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Mar 12 2012, 06:49 AM
Chapter 1 Walkthrough Index:
1.a: Orbone Monastery
1.b: First Skirmish
1.c: Saving Argath
1.d: Eagrose Castle
1.e: On The Way To Dorter
1.f: Corpse Brigade's Rat Cellar
1.g: Wiegraf's Sister
1.h: Argath The Traitor
1.i: Wiegraf's Sister Falls
1.j: Delita Is Tricked
1.k: Argath's Death
1.l: Concluding To Chapter 2

Further Reading:
To successfully have Ramza as a great fighter, is have him be:
An Aries: Great For Beginners
A Libra: Good For Expert Players
A Scorpio: Bad, bad, bad, idea...
A Capricorn: Ramza's Default Zodiac
An Aquarius: Good Idea For Any Type Of Player

Tips for equipment, abilities, etc. will be displayed throughout these walkthroughs.

1.A: Orbone Monastery
Battle Information:
Allies: Ramza
Guests: Agrias, Alicia, Ladd(Rad in PSX), Lavaian, Gaffgarion
Enemies: Knight, Archers, Chemist
Strategy: No need for strategy here folks.
Objectives: Defeat All Enemies

After the battle, Delita will capture the Princess(and stabs her with a knife O.O), then Delita escapes into the wilderness while on his chocobo.
Agrias will feel bad that she did not rescue her in time, while Ramza wonders why Delita wants with the Princess.

1.B: Gariland City Of Magick
Battle Information:
Allies: Ramza, Squires, Chemist/s
Guests: Delita
Enemies: Squires, Chemist
Strategy: Try your best.
Objectives: Defeat All Enemies

After defeating the enemy, we see Ramza visiting his grandfather croak(another word for death), Ramza and his sister Alma are very sad about his tragic death of a Beouvle who fought in the fifty years' war.

1.C: Argath Held Hostage
Battle Information:
Allies: Ramza, Squire/s, Chemist/s
Guests: Delita, Argath(Algus in PSX)
Enemies: Squires, Thief, Red Panther
Objectives: Defeat All Enemies or Protect Argath
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Feb 20 2012, 07:55 PM
Geez, I have not been on this site for months!
Anyways, I got a new Tutorial for you!
Step 1:
Download This Image From:
Tutorial And Image
Step 2: Follow Instructions.
Q1: Does This Effect Any Scripts?
A: Depends On The Script You Installed.
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Jun 28 2011, 12:44 AM
NOTE: There might be some errors in this tutorial, please contact me if there is any.
This tutorial will show you how to make a job change system without using scripts!
Step 1: Make an event( can be anywhere.).

Step 2: This is an example of it.
@>Text: -,-, Normal, Bottom
:     : Change your job?
@>Show Choices: Yes, No
: When [Yes]
  @>Text: -,-, Normal Bottom
  :     : For whom?
  @>Show Choices: Character 1, Character 2
Character 3, Character 4
  : When [Character 1]
    @>Text: -,-, Normal Bottom
    :     : To what job?

Above: Part 1/3
@>Show Choices: Job 1, Job 2, Job 3
    : When [Job 1]
    : When [Job 2]
    : When [Job 3]
    : Branch End
  : When [Character 2]

Above: Part 2/3
: When [Character 3]
   : When [Character 4]
   : Branch End
: When [No]
: Branch End

Above: Part 3/3

Step 3: Now, if you want to change a job. Select change class, then select the character to have their job changed.

Step 4: Remember in step 3? Now insert it into the jobs. And make sure they are always the same for each job.

Step 5: Remember step 2, if you see. : When [Character 2]( 3 and 4) is/are blank? Well, repeat step 3 and 4 and insert them into the blank areas for characters.

Here is an example of this: character 1 is job 1. Same with characters 2, 3 and 4. character 1 and 2 stays in the same job, but, character 3 is job 2 and character 4 is job 3.

If you want to change their image as well, go to this link to customize your characters here: http://www.famitsu.com/freegame/tool/chibi/index1.html
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Jun 26 2011, 04:30 AM
Hello, welcome to my tutorial for cut scenes. Credits are at the bottom of this tutorial.

First, make an event like this:
  • Set it as a autorun event

  • Insert what ever you like

Then after that, you can start/end the cut scene with:
  • Activate a switch

  • Activate a variable

  • Self switch or Item/Actor in existent

That's all for the tutorial.

Credits: TheMize18(youtube only)
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