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> Good Request/Bad Request, Make your request successful - Read this first!
post Sep 8 2008, 02:51 PM
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Good Request/ Bad request

What's this topic?

Ever saw requests that are so incredibly bad they're disgusting? Ever saw one request thread so well made you wanted to be able to help the person? This topic is about that, we're going through some really bad requests that ever happened in here to show you what to do and what not to do, Pine's Style. You might also understand why I lock threads (based on what that is)

This is complementary to the Rules for requesting a resource. It's rules this is made of

If you have no interest then skip this but please watch the examples

Bad Requests:

I can think of one common type, which is:

Believe it or not, this happens... don't ever do it...

First thing I need is , face041 from the thing , I need that face with different expressions and different clothes as well

Secondly I need a tiles set E which includes a classroom [ blackboard , books etc...] , a lake , and some other good stuff

Thirdly icon set for weapons and clothes and stuff like that

Forthly I also need some nice soundtracks { nice ones } dry.gif

Fifth I need a larger number of character sets , need 6 children sets , 17 normal type random sets , and a bunch more

Sixth I need battlers lots of them

I am looking for vx tilesets. Here is what im looking for

Style:VX RTP
Exterior: Any thing exterior set in a medival time so castles,barns,anvils,fences,wood houses,giant rocks,mountains all that stuff

and I need an interior set with clothes,wall ornaments,chairs beds, table and what else you can find

please put a lot of Graphics!!! sad.gif

In short, those are bad bad bad... Never name your thread RESOURCE REQUEST, never add PLZ!!!1111 and don't request a thousand resources at a time and don't act like you're gonna die, like you're gonna cry or like you are our boss smile.gif

Good Requests

(The good stuff)

Well made requests draw more attention to your thread and makes people more willing to help you, specially if you actually know what you're looking for and you manage to transmit that to others through a topic. Ofetn you can offer services /other resources in exchange even if it's not necessary

Hello, I'm X. I'm looking for charsets on RMVX style to make my game, I need them to be custom/edited/recolor (any of this) to match with a medieval fantasy style (or whatever you're looking for) In total I'm looking for 2 charsets, which are as follows:

1- Alriska (Female)
About her: She's my lead character, it's a very serious person although she can be really fun when she wants to. Having lived her life almost with no cares she can get around very easily on her own and she's very smart. She prefers using daggers and even if is not the pirate/thief type she's very quick and sneaky
Skin: White
Eye color: Green
Hairstyle: Straight with head bangs at just the right side, the length should reach to the shoulders (the hair) and the bang until the eye but not covering it
Hair color: Redish Brown
Clothing: Skirt with strapless shirt, blue skirt white shirt
Accessories: Wrist bands in gold tone
Others: Could you edit the RTP eyes to give the sprite some extra life to it?
Others: Please give her a serious look in her eyes as well, maybe a bit angry


If you could please fulfill my request I can make some really nice Titlescreens in exchange for your services. I don't need them right away so take your time, but tell me if you're gonna make at least one so I can start on your titlescreen. Thanks for reading and anyone who replies to this


I've never seen a request like this and probably never will but please take it into consideration




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