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> NEW USERS MUST READ - THIS MEANS YOU, Getting started here - User's Guide
post Aug 6 2008, 01:18 PM
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Introduction to the RPGmakervx.net Forums

Hello, welcome to joining the RPGmakervx.net forums. You've joined a community that is dedicated to RPG Maker VX and is like no other. In order to enjoy your time here, we're asking you to take the time to read the Board Rules, as well as this topic, which is mostly some great links for new users and some special forum etiquette on asking for help (which all of us may need at some point). Happy RMing!

Things to Avoid

- First, read this article on how *not* to ask a question: http://blogs.msdn.com/ericlippert/archive/...n-answered.aspx

- One-word posts. Don't clutter the thread. One of our global mods deletes these on sight. There can be exceptions (will cover in a bit).

- Poor topic titles and/or descriptions. Is it really that hard to describe what your problem is? Saying "HELP TOTALLY LOST" doesn't help anyone, especially those who search through the forums to find things already answered. Most of our members are generous enough to overlook useless topic descriptions, but you will get reminders.

- Necrposting. Don't post in a topic that is old, dusty, and long untouched. Don't reply to posts older than 2 years! There are exceptions (such as updating an older project thread) but you should avoid posting in a topic from December 2007 when it is July 2008. Also, I should add that support/help topics even from a month ago that are solved but not closed can be considered dead.

Things to Make You A Successful Poster

- READ THE DAMN STICKY. Always read the stickies in any forum. Requesting scripts is different than requesting resources is different than making a new project thread in the project development forum. Failure to follow a format (especially in the project dev forum) will likely lead to a moderator intervening.

- Be descriptive, clear, and understanding. This applies mostly to this Support/Help forum - if you have a problem, detail it as best you can. Screenshots are great. Just don't go overboard.

- Let us know when you solve a problem. If you ask for help, receive it, and find a solution, let us know! It can be as simple as "Thanks everyone, I got it working!" (this is that exception I was talking about earlier). It really helps us out, and shows you appreciate the community. This also helps mods close topics that are clearly solved.

If you are new and want to learn more about RPG Maker VX:

!! If you get any basic variable errors that shouldn't exist, always be sure to have the updated Game_Interpreter script. Thus, you may need to apply the variable fix if you have problems with variables not working correctly - see here for how to do it

!! If you are WALKING THROUGH WALLS and WALKING OVER EVERYTHING and you have passability errors and you think your game is broken because you can't control passability, you may have accidently changed a special priority setting - see here how to fix it

Read the Official Unofficial FAQ/Bible - a compiled list of frequently asked questions, problems, troubleshooting (basically, an expanded help file in Q and A format)

Highly recommended to take Aindra's RPG Maker VX School

Read the Guide to Events - how to do the simplest of things

Read the RMVX FAQ - for frequently asked questions and problems

Read the RMVX Support/Help Forum Rules - read this before asking for help

Read the Tutorial Master List - a clean, categorized list of tutorials (pay special attention to those for new users)


Enterbrain Support link - EB Support

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