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> The Secret to Getting Help Quickly, i.e. How to ask for help in the RGSS2 Support Forum
Mr. Bubble
post May 17 2011, 11:06 PM
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RPG Maker VX RGSS2 Scripting Language Support Rules

This forum is for those who need Support / Help with scripts used in RPG Maker VX, DO NOT open new thread unless you have read/understand the following rules and guidelines. Failure to comply with the following guidelines can result in a warn.

Note: Don't randomly PM members (or staff) to ask for help, use this board.

Before opening a new thread:

1) Read the comments in the scripts that you choose to use. Issues with scripts commonly stem from not understanding how to properly use/configure the script itself.
2) Make sure you have a solid understanding of the eventing system. A common mistake people make is choosing to jump into scripts before developing basic eventing skills. Most (if not all) scripts assume that you have basic eventing skills down. If you need help with eventing, see the Tutorials Forum.
3) Use the search feature on the forum. It can be found to the upper right on the forum page. In here, you can specify what you are looking for. Chances are, as this program gets older, your question has already been answered, so please use this.

Opening a new thread.

If your problem(s) still persist and you fail to find a solution then open a thread.

Also, when opening a thread, use these general guidelines:

- Be as descriptive as possible. The more info you provide, the quicker the solution will be found. Do not expect people to understand what you mean with just a few sentences.
- Tell us what you've tried to do. How have you tried to solve this issue? What are you trying to achieve?
- State the error message you received, if any.
- List every custom script you're using in your project. Issues with scripts may arise from compatibility with other installed scripts. Also, link or provide the script you're having issues with in your post.
- Include screenshots if possible. Screenshots can explain more than words can in some cases.
- Use proper English. Since this is an English speaking forum, it may be difficult to understand some slang or foreign language. So, be as clear as possible. This includes the use of proper punctuation.
- If you want help in the fastest, most efficient way possible, upload a project demo that replicates your issue. Please read the post below this one for guidelines on how to set-up/upload your project (or click here).

If your problem is solved.

- Be nice and thank the people who help you! Report the thread to be closed if your problem is solved.
- Do not edit your main post and erase the main content (in other words don't delete your main post). The thread might help other members in the future.
- Create a new thread if you have a new problem.

Warning to spammers.

Continuously posting new threads about already answered question/solved problems will lead to warnings! The resources are available for your problems, so please use them. Warnings can lead to suspension and worse so use the forum properly and follow the rules that have been laid out for you.

Happy VXing!

Originally written by SilentBackstabber. Edited and updated by Jasonicus. Modified again by Mr. Bubble for the RGSS2 forum.

I no longer support Tankentai.
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Mr. Bubble
post May 18 2011, 12:13 AM
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The secret to getting help in the fastest and most efficient way possible is to upload a demo of your project!

Yes, it can be that simple! Here are some reasons why uploading a demo is the fastest way to get help:

- Demos provide a duplicate of the same script environment you use. A lot of people do want to help, but it is very time consuming to set up scripts in a project especially if you're using a lot of them.
- Demos fill in holes of information. A majority of issues go unresolved because people do not provide enough details about their issue. Or they assume certain information is not important enough to be mentioned when it actually might be.
- Providing a demo makes it easier and faster for people to help you. Period.

There are guidelines you should follow when offering your project for people to examine:

- Make your project download small. This will make it faster for people to download and faster for YOU to upload.
- Do not include the RTP if you decide to compress it. Do not encrypt it either.
- Do not include music files in your project as they will inflate the project size. People do not care about your game's music since all people will do is look at and test your project's scripts.
- Provide easy-to-understand steps on how to reproduce your issue in your demo.

Where can I upload my project?

- This forum provides file attachments for posts. However, you will need to compress your project within a .zip since you cannot upload .exe files directly if you choose to compress your project.
Attached File  uploadstep.png ( 9.07K ) Number of downloads: 120

Step [1] - Click on Choose File and select the file from your PC.
Step [2] - Click on Upload.
Step [3] - Click on the drop-down box and select the file you uploaded by clicking on the green + icon. This step isn't required since the file will appear whether you apply the forum attachment tag in your post or not.

- You can also use 3rd party websites such as MediaFire.

I no longer support Tankentai.
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