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> Ambershire, Chapter 1: Lands of Reinark
post Apr 8 2011, 12:56 AM
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No, we aren't related to Crystalshire in any form, shape or size. Although, I personally give a thumbs up to our Eclipse Origins brother.

The Nymphs ruled the realm of Faulden, their magical superiority gave them an insight into the future, predictions of looming wealth, of failing crops, and of the results of battles fastly gained them seats of power, and therefore being able to govern the realm with perfect precision. Their powers were almost limitless, apart from the year of Haze, in which a singular day, the day of Haze, was a mental block that occurred every decade, and the Nymphs were unable to peer past this. The Year of Haze was usually a year of great stress, and people always feared this day most, having been so dependent on the abilities of the Nymph.

As the Day of Haze arrived, not one Nymph could have foreseen, or believed what happened. The Ah'lee, a race of slavery, rose up from their shackles and attacked the Nymph empire. The Ah'lee were a strongly built race, larger than two humans, and as strong as a bull, perfect for the mundane tasks of day to day life in Faulden. The Nymph were forced to take up arms against them on the day of Haze, and refused the aid of their Elven and Human forces. The Nymph were powerless against the might of the Ah'lee, and soon feel to their might.

The ashes blew through the wind of burnt Nymph, their bodies lay cold and dry, and the Ah'lee closed each one of their eyes as they lay dead. The Ah'lee then entered the waters and swam, out of Faulden to find their new land.

“Your crops will be betrayed, Not from the hand that threatens it, but from the hand that it feeds.”

The words of The High Priestess, spoken to the King many years ago. Had he heeded her wisdom, then he may have been better prepared for what befell him. Off in the far northern distance, in the abandoned lands of the Black Keep, the boats were docked and fires could be seen from our windows. Scouts sent out returned with news of burly men, the size of giants, skin dark and with menacing eyes. One scout was even in shock, and could not speak.

Days later, one of their own, Ga'Shaarok, came to speak to the King. Yelling from the King, and fierce roars returned came from the throne room. Ending with a shrill cry, I watched as the beast stormed out, holding the head of the king in his great hands. The Queen, fearing a brewing war, called a meeting between us and the Ah'lee. I went as a scholar, and as I arrived, their presence was more than intimidating. They stood like tall trees, their height giving them a look of power almost indescribable. They bore cloaks longer than their bodies, and despite their size, they bore the look of intelligence. They each had only one horn, and on the other side, a stump of where one horn lacked.

Each of the towns in Reinark's rule were united here under out banner. Humans had filled this land, and we were going to be here until the end, even if it meant to the grave, so to speak. The Ah'lee moved forward, and I could tell she was reluctant, but the Queen stepped forward as well. The man towered above her, casting his shadow across her. These men were built for intimidation, that was certain.

As the Queen spoke of a truce, Ga'Shaarok, being the speaker, agreed to her terms of peace. No man, woman, or child were to be harmed under their cause. He then waged his Leader's terms, that they would be allowed to study the land, and build their colony toward the north. The Queen agreed to this, and with a weary nod from both, the meeting was over. No human wanted to make pleasantries with the Ah'lee, and so we retreated to Reinark swiftly.

As I write this, I don't know what is to come for us. The Ah'lee are a dangerous race, the only recorded history I have of them are when they were once in slavery. Whatever they did to remove themselves from that, and enter this new age of power, is beyond me. All I can do is watch as they watch us, and pray there is truth in their words.

The King's daughter was of age to become Queen. Her ceremony was only a week away, and she already showed signs of great leadership. Her mother had stayed in a dark depression, mourning the loss of her husband, which had happened nearly twenty years ago. Since then, the Princess had governed the land, and the people listened to her.

The Ah'lee had kept true to their word, and barely bothered Reinark. Their city had grown large, and some days you could hear the construction, and the clinking of metal. The Princess was tolerant of them, but many of the Diplomats, the chosen few who aided the Princess and Queen-to-be, were uncertain of their motives.

The unstable deal of a truce given only through words troubled many people, as people feared each day, merchants keeping their supplies hidden, and people purchasing a surplus of steel. This had also given birth to a rebellion, not against the crown, but against the truce, and the Ah'lee.

People from different homes all under one roof. These men form the Revolt. Long have their fathers passed on the stories of the Nymph, and the Ah'lee, but the Crown refuses to hear reason. The Revolt are here to protect the young, the woman, and their way of life. The Ah'lee were a savage race, who bore fruit for their ancestors, but savagely rose up against the Foreseers. With a strong blow, they wiped out all of the Nymph, and as the human's ancestors saw that the only way the human race could live was to retreat, they did so.

Long afterwards, the Elvish folk perished of extinction, through the lack of leadership, with no gods to rule, and they fell into a dark despair. Slowly they all died off, and only humans were left to live. As they trade amongst other humans in other lands, there is the possibility that other races may be out there, seeing life isn't so barren. For now though, humans are the only ones seen, and they are the only ones that can form together and remove this stain on the realm of Faulden, before history repeats itself.

As you are hitting the age of adulthood, you are required to pick a trade in which you will devout yourself to..

Warriors, The Sturdy, are a strong force to be feared. Warriors are fluent in the language of death, while their ego's match their talent. The Art of the Warrior was founded through the Old Gods, who taught battle to their off-spring. Warriors use a large array of weapon styles, from the defensive Sword and Shield, to the all-offensive Double-Handed Sword. In battle, Warriors take the heat of the damage, shielding their weaker allies with the flurry of sword slashes, and the defense of their steel.

Priests, The Holy, are a supportive ally, strong in the Art of Healing. Their trade was founded when Ve'Allia, An Old God, spoke life to a fallen man, the first sign of magic. Long afterwards, Men perfected the art after witnessing the miracle. Priests use books and staves dominantly, and are best when safely behind their stronger bretheren. Speaking life and strength to people aren't just their talents, some Priests find darker arts, and command the dead to fight at their side.

Mages, The Mystic, are the mind of the field. Their tactical advantage can turn and churn the battlefield, and they perfected the Art of Healing into an offensive version, thus creating the Art of Power. Magic of the Mystic's creates confusion amongst the enemy, or obliterates them in hundreds of different ways of death. Mages use books and staves, but spells are their strong suit. Slicing through their spellbooks, A fully trained Mage is one of the strongest forces in Faulden.

Rogues, The Nimble, are the hidden power of the field. Rogues are versatile between solo, supportive, and strength. Rogues are the speed of the fight, smashing foes with overpowered criticals, and hindering them with physical debuffs. Rogues were formed when King Arron, A Nymph tyrant that stood for 4 years, began to slaughter innocents. His house was so guarded that some form of hidden soldier needed to infiltrate to reach him. Rogues use quick weapons, daggers and bows being the top weapon of choice.

A small insight into what the realm of Faulden has to offer for you..


In Faulden, 32 different professions exist to hinder the enemies of humans. Each categorized under the classes of Warriors, Priests, Mages and Rogues. As you travel the world in your newly polished armor, your battle sense will grow, and you will start to unlock different job professions, by fulfilling different requirements for each. Yeah, we hear you saying "32, that's a little extreme isn't it?" but wait, there's more. Each job will have around 10 ranks, in which the skillset is laid across. Completing certain questlines will rank up your job, giving you access to a new assnal full of enemy-slaying abilities.

Conversation Images

Reinark is a land that appreciates fashion, therefore you need to show it off to everyone! Conversation images pretty much means, when you're talking to an NPC, your characters image will show. Not the tiny little guy, but the full-scale anime version of yourself. We've designed it so everything you wear on your paper-doll will be 'linked' to an image for your character's image. So when you wear Thick Black Chicken Hide armor, it will show up on your character while you're talking to an NPC!


Are you a generally sarcastic person? Well, as you form your character, the dialog choices will shape his/her personality. If you constantly reject the requests of needy people seeking aid, you become cruel, and your characters default dialog responses become rude and heartless. On the brighter side, kindness rewards yourself with caring, open hearted and cloy responses. You choose if that's the brighter side, actually.


Think of knowledge as your brain, a list of things that your character has learnt on his/her journey. When talking to people, you can gain entries into your Knowledge, and that can then unlock dialog with other NPC's, as in, if a farmer knew about Hens, but you didn't, the dialog would be locked. But if you see hens, and interact with them, it will unlock the dialog, which then you can discuss your thrilling encounter with the hens to the farmer. This can then lead to quests, experience, new friendlies, whatever the conversation holds.

Hurdy ~ Character Artist

Mellowz ~ Programmer

Sean ~ Web Coder

Socuine ~ Designer

Toranos ~ Pixel Artist

Copy this straight into your Signature!

Get one of our lovely support avatars! Remember to change the link 'CHANGETHIS' to your desired wording!

All images shown are created by the Ambershire Staff Team, and belongs to Ambershire. This is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
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post Apr 9 2011, 01:29 AM
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nicely crafted story. loved it. i hope you can execute it well. i will be looking forward to this.


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