help me on one of the most epic game in RPG Maker history, just contact me with a reason why and a preview of your ORIGINAL WORK. I will then pick the best and we will get to work. I can't wait to see how this game turns out.

Once again, gimme a shout!
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Oct 7 2010, 05:16 PM
Hello, all.

YoshiPerson here, and I am currently working on a project called Conquest: Age of The Dark Court, and I have TONS of ideas for the epic game.

Unfortunately, I have a tendancy to plan big, and usually the ideas I have I have NO idea how to do it on VX.

I have, for a while, anonymously gone throughout the site and tried several tutorials and scripts, and figured out I had no ide how to use them, and I deleted them on my game. So, I decided I wanted to make Conquest a group effort until I know how to do everything.

The reason why I only know how to do the basics of VX is because I am a freakin' tween.

I need help, with better map design (mine are just flat wastelands with forests and houses everywhere, BORING!) dry.gif

So, I guess I'm going to need a LOT of help in designing, script operation, and animating, oh, I just HATE animating. It just makes me wanna banghead.gif XD

I'm going to need about ten of you peoples out there who are mostly good at everything I want to do, you guys will get credited to the fullest extent, and some of you guys can design an actor or character in the game to reflect your personality, or your signature character to let people know you did this.

So I'm going to leave you all with this, and come back with a detailed storyline, right now I have the project on VX, and I am working on the tutorial section of the game.

If you guys want to be on the team, please leave a comment, telling me about the field you want to specialize in, (NOBODY IS GETTING PAYED, LET ME CLARIFY THAT RIGHT NOW.) The fields are;
Mapping (Alongside me, of course)
Tileset design
Chasst design
Battler design (I'm using the Yanfly Diagonal system, animated enemies would be AWESOME)
Story (Alongside me)
Character Design (Not to be confused with the chasst, this is NPC and personality design)
Script Scout (Looking all over the web for scripts that could benefit the game)
Minigame design

There will be no blood, gore, suggestive themes, or cussing in this game. If any is seen in you assignments, you will be removed from the team.
Vince, Heatherway, Keal, Clarisse, you will become characters soon!

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