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> [-Transportation-]Save Spot then Teleport to saved spot Item, A orb which allows you to >Save spot< >Teleport to save spot&
post May 17 2011, 05:30 AM
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Okay I was playing some flash game when I hatched an idea to make an item which allows you to save the spot your character is on such as when a character gets trapped on a spot then opens the menu and uses this "Item" and gives you the choices to either...
1.Save spot - Saves the spot your character is on (MapID, MapX, MapY)
2. Teleport to saved spot - Teleport to the spot your character used "Save spot".
3. Nevermind - Cancels the event processing

The procedures isn't complicated but this tutorial has screenies so if you want to see the tutorial
Click on the Spoiler


Step 1 :

Go to Database then go to Items got it?
Database > Items
Then make your "Teleport item" Set consume to "NO" then set Scope to "None" then set Occasion to "Only from the menu"
Also set the common event to any number you want to make the common event process on
Step 2 :

Okay go to Database > Common Event remember the number you set your common event on the "Teleport item" then double click on the first event then set it to "Show choices" 1. Teleport to saved spot 2. Save spot 3. Nevermind
Doesn't matter what name or what order you do it.
Step 3 :

Lets do the "Save spot" first add an event below "Save spot" then set it to control variables
Variables are very complicated if your a newbie so I recommended you read some tutorials before proceeding...If your ready go to control variables then make 3 variables "MapID" "MapX" "MapY"
set MapID to Other > MapID
set MapX to Character > Player's > Map X---> These three are separate events
For MapY set the Player's > Map Y
Step 4 :

Lets do the "Teleport to saved spot" make an event and set it to "Transfer Player..." on the 2nd event page
make it to designation with variables MapID to MapID MapX to MapX and MapY to MapY hopefully you got those right
then click OK VOLLA!
Step 5 (optional):

Sometimes you may not want the character to go and save the spot for it may cause cheating so lets make a switch that
doesn't allow saving on the area "Make an event" and set it to "Conditional branch" then set it to "IF SWITCH IS ON" set the switch to any switch you want the character to not save so once your done copy all of your control variables above the "Else" then make a message below else like "Saving is not allowed in this area"

I hope you get the tutorial if not download the attachment
Attached File  TeleporToSavedSpot.rar ( 756.57K ) Number of downloads: 25


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post May 17 2011, 10:15 PM
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Looks pretty good

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post Oct 25 2011, 07:39 PM
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I did almost the exact same thing, but added 4 save locations, the ability to choose which you teleport to, and the ability to name the locations as you save them so you remember where they are. Attached File  savestones.zip ( 239.55K ) Number of downloads: 1
here's a demo with the code in it if you wanted to use it. Also for my game specifically i have a conditional branch in the common event based on charactor level so you only get 1 save location to start and an additional one at level 10, 20, and 30. but that's fairly simple to event into the branch so i didn't bother copying it over to here.

the item is the only one listed under items. 4 charactors need to be added in, in the demo they are actors 17-20, the common event is the only one included. (i highly recommend when using this script having it set all variables as soon as you give them the items in game or you will get errors. the npc event on screen has the event written in to set them all right away.
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