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> does anyone have a sci-fi tileset?
terry 309
post Nov 7 2009, 06:29 PM
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if anyone has a sci-fi tileset and is willing to let me use it then it would be nice if you could pm me it thanks

This post has been edited by terry 309: Nov 7 2009, 06:29 PM

i will take over all the forums in the universe and turn them into pie, then i will eat them.

it acturally came up with squall :/
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post Nov 7 2009, 06:55 PM
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Modern & Futuristic Resources

All of your Apocalyptic, School, Modern, Sci-fi and Futuristic needs!

Links to Resources:
Aindra's Modern Walls, Floors, Tables, Beds and Bookcases
A.M.'s cars, bathroom tiles, lockers, computer icons
April.Burials' glass door, sci-fi gate and police tape
Avadan's City tiles and vehicles (space ship, cars, street tiles and ship) (see last spoiler)
Between Truth and Fantasy's tiles - click the 5th and 6th grey links at the left for McDonalds, bathroom and futuristics
CrimsonLotus has a space ship tile set here (see link third from the bottom) and sci fi weapon icons
Cyangmou's Sci Fi security door and Sci Fi tile A4 Walls in a zip file with many other resources
D*M's stuff Choose Material> VX Mapchip> choose the link which begins with "VX" or look for DL link
DKaineru's Sci Fi Floors and walls -Tiles A and E
Double Period's Sci Fi Parallaxes - 266, 262, 221, 229, 230, 174, 191, 194, 196, 130 are planetary parallaxes
EB/Tsukuru's Modern and Sci Fi Resources include robots, mech and sci fi battlers, as well as modern school and home tiles
Granny's Album with vehicles of various shapes and sizes, such as a police car, bus, sports car and limo
Granny posts some more robots and vehicles
Hanzo Kimura's Ruined elements for apocalyptic settings - look under VS Ruins
IceDragon's Modern/Futuristic Tiles
Kai's stuff on RPG Studio (German) - Modern benches, and ping pong table - search Resource section/ author Kai
Kururumilk's City Set - Click under the screenshot to download streets
Mack's official blog for all his tiles - look through for whatever might suit
Megatronx's reflective surface tiles and interior/exterior set - plus robotic enemies
Natural Hall's edit of EB Sci Fi tiles, with cabinets and consoles, computers, etc
Painhurt has been compiling many of these tiles, plus others into a High School Themed set
Soruve's Sci-fi door, with matching A4 and A5 walls and floor tiles look under the WIP spoiler
Uncredited Broken walls and beat up cars
Weem's Sci Fi futuristic gate
ZeroPlummer's Set - click on the link at left called ZPU's second house

Materials Posted Here: - posted with permission, of course!
Rajawali's Robots, Chopper and Conveyor Belts:


Conveyer Belt
(looks great in-game!
- 2 Frame

-3 Frame

Robo Tank

Robo Chopper


Credit: Vibrato for the base

Robo Butler

Avadan Sideview Mecha

Credit: Avadan, I'm only making the sideview of it

Matsuo Kaito Sci Fi Elements - Robots, Energy Crates, Sci Fi Doors, etc

"Energy chests" [ initial credit : Zeroplumber ]

Granny's Scratch Pad - pls ignore

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Epic Ancient
post Nov 7 2009, 07:37 PM
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If it's a choice between life and death, I pick Purgatory.
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QUOTE (GrandmaDeb @ Nov 7 2009, 01:55 PM) *

That actually helped me out for a secondary project I'm working on... Deb's always helpful. ^^

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post Nov 25 2009, 09:58 PM
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Successfully Failing
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sorry for the slight necroposting, but i just wanted to let Grandma know (i dont think its just me) that half the scifi links are dead, which sucks...

If you like my art, check out my novel series
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Zenon the Silver...
post Jan 1 2010, 06:22 PM
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Android with Human Soul
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It's realy a shame...most of my projects are sci-fic based....

"I am one with the Darkness"~Zenon Zoltan

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post Feb 10 2011, 11:33 AM
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[quote name='GrandmaDeb' post='197493' date='Nov 7 2009, 01:55 PM']Stuff like this? wink.gif

*************** Links All Checked/Updated as of 2/10/22 **********
************* please PM me about bad links - thank you ***********

For City Streets, etc
City Set by Kururumilk - here are your streets! smile.gif
german site with Kai's stuff requires membership to access - sci fi tiles, benches, and ping pong table...
Between Truth and Fantasy's stuff
tiles - fifth and sixth link in grey at left McDonalds type futuristics - or peek Here
Aindra's Beds, Walls, bookcases and floors
School elements and tiles from EB, plus robots
and Painhurt has been compiling the tiles into sets here with a High School Theme
Tekepon - see materials by Tsukuru Ritchie and LinWit for modern vehicles
graykid's cars, etc
Album with vehicles
For Sci-fi elements
ZeroPlummer's Set
D*M's stuff
Choose Material> VX Mapchip> choose the link which begins with "VX"
DKaineru's Tile A and E

Avadan's City tiles and vehicles (space ship, cars and ship) (see last spoiler)
and the Abyss Diver set in sf_map.zip on Enterbrain's Tsukuru site.
Scroll down to the 9/11 entry for sf_map.zip or you can look at it Here
and some robots and vehicles

Of course you know to check:
Mack's official blog for all his tiles

Okay, all updated and all links checked. Let me know if there are any bad links.

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post Feb 10 2011, 11:40 PM
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Yay for updates : )


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