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> a good world map size, opinions needed
post Apr 16 2009, 05:09 PM
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i need a few opinions on a good world map size. i've decided to scrap the RPG project i was working for one that was being made on RPG Maker 3, translating it to VX.

what do you think is a decent enough world map size? 500x500 is a bit too big imo. i was thinking either 250x250 or 300x300, or rectangular.

which do you think works? i'd like anyone's opinion on this one. thanks

(i'm sure this has been asked before)

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Jet's Handed Weapon Snippet (Requested by me, ask Jet for permission)
# Handed Weapons
# By Jet10985 (Jet)
# Requested by: Xalidir
# This snippet allows you to specify if a weapon is main or off-handed.
# Main handed can only be equiped in the first weapon slot.
# Off handed can only be equipped in the second weapon slot.
# This script has: 0 customization options.
# Overwritten Methods:
# None
# Aliased methods:
# Scene_Equip: update_item_selection
To make an item Main-Handed, put this in the notebox:

<main hand>

To make an item off-handed, put this in the notebox:

<off hand>
Note: Off-handed weapons cannot be equipped at all if the actor can't dual-wield

class RPG::BaseItem
  def hand
    if @hand.nil?
      i = 0
      for note in [/<main hand>/i, /<off hand>/i]
        @hand = self.note[note].nil? ? nil : i
        break if @hand != nil
        i += 1
      @hand = 2 if @hand.nil?
    return @hand

class Scene_Equip
  alias jet9842_update_item_selection update_item_selection unless $@
  def update_item_selection
    if Input.trigger?(Input::C)
      item = @item_window.item
      equip_type = @equip_window.index
      if equip_type == 0 and !item.nil?
        Sound.play_buzzer if item.hand == 1
        return if item.hand == 1
      elsif equip_type == 1 and !item.nil?
        Sound.play_buzzer if item.hand == 0
        return if item.hand == 0

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In the Game_Interpreter script, there's a line that is messed up.
Line: 750      actor = $game_actors[@parameters[1]]
Line: 751      actor = $game_actors[@params[4]]

To fix this, change Line: 750 from above to the one below
when 4 # Actor

This will fix any Actor Related Variables for you. I recommend grabbing the Variables Fix from the site.
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post Apr 16 2009, 05:42 PM
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Mysterious Shaman
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Well, how big do you need it. If you need a 500 X 500 tiled map, then make it that way. The real question is how much empty space there will be. When making a world map, you don't want two towns half a continent away. Usually, you also don't want towns five steps from each. You need to find a balance between empty space, and closeness.

My sugestion is to find a piece of paper, and make a rough sketch of your world. Make sure to include landmarks such as towns, cities, rivers, mountains, snow, etc. That way, you have an idea of what your world will look like. Then just do some experimenting with mapping. See what looks good, and what doesn't. Don't be afraid to do your map a few times.

Other than that, I can't really help you. Just make sure (if you want to loop the map) that it loops prperly (ie. the bottom and the top match up properly). Also, I sugest a square map. It looks better that way I think, but again, your map.


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post Apr 17 2009, 12:24 PM
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Better to make it too big and then use the trim function to crop off what you don't need when you finish, than to have it too small and have to expand your scaling, or worse, just have to redo your entire world map.

It would also help to just make a map and paint it with plain old grass and water, and position all your continents and stuff, so you have a good idea of what you need.

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post Apr 17 2009, 02:24 PM
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World Map Size is Irrelovent the distance between point A and Point B is.

I.E You don't want your hero walking for 10 minutes to his next destination, but at the same time you do not want him/her taking 2 two steps to get the point B.

In conclusion if your World map is gonna be filled will cutscenes and locations Make it big, If not make it medium. But never make it small(Otherwise it wouldn't a world map).

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