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> Notes for Complete Game Threads

This forum is for completed RPG Maker VX games. Please do not post threads about games being made in other engines here.

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> Completed Games Forum Rules and Guidelines, Before you post, look here.
post Feb 11 2010, 07:36 PM
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Completed Games Forum Rules

When posting in the Completed Games Forum, you are expected to read, understand the following rules and meet the minimum requirement(s) to post a new thread in this forum.

Note: Projects are allowed to contain/deal with religion, politics, drugs and/or sex as long as you make sure that a fair warning is in the header of your thread.

Requirements to Open New Thread

You will need the following before opening a new thread in this forum:

Your game must be complete, with credits, and be easily downloadable, this section is not for games that are unfinished, broken, or full of bugs and glitches. Games are not expected to be completely bug or glitch free, 100% bug and glitch detection is not possible without extensive testing, but constant updating is not good.

- Story Synopsis (Plot) The synopsis needs to cover how your story will flow together, what is happening that makes this a game-worthy story, and what the character's basic interests in the story are. A story synopsis of at least 350 words is required.

- World Development (Setting) Your game world is where your characters live and adventure, meet new friends/enemies/allies, work, play, fall in love. Your core world will affect all that comes afterward. At this point, you should have at least 225 words down that describe your world.

- Screenshots Depending on the development level of your project these shots must show more than just the basic and generic town. Show some mapping skills, this skill is key to making a great RM Game. Minimum of 12 screenshots showing your mapping skills, eventing skills, and NPC's.

- Character Bios Every playable character must have a bio. Having bios for antagonists and other major npc characters is also suggested, but not required. Your characters need to be developed beyond just their archetype and basic personality. A description of around 125 words is required for each bio.

The above is the minimum requirements before opening a new thread here. You are encouraged to go beyond the minimum requirements. If the requirements are not met, the thread will be closed until the creator is able to meet the requirements. Contact Akod or a GMod to have your thread reopened for editability.

*Exceptions may be made on a per thread basis. Sometimes people can do more with less, but we all should know what a bad thread looks like.

Rules for the Project Development Forum and Sub Forum(s)

The following rules will override any Board Rules.

1) Do not spam! The following examples are considered spam:

One word post like: Cool, great, and lol...

Flaming posts such as and not limited to: "your graphics suck", "I'm not gonna play this".

This kind of posting will be met with a warn level increase. Even if it's your first post, you should be smart enough to read the rules and be considerate of other people's efforts.

A good constructive post will be as follows:

Your project looks interesting and I really like the new face sets. Moreover, I would also like to point out that there are some errors in your mapping such as the upper cliff which should be placed on the second layer. I am looking forward to this game none the less.


2) No Double Posting

It's annoying and it eats space unnecessarily. Unless you are the topic creator, do not double post. The edit button is here for a reason. Also, the topic creator should only double post to bump there thread when they add new content/updates to the thread and double posts for content/updates should NOT be placed any less than 72 hours. If your thread is already at the top then just edit your last post instead of double posting.

Critics: A good critic should point out a flaw in design, implementation, or technique. If you don't want your work subject to an experienced developer looking it over and letting you know what would work, fit, or look better you may as well post your project ideas somewhere else. Improvement of your project via information, feedback, and input from your peers is what this forum is intended for.

The Board Guidelines still apply universally, thank you for taking the time to read the Rules and Guidelines of this forum.

Last Update: September 1 2012

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