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> GS - Guild System, So many options ~.~
post Mar 10 2013, 07:43 PM
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GS - Guild System

by HungrySnake

So yeah, I saw this poor coded faction script which was the only one on the RMVX network and I thought it'd need something cleaner. The script basically adds a guild system to your game, the user can configure the guild selection screen's x and y offsets and some strings, booleans etc. The player can overview the guilds he got to know and the members within those guilds.

- Overview Guilds
- Overview Guild's members
- Control Guild (Reputation) Points
- Set all sorts of triggers
- File Based System

Some commands directly copied from the script:
# add_guild(guild_name)
# This function adds a guild, defined by it's name. Make sure the name
# of the guild is a folder in the "Guilds" folder. It will not re-create
# a guild if you call this function more than once.
# delete_guild(guild_name)
# This function deletes a guild by it's name. No error will occur if the
# guild isn't defined yet.
# player_rank(guild_name)
# Return the player's rank of guild_name. Used for comparisons in con-
# ditional branches.
# change_player_rank(guild_name,new_rank)
# Changes the player's rank of guild_name to new_rank. Used to increase
# or decrease the player's rank after a certain quest.
# increase_guild_points(guild_name,amount)
# Increases the guild's (reputation) points for the player with
# x (=amount).
# decrease_guild_points(guild_name,amount)
# Decreases the guild's (reputation) points for the player with
# x (=amount).
# guild_points(guild_name)
# Returns the guild's points. Used for comparisons in conditional
# branches (== (equals to), > (greater than), < (smaller than), >=
# (greater than or equals to) and <= (smaller than or equals to)).
# in_guild?(guild_name)
# Return true when the player is in the guild, false when (s)he isn't.
# \FP["Guild Name"]
# Insert that within a message to show the amount of guild (reputation)
# points the player has, where "Guild Name" is the name of the guild.
# Make sure it is within double quotes ("") and not single ones ('').

How to set up a guild
1) Make sure you have a "Guilds" folder in your demo. Every guild you create will be stored in here.
2) Create a folder in your "Guilds" folder and name it to your guild. Example:
Project X/Guilds/Guild Name

3) Inside this folder, create two .txt files. One's named 'info.txt' and the other one 'description.txt'
info.txt format:
leader=Leader Name

Make sure to end the file with a ';'. Don't take those definitions literal, Leader Name should be the name of your leader, Affliction the affliciton of your guild and Focus the focus point of your guild.

description.txt format:
Line 1
Line 2
Line 3
Line 4;
[Line 5;]

End the file with a ';'. The maximum amount of lines you can enter is 5. 4 Of them will be seen in the guild selection window. All 5 of them will be seen in the member's screen.
4) Now, inside your Guild's folder, create a new folder named "Members".
5) Inside that folder, create as many .txt files as you want. The name of a .txt file should be the name of a guild member.
Example of a member's file
Project X/Guilds/Guild Name/Members/Guild Member Name.txt

face_file=Name of your face file
face_index=Index of the face file
description=Line 1,Line 2,Line 3, Line 4, Etc;

Same for this one, end the file with a ';'. Neither take these definitions literal, Nickname should be your member's nickname, face_file the name of your face file located in Graphics/Faces, face_index your face_file's index. When choosing "Actor1" for your facefile and 0 for your index, we'd get Ralph's face. When we choose "Evil" for your facefile and 4 for your index, we'd get Oscar's face. Affliction is your member's affliction, rank your member's rank, class your member's class and description your member's description. Every line gets seperated by a comma (,) except for the last one.
6) I bet you'll want to repeat step 5 since your guild won't have 1 member (I guess).
7) [Optional] If you want to add a logo to your guild, insert the logo's file inside your guild's folder and name it 'guild logo'. If you don't want a certain guild to not have a logo, insert an empty (transparent) bitmap file in your guild's folder, named 'guild logo. There are some configuration options in the script's set-up.
8) You're done.

I know it's hard and such, but after doing this once, it'll get much simpler.

Guild Selection [With Logo]

Guild Selection

Member Selection

Latest Version: 1.4.2
Demo: GS - Guild System

Q: Is it compatibe with other scripts???
A: Yeah, of course it is. It doesn't overwrite anything.

- HungrySnake

This post has been edited by HungrySnake: Mar 12 2013, 06:50 PM

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post Mar 11 2013, 08:59 AM
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looks like a good system, I'll use it in my game. smile.gif

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post Mar 12 2013, 06:52 PM
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*Update Time*

- Bug fixed regarding guild points, it would directly jump to the maximum value when over 50.
- Added Guild Logo option, along with some handy configurations for it.
- Shortened Guild Points Bar's Configurations.

Main Post Updated

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