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> Note for Early Project Feedback Threads

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> Legend of Xule: The Summonin of Chaos, 10 minute demo now available (FF fan made game)
post Nov 29 2010, 01:31 AM
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Type: Coder
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Legend of xule
the summoning of chaos

This game contains some mild language and scenarios with blood.
aside of that some funny comments to keep the player laughing but still interested in the
game during its serious momments.

The Story

The story of the game takes place in a universe where many worlds begin to fall apart
because of a spell thats been casted upon them by a fierce evil. A well skilled team of
four combat masters has been sent out to destroy this evil but during their difficult quest
to fight off this evil they run into trouble and get separated by an unexpected force. The
main character of the game "Xule" loses his memory during the fight that separated them
because of a direct hit in the back of the head. Now Xule, leader of the dispatched hero
team has to regain his memory and travel the galaxy from world to world chasing down
what he thinks is the evil that he was assigned to bring down only to find out that he's
been distracted long enough for the real enemy to summon the most powerfull beast in all
the galaxy known as Chaos. It soon becomes a race to get to chaos and defeat him before
he ever gets the chance to destroy everything in his path, including existance.

The Worlds
When traveling the universe you run across many worlds here r 3 worlds
Ileron World
Ileron world ish where the Main Hero of the game wakes up, Because
this world belongs to vampires, People you thought were human many not be human
at all. The world seems to be ruled by humans and ish hard to notice that it ever belong to
vampires. With every encounter you come across with you begin to realize that in that world
your the enemy, not the good guy.
Fantasy World
Fantasy world ish the world of the final fantasy characters,
where you'll run into very familiar places, like perhaps Nibelheim and Midgar, who knows,
you might even get the chance to team up with a chocobo. fight familiar bosses to the final fantasy
games, even have final fantasy chacters join your party, Anyone want Vincent in their party?
World of the greeks
Not only will you be fighting evil in the world of the greeks but you'll encounter enemies such as
hades, Cerberus, and possibly even medusa, ever wanted to prove your better at fighting
medusa than herculis him self? Well nao ish your chance wink.gif!!! Although it might be true that
you'll be encountering Greek bosses its also true that you'll receive help from good greek gods
like Zeus to help you on your battle vs Hades and his minions.

Screen Shots
The game is finished but is being re-made with better graphics and better grammer
currently only Demo Version Screenshots are available.


Attached File  Title.PNG ( 193.43K ) Number of downloads: 24
Attached File  LOX1.PNG ( 295.98K ) Number of downloads: 5
Abandoned House
Attached File  LOX2.PNG ( 289K ) Number of downloads: 6
Quest Board
Attached File  LOX3.PNG ( 504.25K ) Number of downloads: 13
Battle Scene
Attached File  LOX4.PNG ( 280.75K ) Number of downloads: 7
Items Menu
Attached File  LOX5.PNG ( 192.15K ) Number of downloads: 11
Smallsy Village

Characte Bios


Attached File  XuleFace.PNG ( 1.69K ) Number of downloads: 0

Name: Xule Astros, Age: 18, Class: Hero
Although in his past he was an extremely cruel and violent person with no mercy or feelings to the
people he hurt, it may never mean anything to him but not because he's heartless and simply
because he doesnt care but because he has no memory of his past. The loss of his memory
not only brought him to be less cruel and a better leader even with no memory but
it also brought him a new personality completely opposite the the cruel one he once had.
It may seem like he's acting like his old self again cruel as ever when he ignores a person
in need but its realy the lazy attitude that came with the new personality.

Attached File  ZackFace.PNG ( 1.78K ) Number of downloads: 0

Name: Zack Ko, Age:19, Class: Heavy Knight
Zack, one of the 4 members dispatched with the hero team to take down the evil thats about
to end all life. Though Zack might not be the fastest, the giant swords he uses make up for
it by cutting through enemy defenses, Zack being the only one who didnt get separated from
Xule after an enemy assaunt now has to re-teach Xule the basics of fighting and help him
get his memory back to continue the mission that they were meant to do. At times Zack my
act like the leader an make small decisions for Xule, thinking it was the best decision at the
time he always regrets it after seen how horribly ugly the plan turns out, he eventaly stops
this leader attitude and lets Xule call all the shots to avoid any suffering for himself.

Attached File  RainFace.PNG ( 1.66K ) Number of downloads: 0

Name: Rain Alfa, Age:17, Class: Healer
Rain has a crazy attitude with no fear or regrets to anything she says, because she was
raised in a chaotic family she grew up in the sence that you have to do anything to survive
even if it isnt correct. Soon after shes found by Xules party trying to beat up an old lady
for a free night at the Inn she begins to have a small change in attitude for the better when
she sees how strong Xule holds his will to fight for the good. Rain ish an increadible member
to the party being able to resurect and heal all party members in one turn. Without her
many of the bosses Xule encounters will seem like the final boss, at least thats what Rain
thinks. She may change a little for the good but she will always be the hot blooded crazy
girl that would suggest you crash through the front enemy line instead of sneaking in if given
the option.

Name: Cloud Strife, Age:23, Class: Ex-Soldier
A amazing fighter in combat and a great friend of Zack Fair. Uses Giant swords to slash the
enemys in half and will not back down from any challenge. Cloud is also famous for the
extremely beautiful technique of his named Omnislash which blows the enemy away with
12 powerful slashes as well as blow away the player with the beauty of how powerful
it is. Once the biggest fan of sephiroth a man in first class soldier who went rouge soon after
finding out that he wasnt human. Cloud is NOT to be messed with at any cost.

I made a 10 minute Demo for anyone who would like a small demonstration on this game.
I'll gladly add this demo to megaupload or any other file hosting website if rapidshare doesnt work for you smile.gif.

Game Update
*The game and the story it self are now complete
*The game now only has 21 playable characters, 7 main characters and 14 Unlockable characters
*All characters have the same 9 classes to choose from. Special characters have their own additional class
*An INSANE amount of hidden optional bosses and side quests, that can be taken to help your characters level
up and make your next mission easier.
*Custom skill animations and scripted skills by me, (extremely beautiful visuals)

PLEASE GIVE FEEDBACK! Let me know what you think of it with the information I've given
you, does the story sound good? r the characters I created extremely freaking awesome?
does the game sound so lame you might pay me a visit just to slap the lameness out of me?
Anything will do x). Release date Q2 2011

Creadits will be given when I put together the list of people who
deserve credit since I sincerely think its ALLOT of people lol...

Release: Q2 2011

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post Nov 29 2010, 07:27 PM
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Type: Designer
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Nice! I like the idea, I'll be looking forward for your game tongue.gif

Just a little tip, i think you could improve the graphics a lot, as well as mapping; like adding more details. I know it is not easy to make a 100% original game (specially when it comes to sprites, battlers, facesets,etc.) -I presume you were the one who drew the cerberus battler and title screen-, but i think you could make your game more fancy if you just look for resourses, and if you want you can edit them.

~†~ ´·.¸¸.·´´¯`··._.· L' αиgє ∂єℓαςяσιx ·.¸¸.·´´¯`··._.·´ ~†~
Sans corps en vie...

Actually Developing:

Support this awesome projects! :D

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post Nov 29 2010, 10:05 PM
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Type: Coder
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For those of you who take a sneak peek at this project and would eventualy lik to
play this Final Fantasy fan made game its at 65% I'll be updating the graphics of
the character face sets soon, the game goes through a heavy testing process every
day to make sure players get no glitches and get the best gaming experience. I'm
not sure If I'll be releasing a demo since I sincerely think it would be best to just
release the whole game when its complete, I can easily be convinced though if
few people request the demo.

To StAlexia: Thanks for your interest and opinions about the game and I will be updating on the graphics a little more smile.gif.

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post Dec 17 2010, 05:31 AM
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Type: Coder
Alignment: Lawful Good

Good News and bad news

Good news first!!! Major Gaphics Update:
Old Picture of Xule
Attached File  Xule.PNG ( 914bytes ) Number of downloads: 1

Updated Picture of Xule
Attached File  Updated_Graphic.PNG ( 1.8K ) Number of downloads: 1

Graphics continue to be updated by me in other areas of the game also, inluding maps.

the Bad news:
I've been extremely bussy with working in the mornings and learning the ruby language
and nao that the game has been posted online its not like I can just cancel it so I will
see the game to the end making sure its completed 100% all characters, graphics, summons,
spells, enemies, ect. its just not going to be released in new years like I planned, im just
being honest with my self, Again thank you for those of you who take the time to visit
this page and r intersted in playing the game im at least 70% throught it I think lol.

-game difficulty (is the game to difficult? is it to easy?)
-story (is the story good? Does it suck atomic horribleness? ohmy.gif)
-Graphics (are the maps ok? are the characters ok?)
-ect (anything you think the game need improvement in)
leave a comment or pm me if you want to be a tester, thanks and you rock x)

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post Jan 18 2011, 07:28 PM
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Type: Undisclosed

Interesting story, Cloud being my favorite character in the final fantasy series I
might have to download this game when its ready.
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post Apr 5 2011, 02:23 AM
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Type: Coder
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Hello everybody who visits this page, one thousand thanks to all of you for your interest in the game,
I was hired for an amazing job an have been away making big money, but i'm back and im going to
continue this game. The game IS finished and HAS been finished but im changing all the tiles and events
as well as gonig through all the grammer and improving many events as well as going through the scripts
to make sure the game is released with the cleanest possible scipt ever. For now I hope you enjoy the
DEMO which isnt perfect or long but it gives a small example of the game play the only real boss for this
demo is IFRIT. happy playing smile.gif!
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