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> Soul Hunt, Hunt the Monster - Get the Soul - Level Up
Major Louie
post Oct 22 2010, 04:03 PM
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Hello guys! Major_Louie here... Here's a design and development thread for my game project...
For now I am working on the game alone but might need or recruit some help on developing the game... So I ask for your humble help on anything...
I'm kinda new to the engine but I have a background on game development so it kinda helps a little on learning RMVX... I must admit, it is fun...
Without further ado here's my Game Design...

Designer/Developer: Major_Louie

What is the game?
The game is a Dark-ish Fantasy Role-Playing Game (RPG) created/will be created using RPG Maker VX. It is about hunting
the souls of the monsters to level up the skills of the player and also following a certain long term goal of the main
protagonist (the player) using a story driven progression.

Why create this game?
In General, being a game programmer, I love creating games. That's one of the reason I'm creating this game.
Another one would be because I have a Game Design that I made for a 3D game and I'm trying to start it on 2D
before making it 3D. Now I'm adjusting the Game Design to suit the RPG Maker VX, that's why I want to create this game.

What is a Soul Hunter?
A professional hunter of Monster Souls. Soul Hunters work alone but can be called the military power of each and
every land in the continent of Crimson. They exist to protect and balance the world. They are not tied down by
the responsibility of protecting the land. Some wants to be a hunter to protect the land while some wants to be
a hunter for their own purposes.

Where does the game take place?
The game is set in the Crimson Continent which is divided into six lands. The Land of Fire, Earth, Wind, Ice,
Water and Lightning. More details on the Game World Section.

No EXP Points leveling
- The game will have no experience points, instead leveling up of the player will be by spending Soul Points
gained from the monsters to level up the parameters of the player.

Monster specific skills
- Each monster on the game will have a skill that the player will be able to learn by using the defeated monsters'
soul and only by using the same monster soul will the skill improve. So if you want to improve a player skill, you
need to defeat the same monster over and over again.

Class specific skill progression
- The progression of the skills will also be based on the job class of the player. This means that the player won't be
able to improve the skills unless they have the proper job class. The skills will still be usable but improvements won't
be possible unless with the proper class.

- Recruit other Soul Hunters to help you with your quests and bring the right class with the right skills for the jobs.

Weapon and Armor crafting
- Get the right materials to craft a powerful weapon and armor to help you. Bring the right weapon and armor to help you in your quest.

Dynamic World
- The game world moves with the player. It will have a feeling that the world and its inhabitants are moving constantly
and changes will be present. For example, the NPC's at daytime and night time are different or everytime a player goes
in the town the movements or positions of the NPC's will be different or sometimes the player will meet the same
Soul Hunter on a different map/place.

Soul Hunters live their lives every day by hunting and capturing the souls of the monsters that roam the Crimson Continent. The monsters have always been a danger to the people of the world itself since old times. Legend says that the monsters themselves ruled the land a long time ago and they never harm the humans who lived alongside them until Chaos himself descended into the world and destroyed the balance between the two. It is said that Chaos was sealed in time by the humans and never seen again but the anger and hate of the monsters towards humans did not go away. Before Chaos was sealed he bestowed upon one human the power to fight back to the monsters. This power enabled the human to pull out the soul of a monster from its body and use it as his own. It is at this moment that the Soul Hunting began.

The main plot of the story will follow the events that happen around the main protagonists. The main protagonist lived his whole life following the teachings of his Master who is a Master Soul Hunter.

"Sky, if you do not hear anything from me again, capture the Legendary Soul Dragon for me"

These are the last words that the protagonist can remember from his Master. Now ready to take the examination as a Soul Hunter he will fulfill his Master's request. That is to capture the Legendary Soul Dragon Cael.

Note: The game world description is long. Sorry about it being long I just wanted to describe the world really good
and it is already a game design that I have, I just changed it to suit RPG Maker VX.

Physical Dimension:
The maps or the world will be separated into areas such as safe areas and the dangerous
areas where the monsters reside. The areas can be divided as such:

Towns or villages will be safe areas where no monster would be able to enter. The towns
will provide the player items for the journey through item shops. Weapon and Armor shops
for crafting and buying weapons and armor.

Dungeons will be the dangerous areas where monsters roam everywhere. Dungeons can be
a tower, a cave, inside a castle, a forest or in a mountain. Dungeons will contain either a special
item deep inside or a sub-boss fight which is a monster that's a lot tougher than the other monster
and can also be captured. Dungeon monsters will also be the specific type of monsters for that dungeon.

Fields / Open fields
Fields will also be a dangerous area, the same as dungeons but for the dungeons there is a limit
on the exploration and the walls will also be obvious. For open fields the space for exploration
will be much bigger but not so big where it will take too long to reach an exit to another exit. Examples
of the open field would be a desert.

Temporal Dimension:
The time of the game will be real time. The hours of game played will be recorded as the player goes
through the game. As for the game world itself, a night and day system will be made and the types of
monsters at night will differ on the type of monsters at day time. Monsters and game objects will move
constantly. No random encounters instead the enemies will be visible on the map.

Environmental Dimension:
The environment and feel of the game will vary on each area. There will be four main areas to explore,
which are: the cold area of the continent, the desert, the forest and the mountainous area. These four areas
will have different dungeons and those dungeons will feel mostly the same as their area but will have a feeling
of individuality from their main area.

The major towns will have a feeling of a busy town where there will be a lot of people walking around.
The number of people might vary depending on the size of a town, it won't be too much but not too little.
Small towns or villages will only be a resting place or a shopping place, it won't be as busy as the major towns.

The appearance of the people will also vary depending on what area the town or village is situated. If the town
is on a desert then a hot desert clothing will be the appropriate attire for the people/NPC's but a cold weather
clothing will be appropriate for night time on the desert. This will also apply for the player avatar itself. There
will be a risk involved for the cold and hot areas. If the areas are too cold to handle for the player then the player's
stamina/energy/mp will go down slowly, if it is too hot then the player's HP will slowly go down. It will help give more
impression on the player that the area is too hot or too cold.

The appearance of the buildings and houses will also depend on the area. Getting references from the real world
would be a great idea but to make it more unique to the game, an additional stuff will be added to make it seem
more original. The buildings will not be too big and it won't populate the whole town/village area. It will be proportional
to the number of people. One building/house for every 2-4 people will be enough.

Emotional Dimension:
During the course of the entire game, the player will meet different people. There will be two kinds of people that the
player will meet, that would be someone who is related to the story of the game and someone who is not. There will be
a time when you are doing a certain quest that someone will ask the player if he/she wants help on the quest. The player
will have a choice of declining or accepting the help. This will be a way of building up relationships between the other NPC's.
The interactions between them might get the player thinking that if he needs some help in the future then the player can
just ask the NPC for help. These NPC's will be the one that has nothing to do with the story.

There will be constant conversations between the characters while exploring so that player will not feel bored while
exploring the game world. The challenges or quests that the player will do will be balanced so that it won't be too hard
that it gets the player annoyed upon repeating a quest over and over because they kept dying. It won't also be too easy
as it will not face any challenge to the player.

World Layout:
The layout of the world is a combination of layouts as most role-playing games often use. The player will follow a linear layout
for the story and early on in the game. The world then will be open to the player depending on the progress of the story. Towns
and villages will be hubs which will be safe zones.

The Crimson continent is divided into six different lands. The land of Fire, Ice, Wind, Water, Earth and Lightning.
Each of the land houses a breed/family of dragons with their respective elements. However, this is not the case
for monsters. Monsters will be placed geographically on the map, e.g. some fire monsters will be found on the land
of Wind but not on the land of Ice. The nearer it is on the main town of the land the lesser it is for the other lands
monster to be found.

The main characters will be the characters that will be part of the story. They will be part of the player's party that will help the player on story quests. They can also help the player on side-quests. They will be the player's sidekicks most of the time.

Note: names might change on development.

Lucius "Sky" Anima
Gender: Male
Age: 19

Raised by a Master Soul Hunter, the main protagonist looked up to his master and always dreamt of becoming a Master Soul Hunter himself. Upon the death of his master, he was left a task to do and that is to hunt and capture the soul of the Legendary Soul Dragon Cael. The protagonist applied to be a Soul Hunter and became a fully pledged beginner Soul Hunter. The protagonist is almost always moody, his mood changes anytime he wants to. Apart from being moody, he is also a meddlesome person and too trusting of people unless he knows that the person is a real threat to his life. The protagonist is serious when the situation needs him to be.

Gender: Male
Age: Unkown

Found by the protagonist in one of his hunts when following a lead about the Soul Dragon. He has an aura of mystery surrounding him. Age is unknown but he looks young but seems to be older than the protagonist. He seems to know what he's always talking about and is always smiling. He seems to have some connection to the Soul Dragon Cael but is not talking about it. His primary mission was also to search for a Soul Dragon and his reason was he needs to talk to one of them but didn't say exactly why. He tagged along with the protagonist because they have almost the same reason on journeying.

Fate Estelle Valentine
Gender: Female
Age: 18

A fellow beginner Soul Hunter and the daughter of the protagonists' master. The protagonist met her in the Soul Hunter Examination when he interrupted to help her on capturing a monster's soul. She has a cold attitude towards everyone who approached her and because of this no one tried to approach her. She is not too trusting of people, the reason for this is because of her father leaving the family behind to become a Master Soul Hunter without saying his proper goodbye and without communications for the past years. She became a Soul Hunter to prove to her father that being a Master Soul Hunter isn't everything there is in the world. She will prove this by becoming a master herself and she believes that the road to becoming a master is easy. The main protagonist follows her around everywhere even though she already told the protagonist not to follow. This is because of the meddlesome personality of the protagonist.

NPC's (Non-Player Characters)

Town/village People
The town or village people populate the towns and villages of the game world. They are friendly people who just live their lives peacefully relying on the Soul Hunters to hunt down the monsters.

Soul Hunters
The same as the player, other Soul Hunters also roam around the game world trying to do their jobs. The player might meet them on the course of their journey around the game world and some of them might offer some help for the player or might need some help.

Traders/Quest givers
Traders and quest givers will be found mostly on towns and some on villages. Traders are the people who are willing to trade the player anything from buying things and selling things. Quest givers are the people who need a Soul Hunter's help with something ranging from hunting a soul or bringing some important item to someone. The quest givers are the ones that will give the player side-quests. They are not entirely part of the story.

Note: These are not the final screenshots. It is to show that the game is under development. It is possible that it will be changed.

The title screen. Not the final one but I guess it looks good.

Town of Farrain. well, part of it.

Training Area 01 (The whole area)

Some parts of the training area

As of now, I am still developing the basic framework of the game world such as the the class specific skill progression and dynamic world and some maps too, trying to get the right feeling for a Dark-ish Fantasy themed world. If anyone is interested to help just PM me, any help will be welcome. I might post a recruitment thread in the future forming a team to develop this game.

Mack (for the tiles)
Woratana & Aindra (for the window skin generator)
Damian666 (for the character creator tool)
Famitsu (for the face generator and the roof tiles)
Adela Isra (I learned a lot of mapping techniques from the old version maps of the game)
rpgmakervx.net tutorials (It was a lot of help for beginners on the software)

I don't think I missed someone. No credits for any script yet as I'm not using any at the moment. Still at the beginning stage of the project.

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post Oct 23 2010, 01:40 AM
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Leader Of SincInc
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The idea is very much like my comic...COOL!,*need any help i can talk you through?

My comp is not working right is all,but as long as i can talk you through it.


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am...i dont care.
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post Oct 23 2010, 03:29 AM
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Great mapping. Are you going to release it ?
Hmm, I think you have to put your character faces here.
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Major Louie
post Oct 23 2010, 07:00 AM
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@SincoMai: really?is it possible to read your comic? is it online? i would love to read it...

@Seintz: When you say release, do you mean distribute it to the community? well i was kinda making it so that someone can play it so yeah i think i'll release it... and i'll edit it to put the faces....

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post Oct 23 2010, 04:40 PM
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RMVX > Social life
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Mapping ain't bad, you could cut some holes, but other than that, I like!
The font is pleasing to the eye.

I order you to click these.

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post Oct 29 2010, 02:21 AM
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Really liking the look of this game, intrigued about the story though, can't wait for a demo, especially like the dynamic NPC feature.
The maps look really nice, seeing how you started recently (like me, of course your maps are much better...) even if you have some background game making knowledge.


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Major Louie
post Oct 29 2010, 09:40 PM
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@CrayDragon: tnx... which font btw?

@D.A.N.C.E: tnx... and about the story, i'm kinda aiming for a different story approach not the usual "save the world story" which is usually what an RPG story is about....

...I wanna update something here but my internet is kinda slow this week and i can't even upload any screens so i might have an update next week...

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Major Louie
post Nov 3 2010, 04:35 AM
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finally... i was able to upload my screens... here's a screenshot of the Town of Farrain...

i broke it down to two screens coz it's big... The East part...

and the West Part

and a link for the full image


i'm not good at mapping towns so any comments and suggestions are welcome...


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post Nov 7 2010, 12:54 AM
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I like the story, sounds like a simple background which is good.. it will all depend on how well you develop it later.

the mapping looks pretty, but you could use more "objects" in it, there's a lot of trees and grass but very few little plants and rocks.Try scavenging other tilesets and pasting stuff into it, give it more diversified look, it will improve a lot.

i wish there was more to comment on tho, but all i saw was story and mapping ;p
keep up the good work

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