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> What belongs here?, Read this BEFORE posting in this forum.
post Jul 30 2008, 10:40 PM
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Seeing as this forum was previously the Writer's Workshop, this board has recently acquired a slightly different meaning in terms of the content of the posts contained in it. While the Writer's Workshop was dedicated to providing topics regarding stories and general literature, this board is now dedicated to general creativity. What this means is that this board is no longer restricted to simply posting stories or written works, but rather encompasses many more forms of creative expression.

With the creation of this forum there has also been the creation of a new subforum in Project Development called the Early Project Feedback forum. This forum was created for the purpose of showcasing game development which is not yet to the level required for posting in the Project Development forum. Many of the topics previously located in the Writer's Workshop have been moved to the Early Project Feedback forum by myself, as they meet the requirements of that forum as opposed to this one.

At this point there may be some confusion as to what belongs in this forum and what doesn't. As such, I'll try to provide as much information as I can about the intent of this forum.
  1. This forum has been provided primarily for the purposes of showcasing and critiquing your creations. It is not a place for cheerleading (unnecessary praise), libel (unnecessarily harsh comments), or argumentation. A guide for useful critique will be posted sometime in the near future as a starting point for offering useful, constructive criticism.
  2. General storylines, short stories, ideas for novels (or pieces of novels), and other general literature are perfectly acceptable in this forum. Ideas and feedback related to your game project in RMVX or another Maker program belongs in the Early Project Feedback forum. Fan fiction and other written works utilizing characters or settings protected by copyright (or otherwise not original in nature) are not acceptable. Topics of this nature will be removed.
  3. Any graphical works are acceptable in this forum unless they were designed to be used within the RPG Maker VX program as a resource. Resources should be posted in the Resource Showcase forum. All other graphical works may be posted here. Please try to keep all concept artwork for your game inside of your game's topic in the Early Project Feedback forum. Signature and avatar "shops" appropriately belong in the Fun & Games forum, not here. This forum is primarily for critique and showcasing, not providing services or undue praise.
  4. Similar to the rules listed above, musical creations are also perfectly suitable to be placed in this forum as long as they were not created solely to be used in an RMVX game. Music written for use in RMVX should be placed in the Resource Showcase forum.
Please keep in mind that this forum does abide by the Board Rules and these forums are frequently used by younger audiences. Though I do not expect much adult content from this board, I will say now that if you suspect your story, artwork, music, or any other creation of yours contains questionable content, please place it within a spoiler tag with a warning related to the content. It is not our job to censor your creations, but we do ask this as a simple favor to the community as a whole.

Once again, if you suspect that your creation contains questionable content, please place said content in spoiler tags with a warning as to the content. I do not expect to have any problems with this in our community, but I feel it is necessary to mention for future reference.

If you have any questions about this forum or what is acceptable within it, feel free to send me (Solistra) a PM with your questions. This also applies if you're unsure about where to post your topic.

Thank you for reading this, and have fun in the forum!
Reason for edit: Rules have been updated.
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