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> * Script Requesting Guidelines *, Read this before making a script request!
Mr. Bubble
post Apr 20 2010, 05:13 AM
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So you’re developing a game (or wanting to develop one) and you realize that RMVX does not include the features that you want.
What can be done about it?
Thankfully, VX has RGSS2 (Ruby Game Scripting System 2) which allows you to flexibly edit your game (to an extent) through use of the Ruby programming language.

But what if you don’t know anything about Ruby, RGSS2, or scripting in general?
What you can do is make a request in the RGSS2 Request forum and someone may script it for you!


Search the forums to see if the script you want has already been made.
There have been numerous scripts made since VX’s initial release.
Here are some helpful links you should check out before you make your request topic:

- Master Script List: Organized and updated frequently CHECK THIS FIRST!

- rmrk.net Script Database: Has many unique scripts

- VX Tutorials Forum: Certain things can be evented rather than scripted

- Link to rpgmakervx.net search form


After you’ve searched and you can’t find what you’re looking for, then it’s a good idea to make a request!
Here are some guidelines you should follow when typing up a request:

-Be as descriptive as possible
“Please list as much detail as possible within your post. Just because the logic works so well in your own mind, doesn't necessarily mean it'll be crystal clear to others. These details will give potential script writers a better understanding of what exactly you need your script to do from beginning to end. It will also save loads of time for the scripter - and you.”

-excerpt from Mr. Anonymous’ original guidelines topic

Providing as much detail as possible is absolutely important. The more details you can provide, the higher the chance your request will be fulfilled.

Let me repeat that: The more details you can provide, the higher the chance your request will be fulfilled.

Again: The more details you can provide, the higher the chance your request will be fulfilled.

It's common to request features or systems from existing games (such as Final Fantasy). Those types of requests are fine. However, don't assume everyone has played the games that you've played no matter how popular it is. You still need to provide details.

-Use visual aids if possible
Providing mock-up pictures, screenshots, or video links of what you want will greatly help those that want to help you since they provide clear and precise details.

However, do not simply provide a picture or YouTube video with no other information. Scripters need to know what they’re looking for or should be looking at. You need to provide additional information along with any visual aids you use.

-Provide links to other scripts if you mention them
It's quite common to refer to other scripts in requests such as asking to modify an existing script or requesting script compatibility. However, please link to these scripts when you mention them. There have been hundreds of scripts created. Don't assume everyone knows where to find each and every existing script. Don't assume people have the time to search for them. Don't assume everyone knows what the names of scripts are, what they do, and who created them. The easier you make it for others, the easier it is for others to help you.

-Be patient
Don’t sweat it if your request has not been fulfilled after some time has passed. Remember that game development takes a lot of time and there are so many other things you can work on while your request is still open. It might be a good idea to go over your request and provide more details if possible. You are allowed to bump up your topic every 72 hours beginning from the timestamp of the last post in the topic.

-Be courteous and respectful
Remember that scripters use their own free time to complete requests for people. Don’t forget to say thank you~!



Why is this a good request?:
-Provides links to the actual scripts he is talking about rather than make people search for them
-Clearly describes the problem he has with the scripts in question
-Clearly states the solution/result he wants
-Summarizes his request
-Formatted his post to be readable

Did this request get fulfilled?: YES


Why is this a good request?:
-Request is based off an existing game’s system, but provides good details even for those who have never played that game before
-Provides what options he wants in the system
-Specific topic title
-Provides a link to a picture
-Requester was patient

Did this request get fulfilled?: YES, but not directly.


Why is this a good request?:
- It is a short request, but it is sufficient (could be better)
-Provided MORE detailed information when asked
-Requester was respectful and courteous to those who tried to help him

Was this request fulfilled?: YES


Why is this a bad request?:
-Poor, non-descriptive topic title
-Absolutely no context
-Did not search the forum
-Just plain stupid


Why is this a bad request?:
-Requested a battle system, but provided little to no information
-Assumed readers can read his mind
-Did not search to see if the script he wants already exists


You can request a custom battle system script as long as it is sufficiently detailed. But keep in mind that they are one of the most difficult and time consuming scripts to create. More often than not, custom battle system requests are not fulfilled.

I suggest reading this topic regarding battle system requests and existing custom battle systems you can check out: http://www.rpgmakervx.net/index.php?showtopic=16975


Only requests for RPG Maker VX/RGSS2 are allowed. Requests for RPG Maker XP/RGSS are not allowed since this is VX-focused forum. Yes, this apparently needs to be stated.


If a request topic does not sufficiently meet the guidelines stated (which is up to the moderator or admin’s discretion), the requester may or may not be informed to update his or her request within 24 hours. Otherwise, the topic will get closed.


Got what you wanted? Great! Edit your topic title to say “SOLVED” or report your own post with a message saying “solved, please close” (or something like that) to get your topic closed by a moderator. Don’t forget to thank whoever helped you.

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