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> Soul Night, Great Fantasy Adventure!!
post Jun 15 2011, 06:40 PM
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Type: Coder

First of all, I am a brazilian maker, and this game will come out first in portuguese, but I will make a translation to english. Also the names of the Headlines are in portuguese, BUT all texts i translated for english, I just kept them there because even though it is in portuguese, it is self explanatory. I studied many years english as a second language, but of course I'm still brazilian and speak portuguese better, so if there are any english mistakes just tell me that I will correct them.
I hope you guys like my project, and I am open to sugestions and I hope to make a very good game.

Project Name: Soul Night
Type : Fantasy / Adventure
Engine: RPG Maker VX
Author: Raizen884
Started in: 09/01/2011
Released in: ?????

Author : Raizen
Mapper: Raizen , Paranoid
Designer: Designer4ever (Rafael Giovannini)
Programmer: Raizen
Pixel Artist: lilowpaloso, ndenoronha, Raizen

Progress: //////////////////// 35%

This legend starts behind the Moon, not the moon tha is orbiting the earth, but a spiritual place, where all souls go. The souls depart this from world in a connection between the Earth and the Moon, made ​​by the stones that are key in each of the four corners of the world. This link is a passage from this world to the so-called "After World", which actually was called, and eventually appointed as the Moon This name came precisely because many looked to the heavens and wondered, would there be that place ? This was the case for people who die after the departed soul in peace, but the story begins when these people do not want to go into the other world ...
The story revolves around the Lune Kishi, which are the "soldiers" of the cities, they are responsible for the safety and welfare of the country. The elite of those Lune Kishi are Lune Melrion, they are extremely skillful and strong. The reason there is such a special class of knights, is because there are mystical creatures called Gamis. The Gamis are not self-conscious, Legend says that Gamis were people that after death, stood in the way between the other world and that they would not leave.

When one of these Gamis is killed by a Lune Kishi, his spirit is free domain which had been placed in him when they were brought back to this world as Gamis. After they were freed, they are called Lunas and some choose to stay and help Lune Kishi, since because of this form they are now able to use elements (Humans can not use elements), and stay as spiritual support for the Lune Kishis.
As time passes there is a series of missions to be asked and help to reveal more mysteries of a myth or a legend that spins around the Lunas.
Besides the mystery never known about the existence of such creatures, some of Lune Melrion of four major countries are missing, it is known that there is a betrayal, and this is one reason that there is room for you to become one of them. The reason for the betrayal of those Lune Melrions is still unknown, some say they have betrayed their countries in search of truth, and that finding the truth, they have been corrupted by the great potential power in that place, of which arises from Gamis and [color = orange]Lunas[/color] have. Some say that the stones that are located below the three large countries on the earth that connects this with other world, making a connection between those who've left this world. others say they are the source of all elements on earth and that this power brings those back to life.
The search for truth brought many losses, thousands of people seeking the truth, most wanting to bring the person back who loved this world, these people have failed to discover and many lost their lives.


Lune Kishi
The most common class, with the power to make a connection to the Lunas, they train to handle numerous types of weapons and using the magic of Lunes they are the army of each country.
Lunes e Lunas
They are mystical creatures that gives support to the Lune Kishi, to stay in this world, and not go where the spirits are, they make a pact of life with the Lune Kishi, so they just leave if they are released or if the death occurs the Lune Kishi who made �€‹�€‹the deal.
These creatures are the what the Lune Kishis must hunt, they have no emotions in this way, acting on pure instinct and when they get killed his soul is free to leave, after this one can became a Luna if you and the Luna wish, and if the Lune Kishi has no connection with another Luna.
Lune Melrion
This is the class of upper Lune Kishi, only some can achieve this function, they are the elite soldiers. Among them are the most powerful warriors, all Lune Kishi have this dream to become a Lune Melrion someday. They are primarily responsible for organizing the country and its protection, and has the duty to accept the most dangerous missions in his country.

The 4 Great Countries.

The great country of water, the protagonist little knows about here at first, because it is located in a place far from Rubeon. Its stone is the sapphire, the stone of the sea which is found below sea level, considered one of the rarest.

The country with the most contact with Rubeon, his stone Diamond has connection with the Lightning and is considered the largest country among all. After many wars, Daimas made �€‹�€‹a deal with Rubeon and became great allies.

The country of emerald stone, which symbolizes the winds, the country lies above the sky with emerald stone, wind power keeps the country afloat. For this fact that he is above the sky, there was rarely conflicts between this and other countries.

The country of the stone of Ruby, the symbol of fire, this is the country where you begin your journey, you'll learn with practically all Melrions Lune of this place and go on missions to help your country. Its stone is located below the country where the temperature is extremely high.
The Masters Rubeon, each Lune Melrion receives a nomenclature that symbolizes one of the eight elements of forging. Other countries give the nomenclature of the way they prefer.
The eight elements forge 8 materials only represening the most rare,when the weapon is forged with any of these elements it becomes a very powerful weapon, 5 weapons give elemental properties and the other three are extremely rare. So Rubeon did the nomenclature of their Lune Melrions with each of these materials as they are very rare, symbolizing the strength of each one that is part of this elite. The stones from the big 4 contries as they are called, are only fragments that end up being spread by natural processes, such as earthquakes, pressure, heat and so on.
These stones and elements are of great importance especially for the forge, these materials are very rare and difficult to find, this is one reason why those who forge the weapon with such elements are stronger and more experienced knights.

The 8 forge materials and their masters.

Master - Rivera

The sapphire stone has the power to give the element of water when it embued with a weapon, and found mostly in the country Saphena. It is a symbol of Saphena.

Master - Julius

The Kauri is a very rare wood, with great resistance and lightness, it is distributed around the planet in the upper parts but not having very low temperatures. It is very special to bows and longed ranged weapons, but it can also be used for other types of weapons.

Master - Lude

The Ruby is the element that has the properties of fire, this extreme rarity is found several meters below the ground. It is the stone that symbolizes the country Rubeon, the country where the protagonist was born.

Master - Azimodo

The Diamond is one of the rarest stones in the world, it contains the properties of wind. The Master Rubeon receiving such nomenclature is Azimodo, the oldest of all Lune Melrions of Rubeon.

Master - Lilian

The pearl is found in the boundary of land and sea, it symbolizes the sky and are the few who can find such a rarity.

Master - Jackz

The Ore, from 8 stones the most common is the One, but despite but since it is the stone that gives earth properties to the weapon it is embued on, it participates as one of the most important.

Master - Lucio

The Beryl is an element like iron, for those who use edged weapons such as swords, spears and axes, beryl increases the hardness and it is extremely resistant.

Master - Fred

The emerald is the stone that symbolizes the wind and brings the properties of air in the weapon. Unlike other elemental stones that has is symbol to one of the major countries, the country is not in the principal coutries, not because of size, but because of its location.

In the game you have the option to choose the boy or girl.
Here are the main characters in the game.

Suno(15 years) ou Safira(16 years)
You start the game with a goal. to become someone important in the story becoming a Lune Melrion and to achieve this goal, you need a lot of work and effort. Your characteristics and emotions can influence many choices, but your curiosity will take you where you never even would have imagined.

Katy - Luna
This will be your great partner, you can at any time to talk to her, ask questions and discover many new things. She will always be by your side advising you what to do, listen well to what she says

Jackz (45 years) - Lune Melrion of Ore
One of the teachers who spend more time near his village, he treats you like his kid, be sure to listen to their advice, he will teach many things for you. He became Lune Melrion for some time now, and always seeks to help those who wish to follow the same path by telling stories and tales of Lunas and the warriors of the past

Rivera (21 anos) - Lune Melrion of Sapphire
She is one of the newest Lune Melrions, she had already entered with only 15, but all this attention on her to become someone arrogant. Despite a cold way, she defends the country with her life and is one of the principal characters that is behind the Lune Melrions who defected and fled the country.

Maike (27 anos) - Lune Melrion of Earth(Daimas)
He is from Daimas, the country whose stone that symbolizes the wind is the diamond. He is maybe the strongest Lune Melrion there, his main weapon is the sword and he is one of the key people behind the "deserters". Note: you can see how each country appoints Lune Melrion the way she'd like, in this case is according to the elements.

Lude (55 anos) - Lune Melrion of Ruby
This is Lude, former master Ruby of Rubeon, he fled and is probably the main lider behind the traitors because of his great skill in battle. Always very calm could not be another personality for someone planning so great to the point of betraing his own country.

Freedom System
In this system you can trace your own path, instead of being tied with one option.

Diferent Path System

In this system, there are diferent paths depending on the character you chose to play with.

Forge System
Under construction
In this system you will need a manual and materials to make your own weapons.

Conversation System
At any time you can talk to you Luna, she can just have a normal chat, or give important information through out the game.

Title Screen
Title programed by me .
Screens below

Menu programed by me.
Imagens Abaixo

Lune Action Battle System

This is the battle system programed by me, 100% evented..
Scripts being used

- Caterpillar
- Anti-Lag
- Fog System
- Woratana Correction scripts.
- Neo Face System

The videos sound is a little high, so i suggest putting the volume down a bit wink.gif

Title Screen

Battle System

Boss 2 - Hyfro

Boss 3 - Gryphon

The link goes to 4 shared, where it is not necessary to download any file.
Boss Battle - Theme

Designer4Ever for all the design in the project..
Raizen884 for the development of the game.
Celianna for some of the graphics used on the game and tópic.
Enterbrain for the engine and some graphics used.
Woratana for some of the scripts being used.
Portraits Ripped from "Izuna Legend of the unemployed ninja"
Sorry if I forgot someone, you may remember me so I can credit him.

Support Bars



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post Jun 16 2011, 04:36 PM
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Type: Designer
Alignment: Neutral Good

No replys?
This looks really good.
Will this game be free or commercial?

My only complaint:

"Memory is more indelible than ink."
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post Jun 16 2011, 04:54 PM
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Type: Coder

yeah i just posted the game happy.gif

There will be an english version latter, A full english version, thats why i posted here...
The names in portuguese in the topic, are more because, the designer wanted to do, and it looks so nice xD, that I thought to keep it even in an englishi community.
Thanks for the feedback, nah it will be free, probably coming out 1 month after the full portuguese version.


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post Jun 17 2011, 03:39 PM
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Type: Coder

Well there it is, I didnt know how to put videos in the topic, and aftar a little research I found how, so hope some people watch and tell me what they like about it happy.gif


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post Jun 18 2011, 09:40 PM
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Type: Coder

Well there it is, I've added support bars for the project, added more info on the story, and the videos that had I had added before, hope you guys like it.

AND yes it will come in 2 languages, first in portuguese, and then there will be a full english translation for the game, so dont worry there will be a english game.


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post Jun 18 2011, 10:18 PM
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The game is looking great so far. I found the prologue and classes very interesting.
I also like the concept and artwork of the forge materials. The character select screen looks good too.

The Gryphon boss fight seemed very intresting, you don't see many fights like this in a RM game.
Using the environment to damage the boss is a great feature and looks fun.

Anyway, looking forward to some more content... or maybe even a demo. smile.gif

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post Jun 18 2011, 10:25 PM
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Type: Coder

Thanks man ^^, the only problem with de Demo, is that since the project is in portuguese... I would have to translate the Demo, so it might take a bit longer to have a english demo, but there will be xD, thx a lot man.


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post Jun 23 2011, 07:58 PM
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Type: Designer

So, Raizen884 bring Soul Night to overseas, Like i said too you in the brazilian forun, the best of your game is the boos batlle man, you put some good efforts in this. Then one more time, good luck!
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post Jun 26 2011, 09:30 AM
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*Insert something slightly wise and satirical*
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Boy... You are showing plenty of promise, old bean! owo
I should probably read the rest of the prologue before I make a better analysis, but good job!

Hrmm. >w> I THINK, just to be safe, you should source your portraits, which are from Izuna. x3


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post Jun 26 2011, 09:41 PM
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@GuiDl: not really sure by the nick who you are, but thanks for coming here in my project, in rpgmakervx.net ^^

@Cass: You are right, I'll need a little time though, to get all the names, but soon it will all be on the topic, thanks for reminding me.


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Komodo Frog
post Jul 8 2011, 02:41 PM
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Gostei de sua idea! To animado para jogar em Portugues! Se precisar ajuda com a traducao, eu posso.
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post Jul 8 2011, 04:14 PM
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Hey ! Without indiscretion is how you do the battle system ?
how script ? because I find it super rolleyes.gif

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