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post Jun 6 2010, 10:20 AM
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Eventing subforum:

All topics go into a moderation queue and need to be approved first before it shows up. All topics need to abide by the rules. There will be no guarantee your topic will be approved, and we are not obliged to explain why your thread was rejected. Please make a copy of your text because once it gets rejected your topic will be gone. If you follow the rules it will most likely be accepted.

The Eventing subforum is for members to post topics displaying their events, or to create a 'snippet' topic where they can post several small events in one topic. Topics must abide by the rules before they can be accepted.

Rules for the Event subforum:

1. The event subforum is to showcase the events members have created and wish to share among the community. Snippet topics are allowed here. Request shops for events are not allowed.
2. That said, you can not create other topics in this forum that are not about showcasing your event. So no request for events, or asking how to do this. There's a stickied topic for that, which can be found here.
3. Once you create a topic you have to put a tag inside the topic name. Here are the tags you can use:

[-Minigame-] For posting small minigames, such as fishing, farming, cooking or mining etc.
[-Puzzle-] Any kind of system that makes the player think about how to complete it, such as an ice puzzle.
[-Battlesystem-] For posting anything related to a battlesystem, including skills, summoning etc.
[-Quest-] For posting anything related to quests.
[-Transportation-] For anything that is related to the character moving from map to map, including teleportation.
[-System-] For any kind of system that does not belong in the minigames tag. For example a bank system, timesystem etc.
[-Snippets-] Your own topic for posting small events.
[-Other-] Anything that doesn't fit in all the other tags.

[-Minigame-] Growing and harvesting crops
[-Transportation-] Move across land with a horse
[-Puzzle-] Push a boulder onto a switch
[-System-] Evented message system

4. When posting a topic about an event, be as detailed as possible. Explain what it does, and how it was done. Screenshots (or written out events) are a must. Without screenshots of your event or without the written text resembling the event your topic will be rejected. Demos and or videos are also a nice addition. Let me repeat that:


Here is an example of a screenshot of an event (don't forget you need to add in comments!). If you don't want to add comments inside the event (which in my opinion is the easiest way of explaining), just type some text that goes along with the screenshot.

If your event has multiple event pages, or common events attached to it; POST THESE AS WELL. THE WHOLE EVENT MUST BE SHOWN IN THE TOPIC, SO TAKE AS MANY SCREENSHOTS AS NEEDED. However, I will make exceptions on very long and tedious events which have a certain part that needs to be repeated indefinitely but have slight variations, you can leave those out as long as you show the beginning and explain what must be changed each time.

5. In the actual event itself, please post comments inside to explain what is going on, what was done, what this variable or switch was used for etc. Please do this for every event. If you think this is too much of a hassle, you can also type these comments in the topic itself next to the screenshot to explain what you did.
6. As with global forum rules, type everything in English. Please check your spelling and grammar. If it contains too many spelling errors it will not be accepted.
7. Pay attention to your formatting. No one wants to read through one large single paragraph. Break things up, make it pleasant to read. Also pay attention to the type of font you're using. I recommend just using Arial for readability, try not to use any fancy fonts.
8. When posting a snippet topic, please list the names of ALL the snippets in there, separate them and organize your thread. Make it easy to navigate. Spoilers would be very helpful.
9. Please use the snippet topics for small events that don't really need their own topic. For complex events, please create a thread of their own.
10. If your event uses graphics which aren't in the RTP, then please post those as well (for example, a HUD needs custom graphics). You can ZIP the files together and host it on an uploading site such as MediaFire.
11. Sometimes you need a small script to get your event working. I will allow this, but only if it helps the event more, not have the script work because of the event. If you use a script to help the event please post in your topic which script you're using and how.
12. Do not bump your topic because no one replied to it. Only bump when you're adding more information, and or fixing up the original event. Don't bump it for no reason when it's still on the first page.
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