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> Note for Early Project Feedback Threads

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> Heart on Fire, The Musket Wars
post Feb 12 2010, 03:25 AM
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I chose the name, "Heart on Fire", to represent the love/hate drama of the war(heart) and the rage and aggression between enemies which became worse with the Muskets added to the Maori Arsenal.

After watching Deadliest Warrior online, i was quite upset at the Shaoln vs Maori one. Mostly because of the inaccuracies, but also, the Maori lost >.< Even though 3 of his weapons were superior and scored more kills.

After the episode i decided to go Maori and find some history i didn't know of before, and i found ALOT of interesting things. One of the things that drew me in the most were the Musket Wars.
The Musket Wars were a series of 500+ battles that raged on for 15 years. Most of the battles were fought between the largest tribe, Nga Puhi, A fierce and intelligent cannibalistic tribe and Ngati Whatua, a more passive and defensive tribe who had preferred not to resort to cannibalism. Sometimes, the much smaller, but a more fierce tribe, Ngati Toa, would fight on both sides, making sure the wars would never reach their lands overlooking Cook Strait.

Although, in the version i was thinking of making it was to add more fictional elements like the assistance of Taniwha(Monsters/Guardians) and obviously monsters.

I planned to make separate stories for certain characters who fought in the wars. Kind of like, seeing what one side was like, and you would say, "oh my god!, that really happened? those guys suck!" and then play as another character on the other side, "Ohhhhh so they had to do that to, riight then, so its all their fault", and then the other, "WHAT! i cant believe it was all their fault, to believe i once supported their cause" and so on.
The 4 playable characters are as followed.

Hongi Hika, 26-34 years old, the War Commander of the entire Nga Puhi and the one who started the Musket War. Having befriended many Christian Europeans earning enough trust to buy Weapons from them. Particularly, the Musket. After his visit in Australia, his Uncle, Ruatara and then Tribal Leader died while in Australia, giving control to his eldest relative Hongi Hika.
"...And here i saw, Missionary's and a large and intimidating Indian from New Zealand. He stood as tall as the Door Frames with a never blinking tattooed face. A sight i shall never forget of all the time..." English Vendor.

Thomas Kendall, 28 years old, Missionary who first befriended Hongi Hika and the Nga Puhi tribes. Both men came to an agreement to help Hika write the first Maori-English Dictionary, only if Hika allows a Christian Mission in his lands. During his travels with Hika, he assisted in buying arms and hiring mercenaries for the return journey. In time, Kendall falls in love with a local girl. A student of the linguistics and a servant girl of Kendall. She was also the Daughter of Tohunga(Priest) Rakau, a mighty general of massive stature named after the Maori Martial art, Mau Rakau (Bear Weapons)

Te Rauparaha, 46 years old, current Tribal Leader of the infamous Ngati Toa. A tiny tribe at the bottom of the North Island. Te Rauparaha, short of stature made up for it with incredible intelligence. His ancestors once held off a Massive Army led by Tamure, a Maori Priest with only 300 Toa(Warriors/Champions/Heroes.
When war broke out, Te Rauparahas relatives all sided with Ngati Whatua, many of which died. Te Rauparaha eventually sided with, Tamati Waka Nene, a Warrior Prince of Nga Puhi decent. Te Rauparaha planned for better trades and trading routes with Europeans. Thus creating the first Maori owned trades system in Wellington area.

Potatau Te WheroWhero, 24 years old, Tribal Leader of Ngati Whatua and sworn enemy of Hongi Hika and Te Rauparaha. Potatau's tribes own parts of the east coast while his enemies hold the west and south coast. Not a very violent tribe, they tend to stay away from Invading countries, instead allowing enemies to walk into their traps.
Potatau had led 3 War Parties of 2000 each(6000 overall) to the defense of Moremonui, an area held by a village and subtribe against a menacing army of Nga Puhi led by Pokaia Heke, former chief and brother of Hongi Hika. Potatau won the battle and had captured, tortured and killed any surviving Toa, Even Pokaia Heke. Potatau would go through history as a powerful enemy of the Europeans and their allies.

So thats everyone. What do you say? A historical story of drama and vengeance(Utu) with elements of mythology.

-Sorry, i would've written this better but im in a hurry.

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post Feb 12 2010, 08:46 AM
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There is a forum called "Early Project Feedback", moving this there.

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