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> Fantasia Nights, Recruiting...well...NPCs
post Jul 23 2011, 02:02 PM
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Recruiting NPCs
Well, basic background is you get teleported to an island that exists 500 years, created by the last elves, making humans suppose elves ceased to exist. Their leader, the great wizard, turned crazy and made a barrier making the island invisible to people outside. Outsiders can port in using the warp. But it is controlled and random people port in here. Some random events made the wizard turn the island into a place of eternal night.
Actually that's the history, but it is just a reaaaally quick summary of the world in order to let you know. Also I shall tell the game is sandbox, so feel free to add any missions or flashbacks or anything that your characters may provide as a part of the game. Now for the recruitment thing: I need some NPC ideas, cause I suck at that part. Gimme guys with name, occupation, lifestyle, anything. Just keep them deep. I can provide some info on my game lore:
There are 5 clans (most like guilds that rule over the world's areas and cultural aspects, these guys actually consist the largest part of the world):

Flame Clan
First clan on the island of Fantasia. Created by the first humans that were warped and was the first sign of human civilization on the world. They are the most influential clan and rule many cities or have a lot of members in city councils. Their members are few and mostly highly skilled magicians and wizards. They hate religion and thus are in a constant fight with the church.

Whirlpool Clan
Second clan on Fantasia, created by bandits and “free men”. They clan was always an anarchic organization, never aiming for anything but survival. They are mostly immoral and with scarred past. They have no influence in the organized world, but when it comes to the black market, alley ambushes, assassinations, underground hideouts they are the best. Their members are many, mostly rangers, rogues and beggars.

Breeze Clan
Established in the third era of clans, it now stands as the most renown clan in Fantasia. They are highly religious and ask for faithful members. It is supported heavily by the lower classes and the church, as the clan that will eventually save the world through prayer. They are hated by warriors and mages and many times attacked by them. They are also very weak as far as it matters war.

Thunder Clan
Established at the same time with the breeze clan, this one is a freelance clan. It is not involved in anything, but preparing for battle. The commanders of many of the guards and militia are from this clan, as well as many guards themselves. They aim for an imperial domination, where all the other clans will be destroyed and only the strong will survive. They are not too many and mostly strong and skilled warriors.

Bull Clan
Established only 10 years ago, this clan is the weakest of all. It is actually a trade association that aims for riches and world domination through them. They are mostly traders and they have some high barter skills. They are supposed to be the most important of clans, as they are the ones who can change the world order.

The Union needs a leader and the clan leader that will get the most votes will get the position. But no clan votes the other. Only the bull clan may be bribed to change the world order!

Now, listen, I have the leaders of the clans as well as some main NPCs, but what about my sidekicks and commoners? Wouldn't you like to have your own guy in there?? wink.gif ...Also stay tuned, I need some guys who can write bard poems... Very soon I will be posting the first game's sneak peak! wink.gif wink.gif wink.gif


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