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Apr 19 2009, 11:50 AM
So i decided to go with my gut and create the Passion of the Christ RPG on the RPG Maker forum.
Everybody seemed pretty cool with the idea, that is except one guy. He was so up with the idea
that what i was doing was blasphamy and i shouldn't create a fictional part to the RPG and i should
only keep to the historical parts.

I'm all for the idea of Jesus Christ but..to actually try to bring somebody down because they want
to broadcast the story of J.C and create their own version?

They should feel HAPPY that somebody wants to create their own version of Jesus Christ. He was a
man who inspired many and yet when somebody idolises him through computer games, they're
being rude to the Lord and should immediately stop because it'll offend many!

Grar. Stupid people...
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Apr 14 2009, 06:54 AM
So, you may have read the actual synopsis over at the forum, if not, here's the link. RTP RPG Synopsis

I was thinking as to how to spark up the RPG a little more. I'd like to have several features
which make the game even MORE interesting!

So i decided that this game would be a lot like Kingdom Hearts (for those who don't know it...think Final Fantasy mixed with Disney)

Now, i was thinking as to HOW to make it like K.H, so i skulked around the forum to find scripts and such and found these:


Tankentai Battle System (Since i cannot find a Action Battle System, which is fighting on the map!)

The Caterpillar Script

The Quest Script

OverDrive Script.

Checkpoint Script

Actor Profile Information Script

Beastiary (Monster Book) Script

So that should make the game a little interesting, i'll also add some hidden weapons, items, skills, ect.
If you can't kill a boss or in desperate need of a potion, seach around and you shall find something!

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Apr 14 2009, 05:24 AM
As you may have read from my post on the forum, i've been investigating into a RPG based around Jesus Christ.
This was all spurred by me watching The Da Vinci Code and the recent Easter Holiday.

I had the idea of playing as both a investigator in the present who was researching the secret behind J.C, and playing
the actual Jesus Christ during the biblical times. The idea was, if you do something as Jesus 2000 years ago, it'll appear
as something to add evidence during the present.

So if you destroy a farm in biblical times, a town might vanish during the present (or something similar) and the investigator
must find out where it went.

This was the plan! That was before i heard what others had to say on the idea of Jesus Christ being in a RPG. So i started
thinking "How could i make it so it doesn't offend people and yet i can still have my awesome time-switching idea?" It
then occured to me. "DUH! I can just change the idea of having Jesus Christ and change it to some made-up God or Prophet that
never existed!"

So, you now play the Detective who must find out what happened to the Prophet Lord Zyan (pronounced Z-Eye-Ah-N) during his days in the
olden times. I've decided to also add a nifty feature, those in the past will use VX graphics (the shorter graphics) and those in the present will
have the XP graphics, converted to be used in VX, that way it looks like the people evolved or something to become taller.

So, there's the LAST single RPG i've got planned before doing my MOG.
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Apr 11 2009, 03:08 AM
I decided to add more RPGs to the list of single RPGs i'll make after the RTP RPG series.
Again, if i don't get around to making them then they'll be scrapped, no big deal.

Horror RPG: You play as a peasant boy who is going for a picnic with his sister. While walking it starts to rain (cliche, i know!)
they quickly take shelter in a house, everything seems fine that is until the boy's sister is heard screaming, she then
disappears. The boy looks around the house to find that the old owners of the house are still here...but they're not alive...
So you must fight against the mysterious creatures that are trying to eat you and find your sister and GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE!

Sci-Fi RPG: There aren't really any TRUE Sci-Fi RPGs around so i thought i'd make one. You play a space traveller who wakes up on a half-destroyed
ship. You try to figure out what has happened to your ship, your lost memory and your crew. Further into the game you can get your own
ship in which to travel around space! The "villain" of the story will be revealed as you get closer to the end of the game.

Ancient War RPG: You play a small child who is torn away from his/her family and trained to become a soldier in a war that's been going on for hundreds of years
Once you are older, you can customize your soldier. The war plagues the world and all seems lost, that is until you are ordered to find anicent
artifacts which are said to hold power that could help win the war.
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Apr 10 2009, 11:44 AM
So i decided that the end of the RTP RPG series will not be my last RPGs made. I'm planning to do several single RPGs and if i don't
get around to making them, then they don't get done and will eventually be scrapped. So with my Re-colour shop, the RTP RPG series
and the single RPG's i'll be all computered out.

So here's some of the stuff i plan to do AFTER the RTP RPG series:

Murder Mystery RPG: A basic murder mystery, you play a detective that has a reputation for being a failure, nobody wants you around.
When the cheif hears of a low-information murder in a dark suburbia town, he immediately sends you out to solve
it (and get you out of the city). At first it just seems like a regular open-and-shut case, that is until you notice something
with the evidence that seems IMPOSSIBLE to occur, it's at that point that things get even weirder.

Ancient Ninja RPG: A simple RPG which plays on my love for ninjas. You play as Hong, a ninja-in-training under The Sensei. You train at the Ninja Academy and
are training to become one of the infamous Shadow Ninjas. All seems at peace until Zhoa Fong (Zhoa = Sh-ow) and his Blood Ninjas attack the
Academy and capture all the Shadow Ninjas, all except Hong and the Sensei who manage to escape in time. Once Zhoa Fong has gone, Hong
and Sensei sneak back into the Academy in which to plan their rescue of the other Shadow Ninjas and the defeat of Zhoa Fong.

Medevil MOG: I thought i'd try my hand at a Multiplayer Online Game so, here it is. You may create your own character and join in the other knights as you raise to
become rich, famous and feared. Be either a regular knight or choose to be a mythical creature (such as a orc or a elf), you don't just have to joust
to become famous. You may also go into Sword Fighting or Slayer Matches (Killing creatures in a fixed amount of time). Future versions may include
the option to buy houses, get married and even become a King over a town. If you really don't want to be apart of the famous crowd, you can go off
into the wild and kill bandits, find treasure, discover new land or hunt animals. Your armour (or clothing) will be visible and you can upgrade armour if
you're knowing in the ways of the blacksmith to create better, more creative armour.

After i make the base of the MOG i'll be finished with the RPG's, i'll make a few changes here and there, now and then so it doesn't become boring and i'll even add some things that people request (new weapons, new armour, ect.) so i'll still have a small connection to the RPG world but i'll be off handling other things.
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