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> [-System-] HellFIRE event, kaboom.
post Aug 29 2011, 04:20 AM
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You know those climactic sequences in sci-fi movies where the minions are chasing the hero(s) through a maze/building, just as a bomb is about to go off, taking out everything within a 5-mile radius with it? We're going to make that. Bomb, minions and all.
How does it work?
You turn on a bomb, yell "RUN!!!", then run through a maze (the dungeon generator can do this). Guards appear out of thin air and chase you through it (though you're slightly faster). If the timer reaches <1 sec, the bomb goes off, everything explodes and you die. But if you make it to the exit, everyone/thing else blows up and you live...for now.

Now the recipe:
You'll need 2 aptly-named switches- a "chase" switch, and a "kill" switch.
There will be minimum 4 events: a bomb, a minion/guard (you'll make more, obviously), a "detonator" (does a bit more) and a "diffuse".

-switch-chase ON
movement: approach-normal-highest
activation: player-touch
battle processing (guard squad)
erase event
priority-same as
switch-kill ON
movement [same as page 1]
activation: parallel process
priority-same as
show animation-this event-no attr.
erase event

set move route-player(wait)
-change speed:5
control timer:startup ( 0 min 30 sec)
Control switches-Chase ON
set move route-this event
switch-Kill ON
show anim-no attr.

switch-chase ON
condition: timer 0 min 1 sec or less
control switches: kill ON
set move route: player (wait)
>graphic: (dead)
wait 60 frames
game over
return to Title screen


control timer-stop
control switches: Kill ON
Wait 60 frames
move route: player (wait)
jump 0,0

The numbers in "minions" and "bomb" signify event pages, the line being my attempt to show this. Finally, right-click on your guard event and hit "copy" then sprinkle your guards around the area. They do not show up until the "Chase" switch is on.
The "wait" function in the guard event is optional, and is only used to time the explosions. But why do they explode, too? 1. it gets rid of them and 2. it saves you from having to make any extra events simply because you need explosion FX. I should point out that the timer does not stop if the guards catch you and start a fight.

If something's wrong (shouldn't be, since I copied it word-for-word), let me know.
Here's a link to the original (includes video) : http://www.rpgrevolution.com/forums/index....showtopic=43632
Demo pack: http://www.mediafire.com/?z6rneqqps66xqv5

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