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> Sore Losers: Riot Grrrl, Experimental, Cyberpunk RPG
post Mar 6 2011, 10:53 AM
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"Ever played an RM2003 game where you almost forgot you were playing an RM2003 game? Sore Losers - Riot Grrrl accomplishes just that" - acknowledge101

"Notice how I'm saying unique a lot? That's probably because Riot Grrrl isn't like any RM2k3 game I've ever played. It takes a lot of chances with most of the custom systems and the emphasis of gameplay (and minigames!) over story, but I feel that the game faired pretty well." - Xanedil

"They said that they had everything under control in that little complex of theirs. That everything would be okay because the military was there. That the riots would soon be over and that future generations could laugh at the effort the rebels had put into their ploy. And we all believed them, sat happily in our houses as the curfews and blockades dragged on and on and on, because we did not think anything would come of it. After all, we had the most powerful military in the world protecting us!

It did not help that the rebel's propaganda, their so-called "evidence" of genetic brainwashing, sounded like another cheap trick to try and incite anarchy from which only the rebels could benefit. They had tried it all before and, frankly, it sounded like a desperate ploy in their final days of existance. Although I had read their words and heard their broadcasts I just could not take any of it seriously. It sounded like one, big joke...

But the joke was on us.

As soon as one company of the military realised it was their Captain, the "infamous" Captain Alexis, that the "evidence" was based on, it stopped being nonsense. It stopped being comedic, it stopped being propaganda and, instead, it became a new set of orders; orders to fight against a system they believed had warped them and their Captain into killing machines. As the mutiny spread and the military was divided down the middle, the Condemned, criminal bastards that they are, followed the trail of violence out of Central Ferusia until... Until chaos ruled over everything.

I have to get out. I do not care what the television says about Ferusian victories anymore: I can't keep sleeping next to this knife as I wait for someone else to break down my barricaded door... I already have too much blood on my hands!"

~ Diary of Cheska Frederick, Secretary to the Executive.


This is a game that is going to be highly interactive in terms of field-map gameplay because - much like Sore Losers - it is going to be crammed with minigames. In fact, this game is going to have far more minigame sequences than Sore Losers managed to have. Minigames will be present for everything; from searching areas for items to lockpicking doors; from hotwiring electrical equipment to dodging rioters; from arguing with NPCs to hacking into computer systems. In fact, nearly everything you do is going to involve some kind of minigame mechanism. Why? Because I want to make an RPG where ability doesn't rely on the stats of the characters. I'm going to try and bring player skill more to the forefront and hopefully the excessive use of minigame sequences is going to achieve just that.

Of course, battles are also going to be interactive. I'm not heavily reliant on stats so having normal battles would be extremely redundant. In Sore Losers: Riot Grrrl you'll be able to knock the weapons out of your opponent's hands, kick bookcases over onto people, throw your enemies into electric fences, use trashcans to stop enemies from being able to attack you and generally use the environment to cute puppies people up. Why settle for just the weapon in your hand? Use everything to your advantage!

This game won't be convuluted in terms of plot, character development or other such things because I know I am not a master of words; instead I just hope that this will be a game that's fun to play because having fun is the whole point of playing games in the first place!


A soundtrack comprised of tracks by Brand New, Be Your Own Pet, The Postal Service, The Sleeping and more!
>90% custom graphics.
With only 6 item slots, correctly choosing what to take with you becomes a vital skill!
Innovative ConvoBattles offer a viable alternative to violent conflict.
The search minigame means you won't have to mash Enter near a bookcase ever again.
Lockpicking and Hacking return from Sore Losers, revamped.
Hotwiring is introduced as another way to get around Ferusia.
Use the environment to your advantage and disarm enemies in the new Environment-ATB system.



Obligatory title screenshot.

>90% Original Graphics

Want your game plugged..? Impress me!

A "ConvoBattle" - Staying calm when a shotgun is aimed at you could be difficult...

A "ConvoBattle" - How are you going to avoid a fight?

"Want your game plugged..?" 2.

Your friendly, local and looted hardware store.

Buffing and debuffing skills in the form of quotes return from the original Sore Losers.

Shouldn't be as scary as the source material...

A scary basement.

How are you going to get past all that mess? Hint: the answer is not "Climb over it".


Early Battle-System Demo:

This is an extremely early battle system demo (i.e. it was made way before the tech-demo. The tech-demo has an updated system, but I am yet to make a video for it). In this demo you can directly attack an enemy's weapons and the objects in the environment but in the tech-demo you need to use a special "Interact" skill to do this sort of thing. It still gives a good idea of how things work, although I am planning to release an updated version of this video.

Also, I don't use that "Gauge" battle-system anymore - but if you've played the tech-demo you'll know that!



Storyline, Characters, Graphics, Eventing and Basically Everything Except Music: Fallen-Griever
Battle Themes: Be Your Own Pet and Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Area Themes: Brand New and 30 Seconds To Mars
Cutscene Themes: The Postal Service, Slipknot and The Sleeping
Title Theme: The Postal Service

<-- Complete
<-- In Development
<-- Complete
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