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> The 3 Samurai - My First attempt at a Mini RPG, Need help with Eventing, Dialogue Editing & Game Testing
post Dec 25 2011, 11:43 PM
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[The 3 Samurai]

Story :

1 > The Creation of the Gods :

A Long time ago, Ancient Gods of Japan created the first two human beings. named them
Izanagi and Izanami. They were the first people on the continent of Japan.
Izanagi and Izanami lived in harmony with nature, They lived happily with their
Many children. Izanami once happened to wander in the nearby Kushiro forests to fetch some
firewood and helped a Dragon that was injured by treating it with kindness.

This was no ordinary dragon, it was an evil dragon that had been killing Beasts all across
the land and devouring Innocent animals nearby for food. However, In a weird Irony of fate,
The dragon grew fond of Izanagi and refused to leave her and stayed with her, becoming her
Companion. Izanagi named the dragon Ryujin and always met him when she went to the Forests.

2> A Sad turn of Events :

Izanagi after many years passed away and her soul had to wander the deepest parts of the
Underworld. Dragons were Immortal beings and never died of old age, Izanagi's death was such a shock
To the dragon that it couldn't accept the fact that Izanagi had died and went on a rampage killing all
Humans and Animals that ever dared to step near Kushiro in a fit of rage.

Several years passed and Izanagi's descendants avoided heading to the Cursed forest where
the Dragon used to devour anyone mercilessly, The whole place had been turned into a wasteland.

1700 Years later, The Emperor of Kyoto was looking to expand his Kingdom to North,
But the Dragon lay in his way of expansion. A Troop of Mercenaries were hired by the Emperor
of Kyoto to put an end to the Dragon which was haunting the Forests of Kushiro.

3> The Batte at Kushiro - Victory at Last :

These Five Mercenaries were no ordinary men, They were the Strongest and Bravest Warriors
of their day. The Five Mercenaries successfully managed to Trap and seal the Dragon after three
days of Intense Battle, Losing three of their own men.

The Brave Mercenaries courageously took a last stand and lured the Dragon into the Lava Caverns
Below Kushiro Forests and Trapped him there. The Battle was won but at a high cost - Three of their
Fellow comrades were dead and th Dragon still was alive trapped in the Caverns below Kushiro Forests.

This incident was long forgotten with time and thousands of years had passed, Many cities were
Built and Izanagi's descendants who were now numerous built a new City and a Castle that stood directly
Above the Entrance where the Dragon was sealed.

4> The Destiny awaits - Is Rei really the Chosen one ? :

Now after almost 3000 Years, The Dragon was set free by a shere accident. The Situation across
Kushiro turned dire again as the Dragon this time used it's Powers to summon allies to it's aid
using Dark Magic. Now the whole of Japan was under Siege again by the Wrath of the Dragon Ryujin.

Kushiro Castle was quickly invaded and devoured by the forces of darkness, It's inhabitants
Killed except for a few that managed to Flee to nearby cities and spread the word.

Now when it seems that there is no hope of stopping the Dragon, A Young Girl by the name of
Rei, who was the Direct descendant of Izanagi began to think of her Future. A Prophecy echoed
from the Heavens throughout the land predicting that the Dragon would be stopped soon by
3 Legendary Samurai who would slay the Dragon. Rei being just a Girl of 16 dreamt of this
Prophecy and woke up from her bed, startled one day.

Is Rei the real Chosen one ? Will she be able to Gather 2 other Samurai that help her out on
Her journey to Slay the dragon and bring peace to her Nation ?

The Adventure awaits as you Lead Rei and her friends to explore the Whole Continent of Japan.

Gameplay :

Screenshots of the World Map :

Game Information :

This is not a Typical Role playing Game where you wander across many maps,
Most of the gameplay takes place on a 30 X 35 Continental Map, Even though there
exists 7 other Bonus Mini maps like your Home, Caverns, Dungeons etc. I decided to stick with
A Single Map because i'm not really good at mapping and I find asking someone to map for me a
Big ordeal that would take a long time and effort.

Levelling is quite a challenge yet there exists Scrolls that grant you a whole Level hidden in
many Maps. The Max Level Cap is 20. The Game utilizes Kaduki Version of the Turn Based
Tankentai Battle System.

You wander around 5 Different Towns on the whole map, Encountering dangerous monsters, People
That may Reward you for helping them. You start South of Japan and head North towards Kushiro
Castle. Don't expect too many quests, This is mostly a Grind and Slash Game that focuses very
Less on Questing or a Deeply Involved Storyline.

Characters :

Rei - The Samurai
Rei is a 16 year old silent but a wise girl that hopes to be a Good Samurai. She was orphaned
As a kid and her Father looked after her for a while. But after her father passed away, She now lives
all by herself in her little House in Nabeoka. She hopes to seek an adventure and ventures out hoping
to fulfill the Prophecy after she dreamt of it one day.

Azuki - The Fighter
A Proud 17 year old Samurai girl that refuses to fight like all the other Samurai. Instead,
She chooses to Fight with Daggers and proudly calls herself a Samurai. Azuki is most often a brash,
annoying and always takes the lead in any situation but she grows fond of Rei ever since she
meets her, Azuki also loves to drink a lot and eats like a hog.

She behaves like a child and loves to annoy Natsuki often, calling her a Samurai and even considers
Her to be one.

Natsuko - The Sorcerer

A Direct Descendant of one of the Mercenaries that sealed the Dragon, Natsuki could be called
A Samurai, Only by her bloodline but she specializes in Sorcery and Magic. She was found abandoned
After most of her village along with her parents perished in a Forest fire.

Natsuki was brought up by her Master, Grand Mage Nazaron a skilled Sorcerer. He taught her the ways of Magic.
Azuki considers Natsuki a Samurai which annoys Natsuki, who exclaims immediately that she is but a Sorcerer
and not a Samurai. Natsuki's age is unknown but seems to be the oldest and wisest in the Group.

Unique Features :

1> Magatama :

Magatama are fashionable Earrings that are worn by everyone in this Mysterious Continent.
A Magatama is a rare equppable Item that grants it's user multiple beneficial Bonuses. Legend has it that
There exists 6 Different kinds of Magatama, Each Superior to another and their Names correspond to the
Names of Mythical Animals - Turtle, Bear, Dragon, Tiger, Jaguar & Crane.

Magatama can be crafted at an NPC, Requires Magatama Essence and a Crafting Scroll.

2> Affinity System :

Affinity is a unique system where after reaching lv 13, every character can upgrade their Skills
And choose to be one among the 3 Affinities - Senshi, Yasha or Zhen. All the skills get drastically upgraded
By choosing a certain affinity.

A Player can only pick 1 affinity and this decision cannot be changed anytime in game.
Affinities grant the Player 1 Unique Skill which has a long cool down but is quite Powerful.

3> Dungeon Raid System :

While Dungeon Equipment aren't essential, They surely make the Gameplay
exponentially easier. There exists a Dungeon called Bonegrave where you can further choose to
Run 3 Different Dungeons to hunt for Legendary Gear - Armor, Weapons and Headgear.

You can repeataedly run these dungeons in search of Blueprints which enable you to craft these
Legendary Gear at the Bone grave Furnace.

4> Treasure Chests & Ancient Scrolls -

There are many different Treasure Chests in the game that
Give you Money, Gems, Rare Items, Recovery Potions or Magatama. Most of the Tresure Chests are
Found in Dungeons, While some can be opened repeatedly and some can be opened only once.

Ancient Scrolls are scrolls that instantly level you by a Level when you Read them.
These are generally located at Hidden Places, But surely worth the find.

Game Progress :

The Game has been completed fully, However, I feel the Game is Still in it's infancy and needs a lot of Gametesting, Opening and Endgame Eventing, Editing of Dialogues, Suggestions of changing a few stuff, Addition of Scripts etc.

This is the reason I won't be releasing a Demo for everyone since it still might have a few bugs.

I'm looking for Help with :
- A Person to help with Game Dialogues (English isn't my First Language ~_~')
- A Person good with Eventing to help event a few Cut Scenes in the Game
- A few Gametesters to test the Current version of the game (Game may have Bugs)

Please Note :

I'm only a Newbie at RPG Maker and not good at all with Mapping, and this is supposed to be
My First Complete Game, So don't expect my game to be too Good, It is somewhat lacking in
certain aspects, I'll glady accept any Suggestions or Advise to make it better ^^

Game Working Time :

Well, I would just expect people to help me whenever possible, There is no hurry since i'm already
Working on another game which is still in it's infancy and needs much more Effort. So, I expect you
To help me with this in or before 2 Weeks time, At a slow pace, Whenever you find time to help.

Anyone interested to help me with Game Dialogues, Eventing Cut Scenes or Game testing,
Please contact me on :

MY Yahoo ID :

My Youtube SN :

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post Feb 13 2012, 06:43 PM
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I can Beta Test for you im good at mapping and developing ect but my computer is being rebuilt so atm i have a crappy pc to test games so if your still looking for one hmu with a msg smile.gif

I Support
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post Feb 27 2012, 11:56 AM
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Could a Moderator please close this thread ?
I have found people to help me with my game project smile.gif
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post Feb 29 2012, 05:04 PM
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Closed at OP's request

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