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> The Writing Thread, Post your stories or WIP's here!
post Nov 11 2011, 12:07 PM
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Noobs shall die.
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Here a short book prologue draft I made quite a while ago wink.gif


The evening breeze swept through the streets of the small settlement. There was no more traffic in the little, sleepy village. Another breeze swept up some leaves, whirling them through the air, and past rows of houses, with people inside - people preparing supper, watching TV, or having a little friday grill party. So nobody saw or heard the stranger appear on the street, swept in with the leaves. Nobody saw the dark figure with the hood, looking to and fro.
Nobody noticed him walk through the gates of the graveyard. But what were the snuggled-up citizens supposed to do? They would have stopped watching the BBC 2 evening program, if they had known that the most dangerous creature on the planet had just walked along the street.
The sun went down, and another day, just like any other day, ended with a big, glorious, flaming ball dipping into the sea. And just like any other day, the people living on the world were oblivious to the happenings out there. The stranger on the street would have just been a story for pubs, or for old people to chat about. He would have. If only anyone had seen him.


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post May 13 2012, 03:41 AM
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Aspiring Indie Game Dev
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Hey guys, this is the introduction to my new puzzle game, can you please critique it? Thanks.

"They said I was dangerous.
They said I had almost compromised the whole compound.
Madness is the state of being real, I said.
They disagreed.
Friends started to notice me.
I had created something.
Not a coup, but something more.
A transformation, if you will.
The compound continually undergoes transformations.
Every single last employee that enters the ranks, they re-organize.
Re-shape, re-form. Every last entry into this cold prison I am confined to.
They locked me up. I was a rebel without a cause.
They said I would put the whole project in jeopardy.
"Define the project," I asked.
They would not give an answer.
I think it is because they did not understand what the project was.
I seek a room. A special room.
A room that houses supernatural ideas. Views. Beliefs.
If I can reach that room, I could possibly convert my fellow co-workers, change their views.
Heck, maybe even the whole compound.
When the door opened to my dark and cold cell, I was set free.
I wasn't sure whether it was an accident, or fate lending me a kind hand.
But one thing I know for sure, someone, or something opened up for me.
I must find that room, at all costs.
And when I do, chaos will ensue. And by chaos, I mean the good kind.
My mind is made."

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post Jun 30 2012, 06:48 AM
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Type: Writer


I'm working on a little bit of a crossover between OC's and characters from Hetalia and Assassin's Creed.
Layout is that a supreme being merged the worlds together into one frigging crossover, like what you see in Warriors Orochi...
Main characters are OC, and recruit characters from Hetalia and Assassin's Creed.

In Assassin's Creed, the characters present in storyline are:
>Ezio Auditore da Firenze
>Leonardo da Vinci
>Cesare Borgia (enemy)

In Hetalia, characters include:

OC's are two guys and a girl. I'd get into detail, but it's pretty lengthy.

So my question is... Think it's too much/crazy?
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post Nov 10 2012, 10:43 PM
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Type: Undisclosed

QUOTE (noelburgundy27 @ Jun 30 2012, 01:48 AM) *

I'm working on a little bit of a crossover between OC's and characters from Hetalia and Assassin's Creed.
Layout is that a supreme being merged the worlds together into one frigging crossover, like what you see in Warriors Orochi...
Main characters are OC, and recruit characters from Hetalia and Assassin's Creed.

In Assassin's Creed, the characters present in storyline are:
>Ezio Auditore da Firenze
>Leonardo da Vinci
>Cesare Borgia (enemy)

In Hetalia, characters include:

OC's are two guys and a girl. I'd get into detail, but it's pretty lengthy.

So my question is... Think it's too much/crazy?

Ambitious. But not crazy. Post a link when you post this. I'm interested.

Here's mine. CC is welcome.:


New Hope Art and History Museum
New Hope California
03:15hrs PSET

The battle for the fate of the world began with a robbery.

A girl of seventeen slipped silently through the museum's ventilation system.

“Ryan are you sure you disabled the security system?” she asked, speaking into the wireless headset to her older brother.

“Yes, Eliza, for the twentieth time I’m positive,” Ryan replied.

“Believe me that firewall was a pain in the ass to get past.”

“Fine, I’m just nervous.” Eliza replied, stopping to wipe the dust from the ventilation shaft off her forehead.

“Don’t worry, I was a little nervous on my first job too, it’s natural. Besides I was only halfway done with done with my training. You’ve got fifteen till the laser grid comes back on. ” Ryan remarked

and Eliza heard rock music in the background.

“Did I mention that lasers are the fry skin type, not the set off the alarm kind?”

“Oh joy.” Eliza said, pulling the phone out of her pocket and looking at the map on the screen. There was only another fifty feet until the HVAC vent above the room where their target was stored.

“What ever happened to the kind of laser that just set off an alarm?” She thought.

She reached the vent and pulled off her glove. Willing power into her hand, she ran it around the vent’s perimeter and the grate fell to the plush carpet below.

“Vent has been taken out.” She said dropping out of the vent. She ran over to the pedestal and saw their target, a sapphire pendant that sat on a white linen cushion.

“Are you sure this isn’t booby trapped?” Eliza asked.

“Just get it.” Ryan replied, the irritation clear in his voice.

“Fine, here goes nothing.” Eliza remarked then she held up her pointer finger. She closed her eyes in concentration as a thin pink beam of energy sprang to life on her fingertip.

The second the glass fell into the case she grabbed a three-inch long clear canister off her belt and put the pendant in it. Then she put the canister back on its carbiner clip on her black utility belt.

Her headset came alive with her Ryan’s voice.

“Something activated the system! You’ve got five minutes before the police show up!”
“Ry, get out of here I can take care of myself! Go!” Eliza replied

“But sis, what about you?” Ryan asked worriedly.

“I can hide better than you can in the van! Plus I can melt things, what exactly can you do?

“Sis,” Ryan started. Eliza ended the call.

“Damn, why does everything have to go wrong.” She thought.

She looked up at the glass ceiling and pointed her palm up, and drew upon her power.

Her palm began glowing pink and a narrow beam shaped like the half moon on her palm shot up. She directed it into a circle and cut an opening, quickly changing the beam into a umbrella of energy to

stop any glass from falling on her.

When the downpour was finished she cut the energy off, pointed her fists down and pushed more energy out of her palms. She landed in a crouch on the roof, and scanned for any police cars. That was

when she remembered her hotel room.

“Shit, I left my purse there!” If the police traced the hotel records. which in a town as small as this, they undoubtedly would, they would discover that the hotel currently had ten occupants. From there

all they would have to do is find which ones had never checked out, search their room, and find her real I.D, they hadn't had time to get fakes, this had been a rushed job from the start.

That would bring her uncle onto her trail as well. From there it would be a matter of time before he found them, and killed them like he did their parents.

She jumped unto the roof just below the museum and from there hopped roofs for a block to their hotel, and jumped down unto thier balcony.

Standing in her hotel room were a tall, muscular boy with red hair and green eyes. a older petite woman who could have been the boy’s mother, and a blue eyed blond haired women.

They all wore black body armor, a weapons belt and both of the women had their hair in ponytails.

“Who the hell are you?” Eliza asked.

“Friends.” the green haired women said.

“Friends don’t break into other friends hotel room.” Eliza said, pointing her gun at the green haired woman.

“Now, who the hell are you? A member of my uncles hit squad? A contractor from a rival family?””

The woman laughed. “Hardly something so common. We’re here to offer you a deal.” The woman purred, and pointed at the canister on Eliza’s belt.

“That pendant for your freedom.”

“Or I could shoot you three.”

The woman laughed, pointed at Eliza with a wand and said.


Then the feeling went out of her legs and she fell backward, hitting her head on the ground with a soft thump.

“Shit, magicians!” Eliza thought, and not for the first time wished she had taken the lessons her uncle had offered before everything had went pear-shaped. Eliza acted on instict and unleashed a torrent of pink energy that the woman blocked with a lazy flick of her wrist. A nonverbal spell, that was highly advanced, she had only seen her uncle do that twice.

“Good luck with that.” Eliza said and threw another ball of energy out, this time at the boy. He snarled and threw a green fireball at the energy and the two masses collided, dissolving into green and pink sparks.

“Hell, Elementrians, this isn’t good at all.” She threw a hidden throwing knif scrambled backward, trying to reach under her bed for a hidden 9mil that the blond haired woman produced with a smirk.
“Honestly, Keeper, it wasn’t that hard to find your hidden weaponry. I’m surprised that you had just this. From what I’ve heard of the Dunbar Operation, I would have thought you’d have something else
up your sleeve.

“Just who the hell are you?”

“My Name is Morgan, I am a friend, and I’ve already sent a team to retrieve your brother.”

“Scindo.” The woman said, pointing a wand at her.
Pain surged through Eliza’s body, setting every nerve afire in agony.
“Now, little miss Sarcasm, you will listen to me, and listen to me good, or I will use that particularly nasty spell on your brother, and force you to watch as he screams in agony, and then I’ll slowly cut his heart out, put it back in him, and make you sew his chest closed. I’m offering you a deal, join me, and we won’t kill your brother. I’ll reunite the two of you, and we’ll help eliminate your uncle. In exchange we’ll let you both of live and you’ll owe us, well me, a marker, and that pendant of course."
“What choice do I have?” Eliza said, the pain receding to a dull ache.
“Let me free and I’ll agree to your terms."
Morgan snapped her fingers and Eliza was set free. Then she made a grab for her gun and was rewarded by the redheaded boy stomping on her hand when she reached it, and something crunched in her hand.
The woman helped her up and she felt a her hand burn suddenly, when she pulled back there was a rose shaped mark on the top of it.
“Now. We have a world to conquer.” The woman said, and Eliza’s vision faded to black.

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post Jan 9 2013, 05:37 AM
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Infinite Creator
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Bizarre Monkey
post Feb 12 2013, 11:12 AM
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im still in the fukin' debug room
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Given its size and format, this is a project (now abandoned) I'll have to link to.

Red Rapscallion.

An interactive player-driven picture Novel with some of my best writing and backgrounds to date.

Due to time constraints I eventually had to abandon the project but I did reveal the remainder of the plot.

The Crazy Chimp Collective Blog
Founder of the Crazy Chimp Collective (CCC) and Award-winning developer.
Current CCC Contributors:
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Andinator (Album Artist and Fan Artist)
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Apoc (Tile, Album and Planetary Artist) Resigned
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KaptainJ (Security Camera and Podcasting)
Loion (Doer of Naught)
Moneymenace (Composer)
Notte Eterna (Artist and Tester.)
Peva (Promoter and Supporter)
Pjcr (Pixel and Iconset Artist, he also makes the CCC Portraits.)
Qtpi0121 (Pixel Artist) AWOL
Rgangsta (Panorama Designer and Enhancer)
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Tsuyoi Raion (Marketing) Resigned
Xiie (Logo Artist and HUD Designer)
Xzygon (Coding support and Voice Actor)
Zadorain (Composer)

Why can't I... hold all these awards??


Thank you everyone! :D
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