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> Sword of Coril RP, Family hate, unicorns, and elusive swords. Sounds like fun, eh!?
post Dec 4 2011, 01:07 AM
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I bringeth a Role Play! This RP is set in a medieval time era, and revolves around the quest to find a sword. What happens when said sword is found, though is anybody's guess!
I'm going to put everything in Spoiler tags so that this post doesn't take up so much space. It'll make everything more organized, hopefully.
Please read everything. It might look like a lot, but it's not that much. Everything will make more sense if you read everything.

For hundreds of years, the races of Idandra have been living peacefully with each other. In more recent years, there has been increasing tension between two families: the Ciels, and the Terrains. They have begun to search for the sword of Coril, an ancient weapon of war that gives its wielder the power to slay foes with impunity. A small group of warriors that are vying for the sword has formed, including people from both families and others that wish to find the sword for their own reasons.
The group has but one hint as to the location of the sword: The sword lives over land and under sky, where all is lost but can be found.
You are part of the group that is searching for the sword.

This story takes place on Idandra, a world that is generally full of magical races, spirits, and strange people. There are many different races, and most of them live in relative Misty with one another. Idandra is at a medieval level of technology. The area that we will be RP'ing in is largish. There's a deciduous (leafy) forest in the west, a mountainous region in the north, a grassy plain in the east and a desert in the south. Some of these places will have towns, but as you travel south, there are fewer.

There are three main families, the Ciels, the Terrains and the Eaus. The Ciels generally live in the forest, and they're the most magically inclined of the three. They're quick to judge others, and are fiercely protective of each other. The Terrains are the enemies of the Ciels, and live in the desert. They've adapted to the harsh climate, and have one major city in the desert. They're quite strong, and are angered easily. They're prone to disease, though. The Eaus aren't on either side, and are much more understanding and accepting than the other two families. They live in the grass plains to the east, and they're pretty evenly balanced in terms of skills.
Basically, if you want to play as a mage, be a Ciel. If you want to be a warrior, try a Terrain. If you want to be some kind of mix, you might want to RP as an Eau. These are generalizations, and there can be warrior Ciels, or magician Terrains. These are just guidelines.

Elf – You know what an elf is. They're usually thinly built, tall, and are suited to being hunters, warriors, or spell casters. Most elves are interested in whatever environment they live in, and are protective of it.

Dwarf – Short, stubby, stubborn, and strong. Dwarves like stone, and can sometimes be found roaming the mountains of the north.

Humans – If you don't know what a human is, welcome to Earth! Anyways, humans are kind of like a middle ground between elves and dwarves, and are usually gifted in one ability.

One Wings – One wings are a kind of bird people that have one bird-like wing extending from their backs. These wings can be used as a shield of sorts, and are usually covered in feathers.

Hybrids – How could I not mention hybrids? Pick an animal, mix it with a human and there you go. Hybrids take on some human traits and some traits from the animal that they're mixed with. Cats, dogs, horses (AKA Centaurs), and birds are common mixtures. Make sure that your hybrid acts like a hybrid, not just a human.

Fairies/Pixies/Brownies – They're all lumped in as one. These usually small magical creatures have tiny little wings (or not), and are commonly seen trapping children in mushroom circles. They're skilled with magic, and don't make the best warriors because of their size.

Unicorns – Because they're fun. Unicorns are intelligent, and can speak. Their skills are somewhat of a mystery, but that doesn't mean that they're good at everything, or bad at everything.

Dragons – Well, you can be a unicorn, so I might as well throw this in. Dragons are large, scaled beings that can fly, breathe fire, and terrorize village people.

This is the template that you must use when signing up for this RP. Battle skills are specific skills that you can use in combat, while abilities are just general things that your character can do. (For example: Battle Skill – Call of the Moose, Ability – Climbing) For appearance, either get a picture or give a detailed description.

Battle Skills:

Of course there are rules! These might seem like a lot, but they're just reminders and state the obvious, or state a few rules that I would like to be followed. Here they are, in no particular order:
Follow all forum rules.
Do not take control of another person's character, or make up and include things about another person's character unless you've checked with them first.
No god modding.
Don't kill another person's character. You can kill your own character, or decide that your character has been killed by another character, but you can't directly kill them.
This is a literate RP. Post only in third person, and write in paragraph form.
Keep your characters at least somewhat consistent. Don't change their personality all of the time unless they actually have some kind of disorder.
There will be fights in this RP. I, as the GM (Game Master), will decide when boss type monsters are dead. If you're killing slugs and saying that they're dead, I don't care.
Please PM me your completed sign up sheet to sign up. It will be added to a section below.
You may have more than one character, to a maximum of three characters. This is just to make sure that no one gets out of control and starts to neglect their characters and drops out of important interaction.
There's no real starting point for this RP, but you should mention how you end up meeting the group in your first post so that there will be interaction.
You can sign up whenever you like, and sign ups will be kept open until there are too many RP'ers to keep track of.
Remember: Ciels and Terrains don't get along!

Alethia and Misty
Name: Alethia Ciel
Race: Elf
Sex: Female
Class/Job: Battle Mage (Focuses on battle oriented spells and combat magic)
Age: 87, looks to be about 20
Appearance: Alethia has long, black hair that falls to her waist. She's tall, about six feet in height and is on the thin side of average weight. Her skin is fair, and her eyes are light blue. As an elf, her ears are pointed. Alethia wears white leggings and black boots. She wears a long sleeved, light green tunic that ends at a mid thigh level. The elf wears a small pendant that her mother gave her around her neck, and this is tucked into her tunic. Alethia wears a black belt around her waist, and attached to this belt is a dagger in a sheath.
Likes/Dislikes: Alethia loves her companion unicorn, Bubbles. She also enjoys casting spells, and she likes most baked desserts. She likes to adventure, and to make friends. Alethia dislikes Terrains, most hideous creatures, and people who would destroy the forest where she lives.
Personality: Alethia is kind and usually considerate, but she definitely changes her mood when she's speaking to Terrains. Her demeanor to and and all Terrains, except for those that have earned her respect, is hostile and rude. The elf is a good companion, and is honest and loyal to her friends. She's always willing to fight.
Weapons: Staff with a crystal orb, and a small dagger.
Abilities: Alethia is skilled in battle magic, especially that of fire and earth. She's a fast runner, and can ride horses well. She's a good climber, but is absolutely abysmal at swimming. The elf can sing and dance reasonably well.
Battle Skills: Fire Ball- Alethia shoots two balls of flames at her enemies. Roots- Roots trap enemies, and hold them down. Creature of Flame- A creature made entirely of flame is under the control of Alethia. Monster's Bane- A song that drives monsters insane. There are also other flame and Earth based attacks, but these are the ones that Alethia uses most often.
Strengths/Weaknesses: Alethia is very strong in the area of magic, but she's no good at hand to hand combat. In most situations, she'll try to cast spells while in close quarters, which can have harmful effects on herself, as she likes fire. Alethia is very weak at healing magic, and she usually botches any healing spell that she tries.
Background: Alethia was born beside a unicorn, and she and the unicorn, Misty, gained a magical bond that ties them together. The two are like sisters. Alethia was taught battle magic as a child. She enjoyed it, and became one of the Ciel family's foremost experts on battle magic. Nothing really remarkable has happened to her.

Name: Misty
Race: Unicorn
Sex: Female
Class/Job: Alethia's Protector/Companion
Age: 87
Appearance: Misty is an almost iridescent white color. She's got a purplish white horn, and a pure white mane and tail. She's of average size.
Likes/Dislikes: Misty likes to help people, and to heal their wounds. She doesn't like to hurt or harm anyone, but she will if she must. The unicorn really loves oats, but almost never gets them because of the location of her home. Misty really dislikes the feud between the Ciels and the Terrains, but says nothing about it.
Personality: Misty is kind, caring, and compassionate. She's very kind to strangers, and is very protective of those that she likes. It's hard for Misty to do anything rude or unkind, and she never wished to do so.
Weapons: None, really. Her horn and hooves can be used offensively in dire situations.
Abilities: Misty can run quickly, and can keep her footing in dangerous terrain. The unicorn can speak. She's okay at swimming, and is very good with healing and water magic.
Battle Skills: Heal- Heal anyone of minor things. Protection- Protect an ally from harmful magic. Wave- Summon a wave of water to throw one's enemies off of their feet.
Strengths/Weaknesses: Misty is very good at healing and protecting people, but she's horrid at harming them. In battle, she can usually be found trying to heal her friends, and has been known to heal her enemies, which is bad for anyone on her team.
Background: Misty was born near Alethia, and the two bonded. They're like sisters, and are almost always seen together. While Alethia was learning to kill, Misty was learning to heal others.

Thanks, and have fun!

... with pie.

My deviantArt Account Note me. :P
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post Jun 30 2012, 11:48 AM
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Type: Designer

Just a few questions:

1. Does your character have to be apart of one of the three families or can you make a character that is apart of none of them (like an outcast or something).

2. Will you be participating as a character in the RP? Just wandering biggrin.gif .

3. Isn't the race of 'dragon' a bit OP (Over Powered)? Its kind of strange to have a dragon looking for a sword... blink.gif

4. What is this thing called 'Earth'? And how can I get one? tongue.gif (<--- This be my attempt at a joke about what you said abouts the race 'Humans'.)

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