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> Note for Tutorial Threads

New threads (tutorials) here will go into a moderation queue. You will not see your thread appear when you create it. A moderator will decide if it will be approved or denied.

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post May 23 2008, 04:11 PM
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Tutorial Forum Rules

This is a section for users to post tutorials on how to accomplish things in RPG Maker VX.

This is NOT a place to start a topic asking for help. If you wish to ask for help, take it to the RPG Maker VX Support/Help subforum. (this does not count posting in a tutorial thread to ask a question about that tutorial, this is allowed and encouraged)

Here are the rules for posting a Tutorial in this forum.

1. For each tutorial you make, please make a different thread. At least one person I have seen has made a single thread for all of their tutorials. I will not bother any threads made before this post, but from now on, use different threads. There are several reasons for this:

A. It is easier for me to link it in the master list.
B. It makes it easier for people searching for a tutorial on something specific to find what they want.
C. It makes it easier for people to ask questions about a tutorial.

2. Make your tutorial as detailed as possible. Tutorials should be informative, not just suggestive. If you are giving suggestions, then add what to do for each suggestion. Do not open a thread to merely add a link to another site. Create the tutorial, then add the link if needed.

3. Check your post for good grammar and spelling. If you have trouble with English (I know that there are a lot of Non native-English speaking people on the board) you may PM your tutorial to Akod, and he will go over the grammar and spelling for you. He will then PM the Tutorial back to you.

4. Make your Tutorial Title informative. This way people know what they are getting before they open the thread. For instance "Switches Tutorial for Newbies" is an informative title. "King Tut's Awesome Ancient Tut" is not.

5. Pay attention to your formatting. No one wants to read through one large single paragraph. Break things up, make it pleasant to read.

6. After posting a tutorial, PM Akod with a link so that he can add it to the Master List.

7. Properly tag your tutorial. How to do so is listed below the rules.

8. DO NOT USE A POLL TO ASK HOW GOOD YOUR TUTORIAL IS. The thread rating system is turned on on this subforum for that reason.

Searching Tuts and Tagging your Tuts.
(written by SBS)

I have to go over the pain of cleaning (moving threads and stuff) and tagging each tutorial in this board so that to make things look less messy. The purpose of the tag is to make listing (and searching) easier, all you have to do is to search for the proper tag. There is a total of 7 tags, they are as follows:

General tagged [-General-]
Eventing tagged [-Eventing-]
*For more complex systems, there's the eventing subforum.
Mapping tagged [-Mapping-]
Writing tagged [-Writing-]
Scripting tagged [-Scripting-]
Graphics tagged [-Graphics-]
Other tagged [-Other-]

The tags are self-explanatory. If you want to see all tuts dealing with writing for example all you have to do is to search for [-Writing-], every thread tagged with [-Writing-] will show up in the search result page.

Sorting the Tut board.
Thanks to Aindra for pointing this one out. Now that all thread has been tagged, you can actually sort the whole board in such a way that all thread will be grouped base on tag. To sort the board, just scroll at the bottom of the board and change Order: Last Post to Order: Topic Title (optional change Z-A to A-Z to sort all the thread alphabetically).

Tagging your Tuts
If you are writing a tutorial and you want to tag your tut, all you have to do is to add the tag to the title of the thread. Example:
[-Mapping-] Effectively Using Autotiles and More
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