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Apr 10 2009, 12:22 AM
I've decided to simply type out what's on my mind. It's a cheap form of therapy for me.

So i've recentely come to the country for my school holidays, i'm planning to see my friends soon. Until then
i'm stuck in a small house with my grandmother. The only form of communication to people i have is the
laptop with internet connection.

I'm cut off from my RPG work, that and my attempts at helping people by re-colouring sprites. I may open
a re-colour shop on the forum until i'm confident enough to try and actually CREATE a sprite. I'll be here
in the country for two weeks, away from my friends, away from my girlfriend, away from my family, just
to make my folks happy.

So when i do get back to the city, i'll start up Serpine's Re-colour Shop and i'll busy myself with that while
slowely making my RPG.

Alright, i'm going to play video games, lucky i brought that..
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Apr 9 2009, 04:11 AM
Hi all,

I got kinda bored while on my holiday in the country. My video game controller has run out of juice, my friends don't get off school until
tommorow (Different holiday times) and i'm craving for some RPG making. Unfortunately my system is back in the city on my awesome
as PC, so i'm stuck with just writing future RTP RPG synopsis' on my family laptop.

So here is what i plan to have in the future for Ralph and the gang:

RTP RPG 2: This one will focus mainly on Space. Ralph has been pushed into a random dimension and his friends have no idea where
he is or how to get him out. As Ralph travels through the dimension he finds that the rumour that "everything is the same except one thing"
is completely false. The world has changed completely with new faces and new landscapes. The bad thing is that Ralph's powers from
his original dimension has completely vanished. He has no powers, no weapons and no money. So the adventure plays on Ralph trying
to find the power of Space in order to create a new portal into his home universe.

RTP RPG 3: This one will focus mainly on Time. Ralph has successfully gotten home, his world is safe and all seems at peace. That is until Xerxes, the previous
God of the Nether Realm breaks free from his tomb in the Nether Realm and starts to destroy the world! Ralph and the gang attack Xerxes but
of course, Xerxes wins. Ralph's friends are all dead, Ralph himself is close to it, all seems lost. The God of Peace, soon appears before Ralph and
rescues him. Ralph is revived to good health but is still in deep depression over the loss of his friends. The God of Peace sees Ralph's pain and grants
him the Amulet of Time (As seen from RTP RPG 1!) this time it has been charged to it's full potential and has the power to pull Ralph forward and backward
through time! So Ralph must use the Amulet in order to defeat Xerxes and save his friends.

RTP RPG 4: This one will focus mainly on the Elements. Ralph has finally given up, his death comes quickly and is painless. Xerxes seems to have won the war between
the Mortals and the Gods. The team mourn the loss of their hero. Elmer soon takes command and orders a extraction of every soldier, they quickly flee
the battlefield. Back in the city of Farlong, the Rebellion have a burial ceremony for Ralph, Elmer doesn't attend. Instead he is out fighting to keep Xerxes'
army back from the city walls. The Rebellion seem to be losing the battle to keep the army off their walls, in a quick move, Elmer hurries to round up the
remaining RTP gang, unfortunately they all went their seperate ways after Ralph's burial. Elmer must travel all over the world to find the remaining RTP
characters, learn the old ways of the Elemental magic and bring down the final blow which may win the war over the Gods.

RTP RPG 5: This one will focus mainly on the Nether Realm. Ralph is dead, his soul goes down to the Nether Realm but because Xerxes is up on the Mortal Realm
leading the war, Ralph becomes stuck and must find his way out of the Nether Realm. As a ghost you can either go up to the Mortal Realm to do missions
and gain ghostly experiance (currency in this game) or you can go to the Nether Realm in which to purchase new abilities, items or gain new party
members. As Ralph is doing this, you slowely but surely can recreate your own mortal existance and become a new person on the Mortal Realm in which to
help out Elmer and the RTP gang. So it's like a "What's happening to Ralph while the previous game is going on" sort of game.

So Ralph dies, Elmer becomes a Knight and the RTP crew kinda live happily ever after. The Gods are defeated and the land become safe once again!
*cues the corny music and confetti*
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