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> Perfect furry Pet?, Which one of these is for you?
Perfect furry pet?
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post Jul 17 2011, 07:59 PM
Post #41

Home is in your head.
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Type: Designer
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I have a rat, her name's Sally. She's clever as F... she's the smartest of her kind. At least I like to believe so.

She lives in an open space (not caged), she's very clean, eat at my dinner table (unless I have visitors freaking out lol), follows me around and know quite a few tricks. She's also very responsive to the emotions I throw her way.

She's getting old and weary now though. sad.gif

I also had a love bird, but she died when I kept having friends over and wasn't giving her enough attention (she would scream and sing endlessly until I took her on me purposely biting anyone touching me). Mind me, she was a gift and until her death, I didn't know that love birds can actually DIE for being heart broken and lonely. It's kinda sad, I should've studied her more before keeping her.

So for anyone wanting a love bird, unless you're ready to be treated as his/her love mate and willing to give back that form of attention. Buy them in couple.

I'm also a dog person but yeah, my issue with them is.. too small apartment for a big dog and not enough time to care for a small dog. So one day... one day.

On the other hand.. I don't like cats. Partly because every cat I ever touched almost sent me to a hospital lol.

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Bizarre Monkey
post Jul 25 2011, 11:37 PM
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Modesty is like a laxative you shove deep into your butt of smug
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Type: Designer
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I am out right appauled there are monkeys missing from this list, also, what happened to bats, kangaroo's and walabies as pets? Also, since when were weasel's pets?

But I digress, if I couldn't have a pet monkey that threw poop at my enemies and adored me like a brother, I would have to say a dog is my kind of pet. That or an amazing cat. I've had mostly cats in my life, but my dog tops them all, I did have a couple really good cats, but my dog just can't be overpowered. Sadly, I don't know how to get pcitures of her from my mothers mobile phone camera thingy, so my only processed picture of her is when she is still relatively young.

I also had another dog we adopted from some friends, already named Abu. He was very affectionate and loved us to death.

We loved him too. But he died of hammer to the head synrome, yeah... that was a depressing day.

Anyway, I should probably stop talking about the fates of dogs or the heaps of cats that have one by one disappeared or been hit by a car some way.

Seriously, I know my town is busy, but its like the cats want to look at those pretty god damned head lights.

Thankfully, the dog I still call puppy is alive and well, 4 years I think we have had her. She would have to be the best pet of all of them, she's a medium sized staffy/bisenji/rodeshian ridgeback cross, and probably got the best of all breeds, she can both bark and do a yodeling sound that bisenji's are known for, she also can jump hella high, thats also bisenji, when she is protecting us the ridgeback is clearly seen, she looks scary, she scared a whole heap of real estate agents that were looking at our house.

The staffy shows the most when she's panting and looking directly at us, we often call it the staffy look or staffy-face.

If you want to see the only shot of her I have on my comp, you can open the spoiler below.

Sorry if this turns into a review your own dog thread, I just wanted to say something beyond the simple, I Like dogs the most.

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Why can't I... hold all these awards??


Thank you everyone! :D
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post Aug 13 2011, 04:13 PM
Post #43

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Type: Writer
Alignment: Lawful Good

I once raised a squirrel.

It was perhaps 10 years ago.

Sadly, its mother fell into our horse trough and drowned. We learned our lesson and now have an escape.

My mother was walking in the yard when this squirrel started making a loud chirping or cooing noise. I can't recall exactly what it sounded like, but you could tell this wild baby animal actually wanted her attention. So, curiously, she bent down and started calling to it. Miraculously, it came up to her and she picked it up. It was freighted, but its naivety, innocence and hunger apparently won out over its instinctual drive to flee.

We called the conservation department and they told us how to feed and care for it. At the time, I had a beard and the baby female really liked that.

My little sister named her Squirt.

Squirt liked trail mix and would pick through it to find her favorites. Her prickly tongue would lap soda pop from a can's rim. I shared many with her.

Squirt loved to climb on people, or anything, really. She would run up to you and climb up your pant leg and shirt to sit on your shoulder or in your hair.

She never once made a mess in the house, bit or scratched. We took her outside and let it roam around our expansive, 10-acre lawn. Amazingly, no matter how far away she went, she would come back when called.

We had two dogs at the time: one, an aging German Sheppard mix and the other a miniature pinscher. The mini-pin puppy was highly curious about the squirrel. The Sheppard didn't like it, but we made her tolerate our tiny guest. You could almost hear the Sheppard's sighs of annoyed exasperation when we let Squirt "ride" on her back.

When Squirt grew older, we tied a rope and pulley to a high branch of a walnut tree, the same one we suspect she was born in. We used the rope and pulley to lift a pet carrier into the branches for the night. We kept the door locked. In the morning, we would lower the cage and let her out.

Then, we started leaving the cage door open. Sometimes, we wouldn't lower the carrier in the morning.

A large male took interest in our little female. He would come near when we were watching her in the yard. You could almost read the male's mind. It would look at her and then look at us like, "is she actually living with those humans?"

Not too long after that, we experienced the first time Squirt didn't come when called. She grew more distant, stayed in the treetops longer. Eventually she would only come partly down when you stood beneath her tree and called. She would hang upside-down looking at you, sniffing. She recognized us, but there was something different in her black eyes; it was as if she was unsure about whether she felt more drawn to nature or to us. She was learning to become more feral. She was becoming an adult.

As if to say goodbye, she came back down one more time. Then, we never saw her again except maybe as another wild animal living with her kind.

Today, when we look out the window of my parents' house, we all have said we think of her. Anytime we see squirrels running around, we can't help but wonder if they aren't Squirt's great-great-great descendants.

I like to think they are.

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--The Dragonlord, Dragon Warrior, 1989.
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post Aug 19 2011, 05:05 AM
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Type: Spriter
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I'm surprised by how many people voted fox - wild animals rarely make good pets. There are exceptions, but there are very good reasons why animal rescue organizations end up with hundreds of abandoned pet wild animals every year, especially wolves and wolf-dogs, and many more get put down when they do something aggressive. I'm firmly of the belief that, barring times when an animal must be rehabilitated and can't be re-released for some reason, wild animals are not viable companion animals.

On the other hand, the domesticated fox, branded as a Siberian fox, is supposed to make a damn good pet, so maybe that's what people are talking about. If you haven't heard of them, the Siberian fox is a domesticated variant of Russian silver foxes, and is born tame with a personality somewhere between a cat's and a dog's. They are also fecking adorable. Seriously, just check out the cubs.

I'm personally a cat person, although I own both cats and dogs and have been a veritable animal shelter for nearly every domesticated species (and some wild species) under the sun at one point or another. Including a red fox once, who was hit by a car. He went on to be released and is hopefully out there scaring the crap out of people with his eerie bark right now.

Except for the rare boss who changes sides or escapes at the last minute, all fights will be to the death. A single mugger, standing over the bodies of seven of his felled colleagues, will still fight against a team of god-slaying juggernauts until his last breath. Surrender can never be offered, and would presumably be rejected out of hand, anyway.

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