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> Beginning Stuff
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Post Oct 7 2010, 05:16 PM
Hello, all.

YoshiPerson here, and I am currently working on a project called Conquest: Age of The Dark Court, and I have TONS of ideas for the epic game.

Unfortunately, I have a tendancy to plan big, and usually the ideas I have I have NO idea how to do it on VX.

I have, for a while, anonymously gone throughout the site and tried several tutorials and scripts, and figured out I had no ide how to use them, and I deleted them on my game. So, I decided I wanted to make Conquest a group effort until I know how to do everything.

The reason why I only know how to do the basics of VX is because I am a freakin' tween.

I need help, with better map design (mine are just flat wastelands with forests and houses everywhere, BORING!) dry.gif

So, I guess I'm going to need a LOT of help in designing, script operation, and animating, oh, I just HATE animating. It just makes me wanna banghead.gif XD

I'm going to need about ten of you peoples out there who are mostly good at everything I want to do, you guys will get credited to the fullest extent, and some of you guys can design an actor or character in the game to reflect your personality, or your signature character to let people know you did this.

So I'm going to leave you all with this, and come back with a detailed storyline, right now I have the project on VX, and I am working on the tutorial section of the game.

If you guys want to be on the team, please leave a comment, telling me about the field you want to specialize in, (NOBODY IS GETTING PAYED, LET ME CLARIFY THAT RIGHT NOW.) The fields are;
Mapping (Alongside me, of course)
Tileset design
Chasst design
Battler design (I'm using the Yanfly Diagonal system, animated enemies would be AWESOME)
Story (Alongside me)
Character Design (Not to be confused with the chasst, this is NPC and personality design)
Script Scout (Looking all over the web for scripts that could benefit the game)
Minigame design

There will be no blood, gore, suggestive themes, or cussing in this game. If any is seen in you assignments, you will be removed from the team.
Vince, Heatherway, Keal, Clarisse, you will become characters soon!

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post Jun 18 2011, 02:03 AM

Seppie Releigh RPG
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Hey. I'm interested in this (I know it's old but I just stumbled upon it) and I would be more than glad to dedicate some time to Mapping and adding to the story. If you want to get in touch with me, PM me on here or email me (aestheticbullet at yahoo.com) and we'll work something out.

And, being paid sucks. If you're going to do something, do it for the love and respect.
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