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> Sons of Wargod
post May 11 2011, 02:59 PM
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Type: Artist
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Sons of Wargod.
(Logo will be made soon, title in consideration. Any ideas to improve the title are welcome.)


Sons of Wargod. This is a series of games. It is divided into chapters. The story is too long to fit in one part. Also with the usage of chapters, it is much easier to make progress as you won’t be overwhelmed with what needs to be done for the game to finally be released. The first chapter will be released in the summer of 2011.
The game is currently in mapping stages. The story has been written. When the mapping is complete, the making of custom resources will begin. I started with mapping so I could at least show screenshots of the mapping. You won’t get much recruitment if you don’t at least have any screenshots.
The setting of the game will have a medieval theme. There will be fictive characters, such as elves, druids, dwarfs and nymphs. Elements have a large role in the story. These are Fire, Earth, Water and Air.
The battle system will be turn based. I chose for a turn based battle system because an action battle system would need more custom animations and thus more work. Also the player will battle alongside his team so a turn based system works better, for normal attacks but also for combo attacks.


It isn’t always fun at the god’s territory. At times, the Wargod tries to sneak away under the watch of the other two gods, who stand for Peace and Neutrality. In the past, he has managed to do this twice. He has some fun at earth and even gives life to a child. It would be too late for the other two gods to stop the birth of the child and they are not allowed to mess with human lives, so they decided to give it a gift. But, at the same time those children are born, a war begins to sprout which is only stoppable by it’s child. The first one happened in the year of 859. The war lasted for 32 years.at the age of 16 that those heroes start to develop themselves as children from the Wargod. People blamed the child for not stopping the war earlier. The same thing happened with the second war in the year of 964. The girl spent 8 years on stopping it. The third war started in 1014. It took the child 12 years to fulfill his destiny. Those three children would never have been able to stop a war if they were normal humans. But they are the children of the Wargod. They have inhuman combat skills and are able to control all of the elements.
It is the year 1052. The four great continents, each representing one of the four elements, are at war once more. Before the war, they agreed on not taking over the 5th continent and leave it be for Mother Nature.
And thus now, a new hero has been born from the Wargod. His name is Devin. He will have to learn to control hs elements and train his fighting skills before he can stop the war.
But is that all there is to it? Learning to control his elements an becoming a skilled fighter? Is the war really all about the inhabited continent? Find out by playing the games!


Age: 17.
Origin: Earth
Abilities: combat skills, elements.
Bio: a handsome young man from *first* village. His desire to stop the war drives him to his fullest capabilities at dangerous situations.

Age: 16.
Origin: water
Abilities: Ice making.
Bio: this girl is Devin's guide. She likes Devin, but he doesn't seem to notice it as he has never had any girlfriends in his small village. Despite her warm love she uses very chilly ice attacks.

Origin: fire.
Age: 17.
Abilities: AOE attacks.
Bio: She is quite a serious person. She enjoys a laugh once in a while, though. Her devious laugh makes everybody creep out... Mary has trained her fire element mainly for area of effect attacks.

Age: 15.
Origin: Life(unknown until chapter?)
Abilities: Musical magic.
Bio: The youngest of the group. He is full of energy and positive thoughts. He brings joy to people with his guitar. For some reason, he is able to use his music in battle... The soft accords work as charms and status inflictors.

Age: 20.
Origin: Air.
Abilities: Birds.
Bio: This fellow was named after the birds his parents had had for years. He has wings like all the air people. He is on an expedition to find the rare Great Hawk. It's a plain hawk except for it's size, it's taller than any human. Because of Jawk's wings, he uses aerial attacks.



To-do list:

1. Map the last areas
2. Event all characters
3. Install Battle system
4. (Have someone make custom sprites ^^ )



Any critique or comments are appreciated.

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