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Apr 19 2009, 11:50 AM
So i decided to go with my gut and create the Passion of the Christ RPG on the RPG Maker forum.
Everybody seemed pretty cool with the idea, that is except one guy. He was so up with the idea
that what i was doing was blasphamy and i shouldn't create a fictional part to the RPG and i should
only keep to the historical parts.

I'm all for the idea of Jesus Christ but..to actually try to bring somebody down because they want
to broadcast the story of J.C and create their own version?

They should feel HAPPY that somebody wants to create their own version of Jesus Christ. He was a
man who inspired many and yet when somebody idolises him through computer games, they're
being rude to the Lord and should immediately stop because it'll offend many!

Grar. Stupid people...
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Apr 10 2009, 12:22 AM
I've decided to simply type out what's on my mind. It's a cheap form of therapy for me.

So i've recentely come to the country for my school holidays, i'm planning to see my friends soon. Until then
i'm stuck in a small house with my grandmother. The only form of communication to people i have is the
laptop with internet connection.

I'm cut off from my RPG work, that and my attempts at helping people by re-colouring sprites. I may open
a re-colour shop on the forum until i'm confident enough to try and actually CREATE a sprite. I'll be here
in the country for two weeks, away from my friends, away from my girlfriend, away from my family, just
to make my folks happy.

So when i do get back to the city, i'll start up Serpine's Re-colour Shop and i'll busy myself with that while
slowely making my RPG.

Alright, i'm going to play video games, lucky i brought that..
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