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> Mystrina, Everything must fall before the Phoenix shall rise.
post Feb 13 2011, 03:44 PM
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Current Events:
Mystrina has been overwhelmed by a growing rebellion built by beneficiaries that funded the country's original revolution. It's only fair that a country built by rebellion should fall by rebellion, as the leader of the Vilenmark Rebellion spoke. The Empire pulled all their military back to the empire, which was besieged by the rebel militia. Many mercenary teams were hired to act as police forces in the other cities, as the government tried to regain control. Of these teams, the most notable is the Phoenix, one of the more popular mercenary teams in Mystrina.

Led by ex-captain Marco Talone, who left the military five years prior, the Phoenix always favored the law than the lawless. Many of the members were hand-picked by Marco himself, as they were favored for specific qualities he saw in them. His second in command, Gale Debane, is proof of Marco's keen eye.

Gale, along with the rest of his small team, were put in charge of Chrysa, the biggest trade city in all of Mystrina. As the rebellion grew, their lawbringing became more and more public. They were hailed as heroes by the commonfolk of Chrysa, while they became key targets for the more experienced militiamen of the rebellion.


Gale Debane:
Age: 19
Gale Debane leads Second Squad, the only multi-merc team in the Phoenix. Alongside his friend Lucidia, they have the skill required to keep the law enforced in one of the largest cities in the country.

Gale grew up as an orphan, working in whatever jobs he could find. From the mines just outside of town, to the harbors of the port cities, Gale grew up doing anything and everything to survive. Through his hard work, he caught the eye of the beneficial Marco Talone.

Even though he had a well-trained work ethic, Gale was always rebellious and protective in nature. The law was nothing to him if he or his friends were in trouble, and due to his hot-headed actions, he commonly made enemies.

Lucidia Bureaugh:
Age: 18
Lucidia, whom was also orphaned, met Gale during his time in the port city of Ohrmand. Lucidia had already been staying with a coworker of hers, so she was able to give Gale a place to stay.

Lucidia is overly-optimistic. Though she may not be in the best conditions, under the best circumstances, she enjoys what she has. When trouble rises, she calculates all the options at her disposal, and her tactics, when merged with Gale's ability to improvise, become nearly impossible to best.

Marco Talone:
Age: 24
Marco leads the whole of the Phoenix Mercenary Company. His ties to the government give him leeway in certain situations, and his latest deal to have the Phoenix act as the police force outside of the capital is just one of the many things he's been given the opprotunity to work on.

He tends to be coy with the ties he has, and remains loyal to his many allies. Rumors speculate that he even has ties with people from other countries, even though immigration and emmigration were illegal, and impossible to pull off with the border patrol. He has yet to confirm or deny the rumors.

Screenshots/Concept Work:
Coming Soon!

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Peaceful Chaos
post Feb 18 2011, 02:32 PM
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Coolness. I like the idea of mercenaries in games. It gives reason for the skills they have rather than them just being powerful for no reason.

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post Feb 18 2011, 07:38 PM
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Please try to put something more meaningful on your next post please >_>;

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