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> Resource Showcase Directory 2, The thrilling sequel to the best-selling "RSD"!
post Jan 5 2011, 12:10 AM
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~The Resource Showcase Directory II~

Welcome to the Resource Showcase Directory, version two. If you r here, you r probably looking for additions to your game such as sprites, facesets, battlers, music, and more. This ish the right place! The RPG Maker VX Community has organized its massive content for you in this easy-to-navigate compilation. All we ask in return ish that you properly credit those responsible for contributing the resources.

Also note that if you cannot find whatever you're looking for, or need something completely custom, feel free read these rules and to head over to the Resource Request forum. Be patient and be very clear, and surely someone will help you! Good luck and happy requesting!

Please give a big thanks to Ookie Panda for organizing this update, Soruve for the complete update and descriptions of several sections, Joerao, Sen?, and zbdarkflame, for helping out, and most especially, GrandmaDeb for up keeping the previous thread for so long!

Last but not least, although I, Pentagonbuddy, am posting this thread, updating it is not my priority. However, if anyone would like to help, or if you would like to see your thread here, just toss me a PM. <3

The Big Generator Topic

Aerendyll's Templates and Bases - Templates for placing icons, faces, and mapchips, sprite bases and more.
Androids18a's RMVX Character Template
BBST Template - A bigger, cartoony looking sprite base.
Blake_Ezra's RMDS Template for VX
Dante's Race Templates
emmych's sprite base
PINEDAVX's Character Template
SacreDoom's Male Gnome fayse Template - A nude male portrait base of a gnome.
Mack Emotion and Poses Templates - Head, body, and leg templates to create poses with Mack sprites.
Nude RTP Portrait Bases - For artists who prefer to work on a blank canvas.
Qtpi0121's Sprite exp​ressions - Very Ookie expressions for sprite poses.
Terra-chan's fayse Templates - Hats, hair, clothes, and emotion bases for easy franken faces

AmaterasuXoxo's Stuff - Animations, sprites, and icons by Amaterasu.
Chrono Cross Sprites - A compilation of faces, poses, and sprites of Chrono Cross characters
Comic Book Characters Database - Sprites from Marvel, DC, and other comics/series.
Community Characters Club IV - All the members of RMVX.net post a character set depicting themselves.
FenixFyreX's Resources - Sprites, templates, battlers, and more made by FenixFyreX
Grandma Deb's Animal Compilation - A large amount of animal sprites from around the site and internet.
Grandma Deb's Dragons - A collection of dragon sprites and faces.
Grandma Deb's Gory/Horror/Carnival Resources - In the spirit of Halloween!
IceDragon's Icy Large Showcase - Resources including tiles, icons, and more, made by IceDragon.
Kefra's Warehouse - Sprites, faces, tiles, and other stuff by Kefra.
Kajini's Edits
Mack/FSM Resource Directory - An index of Mack/FSM related material.
Mr.Grim's Resources - Monter sprites, custom icons, sci-fi tiles and more.
Mr. Monkey's Stuff - A variety of recolored sprites, tiles, icons, and more.
Pokemon Project - A collaborative work between users to create tiles, sprites, and icons in the style of Pokemon games, organized by Aden Sickle.
Sketcty-Sketch's New Ralphs - Various artists edit Ralph (Actor 1-1). Some sprites included.
The Sonic Database - A compilation of sprites, faces, tiles, and more in the style of Sonic the Hedgehog games. Organized by Avatar176.
Vash's Gallery - Sprites, faces, and tutorials.
Weem's Junkyard - Mack sprites, VX sprites, tiles, and icons by Weem.
The Zelda Database - A variety of resources including sprite, facesets, and icons, related to the Legend of Zelda series.

Sprites ~Under Construction~
Andinator's Unposted Stuff - A custom fayse of an older gentleman and a paper mario style sprite.
Begi's Extra Kaduki Sprites - Kaduki sprite recolors and edits.
Begi's Wold Kaduki Sprite - A standing Kaduki wolf with battle poses.
Blackxwolf's Sprites - A sword, arrows, speech bubble, and more.
Bull's Actor Showcase - Recolored Actor 1
Candy Man's Sprite Show - A bannana sprite, alien, and large male base.
CrayDragon's Sprite Bits - Zombie Ralph (Actor 1-1), community character, and Actor 2-1 recolor.
Cyat20's Felonian - A half man, half kitty sprite with matching fayse.
Deeb's Pixel Zoo - Cats and a bat in many poses and diagonal walking.
Donnie's People in Chairs - Various NPCs, guards, and other characters in mack chairs. Includes a turning head pose.
EinKiel's Sprites - Final Fantasy and other character sprites.
FenixFyreX's Sprite Shop -Unique sprites of monsters, mythical creatures, and characters. Sprites r requestable.
Gargatar's Soldier Sprite - An sprite of a modern soldier.
Gravity's Showcase - Kaduki sprite edits, recolors, and some portraits.
Hazmatt's Sprite Edits - Sprites of a Zora species, original characters, and more.
Jorel's Lego Sprite - A sprite that looks like a Lego man.
Kail200X's Frankensprites - Frankensprites of dragon warriors, a mage, recolors and more.
Kaito's Sprite - A custom sprite by Kaito.
Kazzador's Sprite Gallery - Monster sprites, evil edits, dwarf sprite, and more.
Killastsun's Sprite - A female sprite made by Killastsun.
Mario Sprites - Sprites of Mario in poses and other sprites.
Night Wolf's Sprite Junkyard - Monster, animal, and people sprites.
Kotie's Sprite - White haired male in royal clothing.
Kzar5678's Sprites - A few medieval sprites.
Lady Atlas's Sprites - Matching sprites to her cartoony tileset.
LoMatstul's Pixel Art - Original sprites and battlers as well as requested sprite work. Shop ish closed.
LordBagardo's Sprite Box - Sprites of monsters, characters, and RTP edits.
Luneth's RTP Edits - RTP sprites without the curved male arms and added bright/anime eyes.
MagicKid's Emporium - Actor 1 recolors, ripped faces, and signature banners.
MagicKid's Pacman Ghost Sprites - Different colored ghosts that look like the ones from Pacman games.
Megrim's ROBOS - Robots from Chrono Trigger in Kaduki battler poses.
MintAdnade's Prisoner Sprites - Mack sprites that appear to be bound like prisoners. Also includes a christmas sprite.
Mitochondria's Laboratory - Edited and recolored sprites. Shop ish closed.
Ooda's Recolor Shop - Recolored sprites. Shop is open~!
Qtpi's Sprites - A variety of sprites including children, animals, dresses, and more.
PinedaVX's Sprites - Link to Pine's blog with a variety of sprites.
Rmvx_mastah's Sprite Villa - Yu-gi-Oh, recolors, fairiy, and other sprites
Sadow's Kaduki Sprites - Knights and other characters in Kaduki poses.
SacreDoom's Sprite Shop - Sprited battlers and characters that r requestable.
Sefjoseio's Sprite - A sprite by Sefjoseio.
Sen's VX Character Pose Shop - Hugging, dancing, waiting, and other RTP character poses.
Sgt Massacre's Chickens - A rooster, hen, and chick.
Shiro's Halo Sprites - Halo sprites and recolors.
Shiro's Sprite Shop - Armored sprites, demons, and modern looking sprites. Sprites r requestable.
Skullking9999's Halo Sprites - Sprites based off the Halo series.
Speed's Workshop - A few characters, HUD, and templates.
Strawberrycat's Winged Monsters - Cats, foxes, wolfs, and more animals with wings.
Terra's Sprite Show - Sprites in wedding dresses, monster sprites, character sprites and more.
Thekill437 and Zachy's Sprite Box - Medieval sprites, recolors, and more.
Tsar CUBE's Sprites - Custom sprites of characters and a monster.
VX AlphaZ Sprites - A taller, more realistic looking sprite style, goes best with XP tiles.
Wain's Sprites - A creepy figure and instruments.
Zakkie's Kaduki Dots for YEM - Kaduki sprite battlers placed for YEM.

Berrymartyr's Mack Sprite Generator - For GIMP and Photoshop, male and female versions.
Calvin's Sprite Splitter/Stitcher - A tool for splitting individual sprites or combining them into a group.
Char Creator.Net by Damian666 - A generator to create a variety of sprites.

1000 Piece Icon Set - A massive compilation of icons from all over the net.
3d RPG Maker icons compiled by Shin - Icons made to look like they r 3D. Not based on RMVX icons.
Ails' Icons - Potions, keys and skill icons
Ariels Weapon Ultimate Icon Set - A wide range of weapons
Böbber's Weapon Icons - Guns, scout icons etc.
Buddah's lightsabers and key icons
Clucky's Icons - Broken bottle, cheese burger, cigarette etc.
Dragon Quest Icon's compiled by TerraChan - A great selection of a variety of different icons from DQ
Fire Emblem Iconset compiled by Black Ice - Weapons, skills, items, etc.
FreakOfNature's Icons - Sword, tornado, hand cursor, etc.
Futuristic Icons compiled by Coffeeman - Rips from AirRivals/Ace Online.
IceDragon's Icons - Keys, skills, med-kits, weapons, potions, mushrooms (mario-style) etc.
Jahnee's RTP icon edits - Various weapons
Jdmls729's Armory - Swords, staffs, and sheilds.
Katsujin's Icons - Potions, skills and weapons
King's Bounty icons compiled by bladeking77 - All icons from King's Bounty- Armored Princess
Knight9910's Icons - Various sets such as necromancer, black mass, masamune sets.
Knight9910's Steampunk Icons - Gears, helmets and armor, watches etc.
Large Iconset compiled by mudducky - A massive collection of all sorts of icons.
Leonlionheart's FFXI Icons - Edited FFXI icons to match RMVX
Lyonn's Historical Icons - Histoical shields
MASH_MX's Icons - Magic rune and potion icons
Meeeeee's Kingdom Hearts Keyblades - Icons resembling keyblades from the Kingdom Hearts series.
Michaelbrent's Arrow Icons - Multi-colored arrows in four directions.
Monevus's Icons - Sword and armor icons and some battlers.
NullPoster's Icons - Food, weapons, etc.
Oceans Dream's Icons - Unique icons for weapons, skills, armor, items and more.
Redsatori's Icon Shop (Perma-Close) - Recolors
Reseubian's Show'n Shop - Armor and Weapons
Rmxpfan's icons from Dragon Quest - Scroll down for icons incorporated into RTP icon file
Runescape Iconset - Icons from the Runescape game ripped by keridness.
SBS's Evil Swords - Four dark-looking swords.
Sci-Fi Iconset - Sci-Fi oriented icons including guns, armor, and skills. Organized by Scorneo.
Sims 3 Icons compiled by Blackxwolf - Smiley icons, furniture, etc.
Skaelea's RTP Icon edits - Glowing (soft white aura) and dark RTP icons
SowS's Icons - Scroll down for more. Harvest Moon icons.
Swift's Icons - Custom icons such as potions, weapons, skills etc. Not compiled onto iconsheet
Tactics Ogre- The Knight of Lodis Icons - Rips from the game
Tentacles' sword icons - Swords, daggers, hatchet
The World Ends With You Iconset - Converted to VX format by Shin
Ultimate Iconset compiled by Ikkyblob - From various sources, Whitecat, counterclockwise, rips from Ragnorok Online, Lunar, etc.
Ying's Icons - Lot's of icons. Weapons, Foods, plants, potions/ceramics, weapon/armor sets, etc.

Title/Game Over Screen
Aerendyll's Game Over Screen - An abstract-looking game over.
BaBoomzor's Gameover Screens - Generic gameovers.
Blackstone Designs - A shop for titles, gameovers, and frankensprites.
Beaster's Game Over Screens - Two bloody game overs and a flaming game over.
Chaosflair'Game Over Screen - A wintery game over screen.
Etna's Graphical Shop - A desert game over screen and other graphics.
Knight9910's Game Over Screen - A red game over screen with blood spatters.
Ninco's Dump - A shop for game over, titles, pictures, fogs, and battlers.
Reck's Graphics Emporium - A shop for titles and gameover screens. Some generic enough to be reused.
ShinGamix's Title Shop (and other resources) - A shop for original title screens
Techie's Title Screen and Game Over Shop - Two unique game over screens and some titles.
Wrimbows's Game Over Screen - A scary game over screen with a grim reaper.

OFFSITE Title/Game Over Screens
Closet - Neat pictures for title screens, game overs, parallaxes, world maps and more.

Tile Sets/Animated Objects
23Maker's Tileset for 2-Tile High Sprites - Mack, XP, and other tiles compiled to suit 2-tile high characters.
Adonai's World Map Tiles - For Mack tiles.
Aindra's Beds, Walls, Floors, Bookcases - A wide selection of various objects; both non-animated and animated.
April.burial's various tiles - Towers, flowers, paintings diagonal water autotiles etc.
Avadan's Ship and Futuristic Tiles - Space ship, modern city tiles, cars and more.
Blake_Erza's Tile Edits - Sunken ship, trees, and crater
Buprettyinpink's Door Edits - RTP doors to mack standards.
Caladier's Airship - Ship tileset from Avadan
Catbat's tileE (and fayse sets) - Rips from various sources (Star Ocean SNES, FSM 2k3 etc.)
Celianna's Buildings & Houses - Medieval, semi-modern, and oriental buildings for parallax mapping, some premade.
Celianna's Clutter - Furniture tiles for upperclass, middleclass, lowerclass and magical/alchemy style homes. For parallax mappers.
Celianna's Crystal Dungeon Tiles - Very purple and magical looking dungeon tiles. Includes wall and ground tiles.
Celianna's Custom Trees - Goes great with the RTP. Includes tall trees and Cherry Blossoms.
Celianna's Farm and Nature Tiles - Very green and lush tiles with trees, crops, flowers, and more.
Celianna's Wallpapered Walls and Christmas Resources - From Holiday decorations to snow/grass tiles.
Chiaki's Modern Bedroom Set - Custom tilesets of beds, dressers, and more.
Coming of Age Day Tileset, compiled/edited by Klex1992 -Entire tileset, trees, houses (interior & exterior) etc.
CrayDragon's Edited Mana Tree - Edited version of Soruve's large mana tree.
Cyangmou's Custom Tiles - Custom ground, house (interior and exterior) trees, etc. tiles.
D*M's tiles edited for VX by Sasame Kiryu
Dante's Animated RTP GraveStone - Animated object of a glowing gravestone.
DKaineru's futuristic/modern tiles - Various tiles for your futuristic/modern needs.
Emuas' Snow and nouveau-style town Tiles - Slanted snow roofs and castle tiles.
FBU's tile add-ons and rips - Pokemon, Izuna rips; bookshelves, side-view stairs etc.
FenixFyreX's World Map Tiles - New ocean and grass autotiles.
Gingercake's RTP trees and Foliage - RTP trees and nature tiles bundled into clusters to look less boxy.
GrandmaDeb's various Tile edits - Boulders, computers, Trees, etc.
Guth's Beach Tiles - Umbrellas, towels, trees, and other beach-related tiles.
Guth's Extra Kitchen Tiles - Cabinets, refrigerator, and more.
Hanzo Kimura's Graphics Box - Unique graphics including rock mountains, trees, tent set, and more.
Heisenman's RTP Edits and Recolours - Edits RTP for more variety including shelves, bookcases, pictures, and more.
IceDragon's Autotile Base Kit - A PSD file for creating smoother looking tiles.
IMP1's various mack/animated objects - Animated Cupboards/Wardobes, etc.
Inquisitor's Medieval Tiles posted by EvenAngels - Inquisitor's tiles converted for easy use in VX.
Joh and Kefra's Stuff - Library (bookshelves) autotiles and beds
Joy's Birch Trees - Seasonal versions of birch trees.
Joy's tile add ons - Slanted roofs, animated pond ripple, banana tree etc.
Kabuto's Tent - A Mack-style tent with opening curtains.
Katsujin's edits of Inquisitor's tiles
Kento's TileE - Sideways stairs, RTP recolors and edits. (Sorry, but currently missing the link!)
KRokon's Retro RTP Tileset - A more 'simplified' RTP
Landis17's Background Edits - Cluttered mack tiles for parallax mappers.
Lapiz lazuli's Tiles - Decorated interior walls, tiles, beds and trees.
Lionhearte's Fence and Round Edged Tiles - Including lava tiles
LordBagardo's RTP Edits - Ground autotiles, bookshelves, etc.
Lord Bluffkin's Resource Emporium - Potted plants, large tree, and bed in mack style.
Lunarea's Custom Inner Furniture - RTP edits for parallax mappers, more modern looking including lamps, couches, and corner tables.
Lunarea's Custom Outer Town - Building pieces for parallax mappers, and premade buildings for tilers. Also includes trees and plants.
Lunarea's Mack Streetlight Edit - Smaller streetlight. Lit version and with vines.
Lunarea's XP to VX Tree - Recolored tree to match the VX pallet.
NotteEterna's Parallax Tile Conversions
Mack's Japanese Tiles and Here
Mack bed edits by e39042 - Queen sized beds.
Mark333's RTP Edits - Trees, stairs, beds and cave entrances.
Mash MX's tile add ons - Counters and blood.
MegatronX's Sci-Fi Tileset - Roofs with the illusion of reflected surfaces and more.
mikie0100's Round edges
Modern WorldMap Tiles - A variety of rips and XP tiles.
Munkis' Animated Organ
Munkis's Modern Switch - RTP switch edited to look more modern.
Oceano's TileE - XP, Mack, and birch trees, plus recolors, and more.
NightWalker's tile edits and additions - Round edges, tables, side beds etc. (click on Nightwalker's sig for rounded tiles)
NightWalker's Naruto Tiles
nCI jrk's Junkyard Recolors, cabinets, signs, paintings.
Painhurt's Modern RTP Tileset
PentagonBuddy's Shrubbery - Edited version of Alisa_Tana's tree.
Projectlight's Blood & Gore Resources - Blood, bloody furniture, houses, plants etc.
Rainbow Jello's Blood Tiles
Razor's Tile add-ons - Wall cracks, fishes, flowers, etc.
Rexilia's TileE - A compilation of edits, recolors, Mack's trees, hills etc.
RMXP Tiles by Malexos - RMXP tiles fitted to RMVX tile sheets.
Rounded RTP Cliff Tiles by murphmaster01 - RTP cliffs with rounded edges for less square mapping.
SacreDoom's Furniture Tiles - RTP-compatible furniture for parallax mappers including a wardrobe, cabinets with glass doors, and more.
Shadonn's floating book
Shadow_Garden's slanted roofs
Soruve's FSM2k3 to VX conversion Project - Trees, castle tileset, fountains, etc.
Soruve's Old Junk - Cave walls, desk, wall autotiles etc.
TheRealMikee's XP rowboat
TypicalTylur's Fruits and Vegetables
VIII's various tiles - Torture tiles, guillotines, crystal roofs, sliding doors, etc.
VX Ship Tiles - Tiles from RMXP to create a ship.
Weem's Trees and paths
Whiterose's Custom Tiles - Trees, statue, picture, and book in custom style.
Xericho's futuristic doors
XIV's XP and Inquisitor Tiles - XP floors, buildings, and TileE with Inquisitor and Mack tiles.
Xmuffin's Floor tiles and trees - Custom work(?)
XP Tiles compiled together by Malexos
Zai's lighted windows - Light beams coming out of windows
Zai's Rounded Cliff Edges
Zanyzora's tiles converted by FlyBoyUnder
Zanyzora's Modern Tiles, compiled by Damienn Cole
Zelda tilesets Ripped and compiled by Yuri!!

OFFSITE Tiles/Animated Objects
Inquisitor Tiles for VX

Battle Start Effects/Battle Screen Floors, Pictures, Animations and Fogs ~Under Construction~
Antares' XP > VX Battle Backgraounds Edits
Apoc's Parallaxes - looping, repeatable backgrounds - check the link to his gallery.
Bam's Animation shop - Some custom animations and creative use of existing animations. No previews or pictures, just project files.
Carbajosa's A Latern-Like Picture(good for dark caves)
Celianna's Custom HUD Showcase - Unique HUD pictures including a Legend of Zelda style HUD and more.
Celianna's World Map Maker - A photoshop or gimp file capable of producing old-looking world map pictures.
Cyrus's Animation Shop - Custom animations including black hole, fire moves, and more.
Deathknight's Free Animations - Flame, wind, slice, and other custom animations.
Heisenman's Fogs - Leaf fogs for forests, clouds, sandstorms, and more.
Jdmls729's Transparency Gradients - Pictures to use for transparent overlays.
Kefra's Mack Tile Patterns for Photoshop CS3 - For parallaxing, easily apply the pattern of grass, sand, and more with a brush.
Granny's Fogs and some from offsite
Mitchi's Battle Transitions
Neosky's Battlebacks - Sprited RPG oriented battlebacks.
Quigon's Battleback Emporium - Battle backs great for SBS or deafult battle system including forest, dungeons, cliffs and more.
Tentacles' Battle Start - A vortex-like battle start.
Timmah's Particle Animations - Highly unique animations including elementals, holy, and more. Animations r requestable
Unclesatan's Abstract Title Screens
Zadorain's Zifee Spin Wheel Resources - Pictures for Zifee's spin comman script. Spin wheels r requestable.

OnSite FaceSets
Aark's RTP Soldier fayse edits with matching chars - Faces with beards, mask, and a golden armored one.
Aarowaim's Recolours - Recolors of Actor 1-7, People 3-1, and People 2-7 with matching sprites.
Acemore's Spirtual 1-2 Emo fayse Set
Antheia French Maid and Vampire with matching char, fayse and portraits
Archeia's fayse Set Shop (Closed) and Other Faces - Custom styled Facesets, no matching characters.
Archeia's RTP Edits - A mage and mercenery edit, one custom request.
Avadan's RTP fayse edits with matching chars - Lots of unique RTP edits with frankensprites and other materials.
Bakanekochansan's Emo fayse Set for RTP Actor 1-2
BiaBia's Hot Dudes and BiaBia's Hot Chicks - Attractive RTP-like faces.
Celianna's Original Party Members with matching sprites - Replacements for Ralph and default party members and more.
Dandanthedan's RTP Emo Sets for Actors 1-2, 2-6, 3-3
E39402's Generic RTP Emo Sets for People 4-8 with chassts by Pine - Emotions, skeleton, and bearded faces.
Eggrollningja's resource page - RTP and Kaduki fayse edits.
Eliwood285 RTP Emo set for Actor 2-1
Enelvon's RTP Emo Set for Actor 2-2
Faux's RTP Style Portraits - Custom edits of RTP portraits.
Fire Emblem's Faces Edited by Vascious - Includes some Battlers to match -check spoiler-post by Halik
FenixFyreX's Resources - Original looking RTP edits with matching sprites
Flux's RTP Actor Emo Sets for Actor 1-1, 1-3, 1-4, 2-2, 2-5, 3-3 - Humorous looking emotions
FF7 Facesets cr Tetsuya Nomura - post by misttribe.
Fyre-Sentinel's RTP Emo Set for Actor 1-6
GuriMasu's stuff - Link from GrandmaDeb
Iizuzu's School Resources - Female actors in school uniforms.
Jalen's Junkyard of RTP Faces and Portraits - Unique edits, original characters, and young versions of RTP characters
Joh and Kefra's Final Fantasy faces and other materials - Sprites, tiles, faces, and windowskin.
JohnPoe's Custom Faces - Cartoony-looking faces with one matching sprite.
juggsywuggsy's Portrait Pieces - Hats, hair, and clothes seperated from characters for easy franken protraits.
Katylar's FaceMaker Faces with XP Chassts - Frankensprites of XP characters with generated fayse sets to match.
Kaos's Faces with matching chars - Custom styled faces with matching sprites.
Kii's RTP emo set for Actor 1-1, 3-2, 3-3, and People 4-4
KjelFalcomers' RTP People 1-4 Emo FaceSet
Kumi's Faces (Closed) - Requested faces. Link to blog for more examples
Kyushu's RTP elven faces for Actor 3-2, People 2-6, and 2-7 with matching sprites
Lunarea's Dog fayse - A custom fayse for the dog RTP character.
Lunarea's Workshop - Unique RTP edits with matching sprites.
Luomu's Child Portrait - An portrait of a young boy.
MasterX8's Evil4 Recolor - Evil4 recolored white with matching sprite.
Moogle's Recolors to accompany Antares char sets for RTP and EB faces
Narutoshippudden - Rips from Naruto game posted by GuiRPG.
Nyo?'s Spiritual 6 Emotions - Emotions for the RTP angel fayse.
Ookie Panda's EB Faces - Portraits to match Enterbrain's released sprites.
Ookie Panda's RTP Characters - Unique RTP edits with matching sprites.
PHLiM2's Epic Hero Faces - Hilarious expressions of RTP characters.
ProjectLight's Custom Actors - Custom drawn portraits.
Rainbow Jello's RTP Facesets - RTP edits with matching sprites.
Rajawali's High School and Random RTP Edits and Removed Hats of Actor 2-4 and 2-8
Rajawali's Storage - RTP portrait edits including gender-swaps, child versions, and more with matching sprites.
Razvan's Don Juan characters kissing faces - Actor 1-1 with various other chars
Razvan's RTP Emo Head and Shoulders Actor 3-3 and a vriety of other sets and Actor 2-1 Here
Razvan-Sedikiah - more faces - Exotic and ethnic RTP-like faces.
RPG Maker DS Faceset Rips and Icons
Ruruga/Gozaru/Sakura's fayse Sets sized for VX and Link posted by Scaglia
scaglia's esoteric faceset rips
Sketcy-Sketch's RPG Goodwill Shop - Unique RTP edits, including a mage woman, tiger people, and swordswoman. Also contains tiles.
Soruve's facesets plus other resources - Faces to match EB's releases, battlers, and tile set addons.
SRW facesets - Posted by Hikari Sword.
Super 9_6 RTP Portraits and Facesets Shop - Request RTP fayse and portrait edits of all sorts.
Sutehani's RTP Emo set for Actor 3-3
TashanDragon's Kaduki fayse Remakes - More expressions for Kaduki faces.
Tavern Faux - Custom RTP portraits by Fauxonym7.
Thimerit RTP Emo set for People 2
Xello's fayse set rip
Xeokk's Frankenportraits - Unique Portrait edits by Xeokk.
zachy's faces and characters - RTP fayse edits with matching sprites.
zeRobuRn's Megaman facesets - Check 3rd post.

OFFSITE FaceSets - sites, hints and generators
Between Truth and Fantasy's - Original style faces, do not match RTP. Check last 3 links on the left.
Boku to Atachi-Teikoku - RTP compatible faces for Enterbrain releases and other original characters.
Cap's Stuff - Original style faces, match RTP characters. Click on the right under "Actor" for more.
Closet - Original facesets and RTP recolors, edits and emo sets.
Crimson Lotus Stuff - Original style facesets w/battlers (and XP chassts). Not compatible with RTP.
Dsea - Original styled facesets, incomplete RTP set, and a few RTP edits and emotes.
Ehima & Arita's - RTP compatible character facesets and portraits, some w/ sprites.
Earth Shine Crescent Moon - RTP edits, emotes, and original characters.
espri-q - Original style facesets with matching Famitsu sprites. Not compatible with RTP.
Etoiler's stuff - Original style facesets match RTP sprites. Very Ookie! Not compatible with RTP.
Gorillaman - Kaduki fayse edits and originals. Not compatible with RTP, no matching sprites.
Kaduki - Original styled facesets with sprites and kaduki battlers. Click on the first link under "TOP".
Mackie's stuff - Original styled facesets w/ matching sprites, not RTP comaptible.
Ookie Panda's Blog - Original RTP characters with matching sprites.
Razavan's Web site - RTP portrait edits.
Sharakuse's Blog - RTP fayse and portrait edits with matching sprites.
Unknown Artist - Anime looking RTP compatible characters with emotes, no matching sprites.
Vibrato - RTP emotes for most actors.
Yamori's Blog - RTP edited facesets and portraits and original works. RTP compatible, some matching sprites.

Make Your Own fayse Sets, Generators, Tools and Hints
Celianna's Anime Portrait Generator - Very expressive and anime-like portraits.
Celianna's Faceset Generator -RTP style facesets. Requires Photoshop, GIMP, or Paint.net
Junkhunt's char and fayse set recolor with 'splain by GrandmaDeb
Online fayse-maker by FoxRichards
On-line fayse set generator posted by Flex
And hints on how to use XP sized fayse sets here.

Music and Sound Effects
A7X4LIFE's Music Shop - High quality MP3's for battles, towns, titles, and more.
Apoc's Music here and here- The second link is Apoc's newest material.
Burn66's Anvil Studio Music - A techno song by Burn66.
Canto- 8- Bit Metal Music
Carfie - Final Fantasy Inspired Battle Music
Chorrol's Song - A song using a piano, string ensemble, french Horns, and percussion. Sounds like a fortress infiltration or the like.
Cloud_525's Music Bottega - MP3's for victories, scenes, and more.
Conbomb's Music Showcase
CrayDragon's Sound Emporium - Ghostly, spirit, and hell sounds.
D-Pad's Music Resource - Battles, dungeons, towns, and more.
Da Buzz's Original MP3 and Midi Music - Ambient, action, happy, and other music.
Doomslice's Music - Loopable MP3's with a variety of genres.
Dragon3025's Robotic Noises - Robotic/computer sounds in WAV form.
DragonShiryu2 - 8Bit Metal/Hard Rock Shop
DrDisastro- DrDisastro's Magical Music Shop
Eweeparker - Original music production line
EZaxess's RTP Music Remixed - RMVX midis turned to MP3's.
Fat Justin's music - Three pieces by Fat Justin including a battle theme, dungeon theme, and jungle theme.
FoulN007 - VG music shop
Gaboru's VX Music - Check attatchments, Mediafire links r broken. Includes mainly battle themes.
Gayfish95's Music Shop
Grzegorz's Music - High-quality MP3's for castles, scenes, and more.
Isaacsol's Music - Remixed music from RPG Maker
Isumi's Simple Songs - Simple midis for battles, scenes, and more.
Joerao's Pieces - High quality MP3's for many genres. Music ish requestable.
Kirinkinetic_telepathetic - Customized BGM shop
Kitaangel's music - Two pieces including a piano piece and intense theme.
Kthefate's RPG Music - High quality MP3 songs for towns, battles, and more.
Luna-sama's Song - A vocals-only song sung by Luna-sama.
MaestroRage - Intense high quality orchestral tracks by MaestroRage.
MoneyMenace's Music and Requests - A variety of midi music for towns, battles, intros, endings, and more. Music ish requestable.
Nelsonz' SE sounds - Menu and alarm sound effects.
NimleeSmudges's Original MP3's - Various MP3's including battles, dramatic scenes, and more.
Powerslave's RMXP Music Remixes - Music based on RMXP midis converted to high quality MP3's.
PSuanMusic - Light-hearted midis
Quesadilla's Music Shop - Battles, ruins, deserts, and more music.
RavenBlueIndigo- Some Songs
RoelfMik's RPG Music - Loopable midis for towns, battles, titles, and more.
SF3POX1 - Custom Music by SF3
-Sr. Lan Belmont's Arrangments - High quality MP3's for overworlds and more.
StrangeJam's Battle Themes - Instrumental rock music for battles.
Tentacles- MIDI Shop
Tidegust's Music For Your Games - Midis and MP3's for towns, camps, battles and more.
VII's Diablo 2 Sound Effects

OFFSITE Music and Sounds
Partners in Rhyme
Soundsnap Sound effects (has a ton of sounds) BUT ish NOT FREE
VGMusic - RPG and other video game music in midi form.
retro arcade style music link from Kii
Greentone music link from Kii
Noproblo - Music and sounds from the Legend of Zelda series.
Music link from Kii
Zynegma - Custom music, music effects, and menu sounds.

Battlers ~Under Construction~
Bioteam's Porings Variation - Different shapes of the same monster.
Bioteam's Ragnarok Bestiary - Rips from Ragnarok Online.
Cyanmou's Sprited Battlers - Sprited battlers including a boar, skull, pirate, and more.
CircleDrain's Workshop - A werewolf battler and object.
Dragon Quest Battlers - Non-ripped battlers created by Pineapple.
Lukinobu's Animation Shop - Custom monster animations with various poses.
Lunarea's Flower Battler - A custom battler of a mutated flower by Lunarea
MapleStory Battlers - Rips from the MapleStory game, ripped by ZeroManArmy.
Zephyrsword's Bestiary - Battlers created by Zephyrsword including a dragon, a knight, a spider, and more.

Aindra's Windowskin Generator - A tool to create a variety of windowskins.
Badger - Simple black
BigEd - Final Fantasy IX windowskin (blue)
Bizarre Monkey - Neopet-style, Yellow and Star pattern
Bobt97 - Silly windows.
Cassy - Wood, basic/clean blue, classic RPG, black fade
Celianna - Christmas, candy-cane border with green.
Darrk blades - Hippie windowskin. swirling colors
Deadly Dan - Futuristic. Blue, green, maroon
Dezz123 - Second spoiler has original windows. sci fi, scroll and runic style.
Dragon2035 - Simple blue with glowing gold edges.
Another Dragon2035 Windowskin - Dark blue with grid and glowing white edges.
EliasD15 - USSR and American flags
GameCubic - Blue, green, red.
Holy's Winder Windowskins Collection - A variety of windows including nature, pink, and one resembling FF8
Joh and Kefra - Obsidian with gold borders.
JoRu - Simple blue
KRokon - Retro, simple blue
Mikey0100 - Fancy edges, floral patterns etc.
Misttribe - Sci-fi monitor gray.
Mr.Monkey - Simple. Blue, black, violent, indigo, gray, gold, light blue
Munkis - Several windowskins (check photobucket link)
Nemesis - RTP basic, Orange and yellow
R.P.G Descendant - A sci-fi looking windowskin, resembling an old computer screen.
Another R.P.G.Descendant Windowskin - Blue with wavy lines.
Runefreak - Wooden and Metal
RVMXmaster - Windows Aero. blue and green slick etc.
Soruve - Simple. Beige color
ti07Shadow - Basic. black, blue, turquoise, green, purple, red
Tsuki-kun - Simple and slick. Blue, green, magenta, red
Unclesatan - Star Ocean Window (turquoise to black gradient)
vechinzo - Decorative blue and black
Vectomon and Dezz - Pink to purple, red, stone, green 'regal', blue 'dark dream'

Resource Staff Releases

[2011]Early March Restaff - Includes portraits by Lunarea, custom trees by Soruve, animations by Timmah, and a portrait generator BETA by Jalen.
[2011]Mid-February Restaff - Animations by Timmah, sprites by FenixFyreX, as well as tiles and a windowskin by him, and finally a collaborative script between both Timmah and Fenix.
[2011]Early February Restaff - Portraits by Sketchy-Sketch and an animation, animations by Timmah, a carriage by Lunarea, and a portrait by Jalen.
[2011]Mid-January Restaff - Portrait, faceset, and sprite by Lunarea, animations from Timmah, and a save system script from FenixFyreX.
[2011]Early January Restaff - A menu system and sprites from FenixFyreX, sci-fi animations from Timmah, music from Joerao, and portraits from Jalen.
[2010]December ReStaff - A huge gift from the ReStaff including PINEDAVX, FenixFyreX, Lunarea, Weem, Sketcy-Sketch, Jalen, Timmah, and Joerao. Includes winter/Christmas resources, futuristic resources, music, and much much more.
[2010]Early November ReStaff - Steampunk portraits by Avadan, one matching sprite by Sen?, and two pieces by Joerao.
[2010]Mid-October ReStaff - Cave tiles by PentagonBuddy, floating skull by Weem, and three pieces by Joerao.
[2010]Mid-September ReStaff - Church bench and sad poses by Soruve, running sprites and boss-sized bear by Sen?, and weapon and skill icons by Weem.
[2010]Early September ReStaff - One piece by Joerao, character portraits, sprites, and faces by Avadan, and a faceset generator BETA by PentagonBuddy.
[2010]Mid-August ReStaff - Warrior sprites by Avadan, circus tiles by Soruve, caravan by Sen?, two pieces by Joerao, and futuristic gates by Weem.
[2010]Early August ReStaff - Cry of the Fox music by RoelfMik, Asura and monster sprites by Sen?, battleback by Soruve, overworld city tiles by Avadan, lich sprite by Weem, and Actor 1-1 battler and portrait templates by PentagonBuddy.
[2010]Mid-April ReStaff - 1930's sprites by Avadan and Honey Bee lady and theif sprites by PINEDAVX.
[2009]Mid-November ReStaff - Turkey sprite by Aindra, three pieces by RoelfMik, and pilgrim sprite by blake_ezra.
[2009]Early November ReStaff - Trooper sprite by Weem, Fire&Ice Script by TheOriginalWij, and magician sprite by PINEDAVX.
[2009]Mid-October ReStaff - Frankenstein's monster sprite by Lyonn, werewolf fayse and portrait by Soruve, and two pieces by Svolta.
[2009]Early October ReStaff - Two pieces by RoelfMik, moose sprite walking and running by Aindra, and squid sprite by Weem.
[2009]Mid-September ReStaff - Jedi master sprite by PINEDAVX, jedi sprites by Weem, and R.I.B.S. script by TheOriginalWij.
[2009]Early September ReStaff - Horus sprite by blake_ezra, two pieces by Svolta, and Anubis, Horas, and Bast faces by Soruve.
[2009]Mid-August ReStaff - Two pieces by RoelfMik, racoon sprite by Aindra, and warrior sprites by blake_ezra.
[2009]Early August ReStaff - Darth Nihilus and original female character sprites by PINEDAVX.
[2009]Mid-July ReStaff - Monster faces by Soruve and queen sprite by Lyonn.
[2009]Early July ReStaff - Doe sprite by Aindra.
[2009]Mid-June ReStaff - Anubis, bull, and fire mage sprite by PINEDAVX and one piece by RoelfMik.
[2009]Early June ReStaff - A "Black Prince of Wales" sprite by Lyonn and a pig and goose faceset by Soruve.
[2009]Mid-May ReStaff - Rolling dice sprite by Aindra and carbuncle sprite by PINEDAVX.
[2009]Early May ReStaff - XP demon by AmberDragon, goose sprite by PINEDAVX, and FF7/8 character by Antares.
[2009]Mid-April ReStaff - Vampire fayse with emotions by Soruve and royal character by Lyonn.
[2009]Early April ReStaff - A piece by RoelfMik and playing cards and animated mack objects by Aindra..
[2009]Mid-March ReStaff - XP giant sprite by AmberDragon and pig sprite by PINEDAVX.
[2009]Early March ReStaff - Custom faces by Soruve and character sprite poses by Macys_Hero.
[2009]Mid-February ReStaff - Two pieces by RoelfMik and a bus by PINEDAVX.
[2009]Early February ReStaff - XP Goblin sprite by AmberDragon and fox sprite by PINEDAVX.
[2009]Mid-January ReStaff - Emotion graphics by Aindra and character fayse and portrait by Soruve.
[2009]Early January ReStaff - Four pieces by RoelfMik and three windowskins by Aindra.
[2008]December ReStaff - Truck sprite by PINEDAVX and original character sprite by AmberDragon.

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