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The Law G14
post Jan 3 2012, 07:12 PM
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Type: Coder
Alignment: Unaligned

Game Info
Start Date: 4/27/2011
End Date: TBA
Game Genre: Tactical Action/Adventure
Development Team Name: Vision Studios
Profit/Non-Profit?: Non-Profit Game
”Teaser Demo” Release Date: 06/13/12

The game takes place on the super continent of Gai. Due to the connection of all land there is a World Order and therefore one political government. In the game, this government is referred to simply as “The Government” and is headed by six prominent figures. Their politically correct name, however, is the UGC which stands for the United Government of the Coasts. Gai is divided into twelve Districts, each containing its own central town and other sites within it. Each District is grouped into an imaginary social sect. There are four sects in total with three districts belonging to one sect. The smaller numbered Districts (District 1 for example) belong to smaller numbered Sects (Sect 1). Those Districts belonging to Sect 1 or 2 receive more attention from The Government and generally live in better conditions versus that of the higher Sects. Due to this, in Sects 3 and mainly 4, there is a lot of Hunter Group activity. The main character resides in the Tenth District and lives in Rockdale Town. Most of everything outside the central storyline takes place in this town where the character can talk to people, take missions from the pub, recruit people, and more.


First District

Capital City – The Capital of Gai located at the very peak of Mount Gai. The only people allowed within the boundaries of this beautiful city are Government Officials or Commoners who have received special invitations. A select few people also live here too; they include The Council, the seven Special Agents, and the highest ranking units of the Guard Division.

Mount Gai Temple – A temple located at the base of Mount Gai. This location has the tightest security in all of Gai. The reason for this is due to it being the only place where it is a well known fact that a Forbidden Tablet resides within. No Hunter has ever been able to read the Tablet and get out alive.

Dark Forest – A thick and dense forest that covers up a lot of the First District. It is said that the strongest of monsters live here. Rumors even have it that a Pearl Dragon dwells here.

Second District

Infopolis – The center of learning in Gai. This city has the largest library in Gai and most intelligent scholars learn their craft from here.

The Broken Graveyard – It is said that great warrior from old times rest here. However, one gravestone is eerily set apart from the others. Those that get near it feel sick to their stomach.

Dragon Temple – A temple for physical brutes wanting to reach their maximum potential. Every member of The Council used to train along with the Mage Temple of the Third District. It is a renowned training spot.

Fighting Grounds – A huge plain on the outside perimeter of the Second District dedicated to personal training, spars, testing weapons, and more.

Third District

High-Machine City – The center of technology in Gai. High-Machine City is up to date with every new invention and it finds a way to incorporate that invention into city life.

Mage Temple – The opposite of the Dragon Temple. This temple is for mental intellects wanting to increase their magical capabilities. Just like the Dragon Temple, each member of The Council spent some time here and it is recognized as a renowned training spot.

Crystal Factory – A factory dedicated to producing high quality technology. It is here where guns were just created not too long ago as well as most inventions that were promptly spread out across Gai.

Fourth District

The Black Sewers – All garbage collection in Gai is either recycled or destroyed here. Additionally, water is managed and polluted water is dealt with. Due to how this is the main site of the Fourth District, nearly no one lives here nor in the Fourth District as a whole except for workers.

Nina’s Hut – The small cottage of Nina. She is the only person that lives in the Fourth District besides workers. Nina was a former Government Official who has gained a lot of wisdom with her time in the Government and waits for the day to meet a Hunter group she has dreamed of. She claims to be able to see the future.

The Bog – A sticky place that no one dares venture near. Those who walk into the Bog are never able to come back out and sink to the bottom. Dangerous monsters roam its boundaries as well, namely Ogres.

Fifth District

Sane Dune City – A crowded city hidden in the sand. Despite the fact that the environment is very unfavorable, it is quite the resort due to it being built with plenty of pools, beautiful houses and hotels, and custom breeded trees that can grow in the sand.

Sparkling Oasis – The only known source of water in the Karvhon Desert. It is also said that a strange presence is felt here.

Karvhon Desert – The biggest desert in Gai, it covers nearly all of the Fifth District. It is said that very valuable items can be found here, but no one is crazy enough to stay in the desert for more than a couple of hours without gallons of water.

Sixth District

Aquadeep City – A city underwater. The only way to access this city is having the possession of a submarine. People who live here have become friendly and accustomed to the aquatic wildlife.

Altus Mountains – The longest stretching mountain range in Gai. It is the boundary line between the Fifth District and the Sixth District. It is said that this is the main dwelling place of Dragons.

Lost Island – An island inhabited by docile animals and the occasional Monsters. It is here where a prodigy shipbuilder lives.

Coral Cave – A secret cave that can only be seen by going very deep underwater where pressure is extremely high. A powerful presence waits inside here.

Sky Town – The main site of the second part of the Sixth District. Airships are sold here for cheap prices.

Cloud Temple – A heavily guarded facility meant to be a training spot for up in coming Government Officials. However, something seems to hidden deep within its walls.

Hazed Forest – A small forest infested with Rodents and Fairies. Not too much of trouble, but when they flocking together, you may have a problem.

Seventh District

Graman Town – A farming town responsible for agricultural production in Gai. Most products are grown in the Graman Plantation Fields, and then packaged and sold in the local markets here.

Graman Plantation Fields – The place where most products are grown. The occasional Rodent or Goblin comes in to attack farmers or steal food.

Flat Plains – A wide area encompassing most of the Seventh District. Some Hunters find this a suitable place to have their base of operations.

Eighth District

Mining Town – A town dedicated to mining. It is connected to Mining Cave where the actual mining is done. Most Commoners here are miners as well.

Dirt Road - A path from the outskirts of the Eight District that leads into Mining Town. This road is also known as Bounty Road due to so many Bounty Hunters starting their careers out by looking for Hunters here.

Mining Cave – A small cave where miners dig for raw materials and other things. The things dug up here serve an important role in Gai.

Moag Cave – A cave that can only be accessed by a secret entrance from within the Mining Cave. A powerful presence lurks here.

Ninth District

Fishman Village – A village run by fish men. Being right next to the Sixth District, it is easy for them to fish all along the perimeter of the Ninth District as it is purely water.

Dark Pond – A mysterious pond said to be able to tell the feelings deep within your heart. Some people benefit from this, others simply go crazy.

Tenth District

Rockdale Town – A town that now stands on what used to be piles of rocks, hence the name “Rockdale Town”. Being a part of the Fourth Sect, naturally, living conditions aren’t at their best here.

Rockdale Woods – Woods very near to Rockdale Town. People with not much fighting experience can find themselves ambushed by no good Goblins.

Bern – A small village near the border of the Tenth District. There is a boarding school situated here as well for people that can afford it.

Hollow Woods – Extremely dangerous woods near Bern. It is said that this is the main dwelling place of Mammoths.

Rocky Plains – Bumpy plains that cover up most of the Tenth District. It is not an easy place to travel through and several injuries have been reported here.

Eleventh District

Damp City – A city known for getting a lot of rain. Hunter group activity is also very high here which directly correlates to the huge crime rate.

Whinide Rainforest A rainforest that takes up much of the eastern portion of the Eleventh District. Strong monsters live around here.

Ancient Temple – Forgotten ruins found in the heart of the Whinide Rainforest. Within it are old relics connecting to the past.

Bane River – A long and beautiful river that leads into the Whinide Rainforest. Government Official outposts are situated along some part of this river. It is said that the water here is enchanted by Bane.

Twelfth District

Jade Town – The most dangerous city in Gai. It is here that the most gruesome Hunters are born and raised. Hunter activity is at a prime here. It’s also said that Don Mays, holder of the highest Hunter bounty in Gai, was raised here.

Ruined City – A destroyed city that seems to have been ruined for a very long time. Strangely enough, several Government Officials guard it like it holds something they don’t want to let out so easily.

Fort Dane – A Government outpost that contains several weapons and other armor pieces. The building of this fort was thought up and commissioned by General Major Dane Faymord, hence the reason the name of the fort is Fort Dane.

868 years before the start of the story, a World Order had just formed. It was lead by six prominent figures known as The Council. 20 years after this government was formed, a powerful man created an energy and released it into the world. This energy was known as Bane. This mysterious energy entered into all the people on the planet, and as time went on, people learned to control this energy and use it to their benefit. With the energy, the man had also created a powerful weapon and gave clues to finding it by putting codes in five scattered stone tablets that were immovable and indestructible due to being infused with Bane. However, the man was killed by this World Order for unknown reasons before he could release to the public that he had given clues to finding the great weapon. The unstable World Order thought it best to keep this all hidden. Later on, a revolutionary man told the public that there were five scattered tablets, which the government was hiding. The rewards were a great weapon. The government quickly assassinated him. During this time, the World Order was still lacking powerful leadership and their control was still wavering. They took this opportunity and claimed that they found and decoded all the stone tablets and were able to find the Weapon. They used their claim of having this destructive weapon to instill fear into all the citizens of the super continent. They grew in power due their ability to control over all people. From then on out, they were referred to as “The Government”.

Several decades later, people began to doubt. Intellects of the time realized that The Government finding The Weapon was an absurd lie just to grow in power. As the realization took hold of vast numbers of people, citizens of Gai began to look for The Tablets and The Weapon, themselves. The Government quickly outlawed looking for The Tablets and problems began to rise. Citizens that didn’t participate in the illegal search for The Tablets believed that the Government was corrupt and that the people searching for the tablets only wanted power. Most people looking for The Tablets simply did it to obtain the position of great power. These people were known as Hunters and The Government labeled all such people as criminals. Hunters usually grouped themselves together and battled against other Hunter Groups. The hunt for the “Forbidden Tablets” was on.

21 year old Damien Levy is ready to start his life as an independent adult. He’s finally graduated from boarding school and has learned a lot, including manipulating Bane, the ancient energy that has lurked around since ancient times. After Damien misses the Bane-powered train from his boarding school in the outskirts of the Tenth District going to the central town: Rockdale Town, Damien has to walk the whole way there, a three to four day long trek. Before he can reach his destination though, he runs into trouble, consisting of a band of Hunters that aren’t looking for friendship. Damien, ready to take on the weakling group of Hunters by himself; is backed up by another group of Hunters, despite Damien insisting he could handle it himself. After disposing of the Hunters, the new group of Hunters formally introduce themselves to Damien; eventually persuading him to join their small group of Hunters. Damien and his new friends now search for the Tablets with similar objectives. On their journey they’ll need to fight off other Hunter groups, Government Officials, and get acquainted with Rockdale Town if they want to become a bigger group. And eventually, the truth will be revealed about the tablets, the secret weapon, and the motives of the man who created Bane…

Main Characters

(From left to right: Damien, Heather, Anito, Bryce)

Damien Levy
The main character of the story. Damien was raised by his mother in a small village called Bern in the Tenth District. His mother home schooled him until she had enough money to send him to a ten-year program at a local boarding school when Damien turned ten. One summer while Damien was on summer vacation at home, he and his mother were attacked by a group of Government Agents lead by Agent B who had been searching for them for the past 12 years. They kill Damien’s mother and capture Damien, but before they can inform The Council of their success they are all attacked and killed by two masked men. Damien is set free and the masked men depart. Soon after the incident, Damien was found and forced to live in the bounds of the boarding school he attended because he had no adult watching over him. At that boarding school, Damien’s want for revenge only grew the more he thought of his mother’s murder, thus creating his hatred for The Government. He’s determined to find the Tablets to show the Government’s corruption and get his revenge. He’s dark humored, hot-headed, and arrogant.

Bryce Gordon
The first person Damien meets on his journey to find the Forbidden Tablets. Bryce grew up in a small apartment in Damp City of the Eleventh District. He lived with his older brother, Seth, and his uncle on his mom’s side. His mother was one of the greatest Hunters of that time and rarely had time to visit her two sons. On the other hand, her brother, who was supposed to look after the two, always stayed up late at the Pub getting drunk. Bryce and his brother basically fended for themselves. When Bryce was around ten, however, news came in that his mother was executed by The Government. From then on out, Bryce and his brother, Seth, abandoned their house and uncle and went to train in the Whinide Rainforest where they also stayed to live. This was in order to become strong Hunters to get revenge on The Government. Five years later, they started their own separate lives and moved off onto different paths. Bryce headed to the Hollow Woods of the Tenth District to train even further. It is here that he eventually met Anito, Heather, and their grandparents. Bryce carries a calm demeanor and can be sarcastic at times. He’s also very wise and secretive.

Heather Stone
One of the two members under Bryce before Damien joins. She grew up with her mother until the age of five in the slums of the Twelfth District. The area became too unsafe so they decided to move to Rockdale Town of the Tenth District. However, they took a wrong turn on the way there and found themselves in the dangerous Hollow Woods. Immediately in, they were attacked by one of the inhabiting monsters within the area. Heather became completely immobilized with fear and watched in horror as her mother died trying to protect her. Before the monster could attack her too, Mr. and Mrs. Stone, who were nearby at the time, came and saved her. From then on out, Heather becomes adopted by them and becomes the step sister to Anito. She also knew Damien for a short period time after that. Additionally, she vows to never again allow herself to watch a loved one die while doing nothing. This contributes to Heather’s personality, being a caring, protective, and strong-minded person.

The other member under Bryce before Damien joins. Anito lived all his life, before the start of the story, with his grandparents in a little house at the edge of Bern. There he was trained and home schooled by his experienced grandparents. His grandparents were retired Hunters who had found one Forbidden Tablet. Due to this, Anito wanted to be a Hunter from day one. When he was eight, his grandparents adopted Heather after finding her getting attacked by a monster. Anito and Heather eventually became really close, like that of a true brother and sister. When Anito was thirteen, his friendship with Damien, who he knew since he was five years old, ceased due to Damien being forced to live in his boarding school after his mother’s murder. Additionally, Anito’s father, Jonathan Stone, was a Hunter acting as a Government Official. Unfortunately, his actions were found out and he was executed when Anito was fourteen. When Anito learned of this, his true hatred of The Government grew out and he wanted to become a Hunter no matter what. Heather followed his lead. Anito is outgoing, friendly, loving, but quick-tempered.

Support Characters

Mr. and Mrs. Stone
The grandparents of Anito and Heather. They know a lot about Bane and Hunters as they, themselves, were former Hunters. They had found one Forbidden Tablet during their time as Hunters. However, when they tried finding a Forbidden Tablet in Mount Gai of the First District, their whole Hunter Group got killed while they narrowly escaped. They help the main group in the beginning of the story by letting them meet a geologist who would ultimately help them in studying some old artifacts.

A historian, researcher, and scientist. The group meets him while in the Twelfth District which is where his main base of operations is located. He soon becomes a great help to the team from providing information on helpful people to giving them useful items to even upgrading their vehicle. He also knew Damien’s father as they apparently traveled a lot of Gai together researching the origins of Bane and other things.

Jasmine Brown
Holds the fifth largest Hunter bounty and is an expert at using Guns, the newest technology created in Gai. At first, she’s an enemy to Damien and his friends, but their forced to cooperate later on due to circumstances that occur within Act Three. She’s extremely powerful, but listens to no one except for herself. Her job is the Hunter Class and her Hunter Group’s name is The Assassins.

The Government

The Government is a major enemy within the game. There are specific characters that will consistently battle with you from The Government, but as a whole, The Government is after you. The Government is branched into three different parts each containing their own responsibilities. As a whole, they are referred to as The Government. The specific names of these branches, however, are the Agency Division, the Guard Division, and the Council.

Agency Division: This division is made up of 99 Agents and seven Special Agents. Agents are responsibly for specifically assassinating criminals that pose threats. Special Agents are responsible for completing certain difficult tasks. For example, Agent C is responsible for tracking mad scientists who are trying to recreate Bane.

Guard Division: The main bulk of The Government. This division is divided into four rankings: Junior, Captain, Major, and General, Junior being the weakest and General being the strongest. The Guard Division is responsible for basic internal security within Gai. The leader of this division is General Major Dane Faymord.

The Council: The six most important members of Gai. Each one of them is a Spellbladist, the strongest Job Class in Gai. They are responsible for governing Gai, and if need be, eliminate a Hunter Group that has become too powerful. The leader of The Council is referred to as The High Leader.

Agent G: One of the seven Special Agents of the Government’s Agency Division. His responsibility as a Special Agent is unclear, but it seems to revolve around Bryce and other people with the Gordon last name. He encounters the group a few times and proves to be a formidable threat.

Matthew James: A cocky Government Official who thinks he’s the best. He constantly tries to take down Damien and his friends in hopes of raising his rank in the Guard Division.


There are several Hunter Groups that you will encounter and battle throughout Gai, however the most prominent and recurring characters are as follows:

Cain Noron: The main recurring antagonist throughout the story. He has the second highest bounty and leads the largest clan out of the Super Six. He’s a dangerous enemy, being both extremely powerful and very smart. His job is the Rogue Class and his Hunter Group’s name is The Predators.

Don Mays: The Hunter with the highest bounty in all of Gai. Since he has the highest bounty, that naturally makes him a part of the Super Six, which is a term used by the Government for the top six Hunter bounties in Gai. At the start of the story, he’s already found three Forbidden Tablets. However, where he excels in massive strength and power, he isn’t too smart and can make unwise decisions. His job is the Tumbler Class which is why his Hunter Group is named The Wrestlers.


Monster is the term used for animals that reacted significantly to the release of Bane. Over the years after Bane was released, these animals continued to mutate and turn hostile. Currently, there are six well known dangerous Monster races or species: Goblins, Rodents, Fairies, Ogres, Mammoths, and Dragons. Each race has its own inner variations as some portions of each race were affected differently.

Goblin: The weakest of the well known Monster races. They are humanoid creatures with a grey skin tone. They usually try to steal items and deal small damage. There are four variations of the Goblin race. From weakest to strongest: Goblin, Blue Goblin, Giant Goblin, and Gobbler.

Rodent: Generally a weak monster race, only stronger than that of the Goblin race on most occasions. They’re big furry monsters that deal most of their damage with their powerful jaws. There are three variations of the Rodent race: Mouse, Rat, and Black Rat.

Fairy: Monsters of the Fairy race specialize in using various magical attacks. They’re very frail when it comes to physical attacks so they try their best to keep their distance and fight from long range. Fairies have four small wings and have blue skin. There are only two variations of the Fairy race: Blue Fairy and Red Fairy.

Ogre: Monsters of the Ogre race are big green beasts and have sharp horns protruding from the tops of their heads. They use an iron club to smack down their foes. There are three variations of the Ogre race: Ogre, Troll, and Stalker.

Mammoth: Enormous beasts that can trample down their foes with their large tree-trunk sized legs. Their covered in thick fur and have a long and powerful tail with a pointed edge. There are two variations of the Mammoth race: Mammoth and White Mammoth.

Dragon: The most powerful monster race as well as the rarest race. They attack by breathing out different elemental attacks. There are four variations of the Dragon race: Blue Dragon, Red Dragon, Yellow Dragon, and Pearl Dragon.


Starting Job
Vagrant – Vagrants are the starting jobs within the game. From Vagrants, you will be able to branch off into the other available classes after you gain a good amount of experience as them. Vagrants can’t learn any skills, however they can equip and weapon and armor.

First Tier
Soldier – Soldiers are one of the two jobs within the Primary Tier of Jobs. They form the basic foundation upon which all physical classes branch off from. They serve very little a purpose within battle, but if used correctly some of their skills can be put to good use.
Chemist – Chemists compose the second of the two jobs with the Primary Tier of Jobs. They form the basic foundation upon which all mage classes branch off from (opposite of Soldier). Like Soldiers, they serve quite a small purpose within battle, however their skills (which include throwing items like a potion to heal an ally), can be helpful in any battle.

Second Tier
White Mage - White Mages specialize in healing their allies. Their healing abilities are vital to any battle. However, the severely lack any sort of offensive capabilities. Most of their spells require a short cast time.
Black Mage - Black Mages involve themselves in the Dark Arts. They use black magic to destroy their foes. Their spells require a medium cast time.
Mentalist - Mentalists bend time. From slowing down enemies to raising the speed of allies, they can be extremely useful. Additionally, their spells require a very short cast time. Their main weakness, nonetheless, is that they have very low HP.
Fighter - Fighters are special because they contain abilities that don’t require your turn. Certain status gains like raising defense or attack do not take up the turn and can result in great combos. Additionally, these skills can be extremely useful later on with stronger jobs.
Thief – Thieves can steal pretty much anything. From AP to weapons to accessories. They’re really quick but have low magical potential.
Archer - Archers specialize in long distance assault. Unlike Mages, though, they focus on physical attacks.
Medic – Medics are a cross between the physical and magical classes. They require that you have learned skills from both White Mage and Black Mage classes. They can bring about status ups to their allies, heal their allies, and attack enemies.

Third Tier
Great Mage - Great Mages are one of the strongest classes, they can use both White Magic and Black Magic. (Requires White Mage and Black Mage experience)
Necromancer - Necromancers are one of the darkest classes. They can revive anybody that died in battle, even foes, but they become zombies that only work for the necromancer.
Animist - Animists are one with nature. In battle, they specialize in calling on the help of animals and nature.
Prophet - Animists are one with nature. In battle, they specialize in calling on the help of animals and nature.
Swordsman – Swordsman are more brutal then Fencers. They beat down on their opponents with the might of their swords. Their abilities include different ways of utilizing their blades to slay their enemies. They make sure to have fun while doing so. In terms of stats, they have decent HP and good Strength, but they lack Bane Power and Intelligence.
Monk – Monks fight with their fists. They also are able to keep a strong concentration that allows them to heal a little.
Ninja - Ninja focus on using stealth and taking down countless foes with their powerful jutsu.
Fencer - Fencers are those that fight with elegancy. Using the tips of their sabres, they will strike their foes down if they’re not prepared. Their abilities consist of troubling their enemies with lowering their stats, along with increasing their speed and making sure they hit enemies in critical spots with their high critical hit stat. They have above average speed, but dismal HP.
Mechanic - Mechanics specialize in using skills that can have random effects on the battle. They can be a great asset if used correctly. They are essentially the next level of Medics.

Fourth Tier
Psykeeper – Psykeepers use psychic powers to destroy their foes. They are the strongest Mage class, and along with being magically potent, they’re the only Mage class that can equip shields.
Knight – Knights fight with a code of honor and protect others. Knights make it their duty to serve their people. Abilities consist of aiding their allies, boosting their defense, and using light-element based attacks.
Tumbler – Tumblers are savages. Along with using their fists, they battle with their whole bodies to make sure their opponents are out for good.
Rogues – This deadly and silent class is one of the strongest. They kill their opponents swiftly and without hesitation, sometimes taking some money while they’re at it.
Hunter - Hunters are deadly opponents. They have supreme accuracy, can cause several status ailments, and are generally a major threat.
Dragoon - Dragoons can move far and jump high. They are valiant warriors they take down their enemies with their sharp lances.
Spellbladist - Spellbladists are a rare and legendary class that only some has come to experience. They have the magical prowess of Mages, and the physical strength of Mercenaries.


(21)Swords – Swords are physical weapons that excel prominently in attack. They can only be equipped by physical Job Classes.
(9)Sabres – Sabres are wielded with great elegance and aren’t thrashed around like swords. Due to this, the pool of available Job Classes that can equip this weapon set is small: Vagrants, Soldiers, Fencers, Dragoons, and Spellbladists.
(7)Axes – Axes require strength, but are lethal weapons. They reveal the wielder’s brute strength in combat. Vagrants, Soldiers, Fighters, Swordsmen, Knights, and Spellbladists may equip this weapon set.
(14)Knuckles – Knuckles grant the user great strength bonuses. They also allow the user much flexibility in their fighting style. This weapon set, however, may only be used by Vagrants, Soldiers, Monks, and Tumblers.
(20)Staffs – Staffs are basic magical tools used by the majority of the magically competent Job Classes.
(23)Rods – Rods are the counterparts to staffs, and may also be used by a large portion of the magical Job Classes.
(16)Bows – Bows are long range deadly weapons that can only be equipped by sniper-type Job Classes.
(18)Knives – Knives are the trademark weapons of Trappers and Mechanics. They grant the user great agility and a decent amount of attack.
(12)Guns – Guns are the most recently developed weapons made by the weapon specialists in High Machine City of the Third District. The Marksman Job Class and Mechanics work well with this weapon set.
(16)Lances – Lances are the weapons of Dragoons. Using these long spears, they fly high in the air to strike down their foes. Lances greatly enhance the user’s dexterity.
(10)Katanas – Katanas are the main weapons of Ninja. They bestow upon the user superior agility and magical potency.

(15) Helms – Helms are one of the three types of headgear. The physical Job Classes usually equip Helms.
(15) Hats/Veils – Hats and Veils are the other two types of headgear. All the non-physical Job Classes use these types of headgear.
(15)Shields – Shields are defensive equipment used by the physical Job Classes.
(20)Armors – Armor is one of the three types of Body Armor. It is used by the physical Job Classes.
(20)Robes – Robes are the second type of Body Armor and are used primarily by the magical Job Classes.
(20)Clothes – Clothes are the last type of Body Armor and are utilized by all the non-physical Job Classes.
(20)Accessories – Accessories grant various positive effects on the user. They can be equipped by all Job Classes.



Ability System– In this game, a different outlook is taken into learning skills. By buying new weapons, you will be able to able to learn the skill or skills attached to them. However, you can only permanently learn the skill by getting enough Ability Points (AP). Ability Points are recieved based on the mission that was completed. Additionally, you are not completely restricted to your current class' skill set. You will be allowed to set a "Secondary Skill Slot' in the abilities portion of the Custom Menu System. This will transfer over to battle in which you will now of the skills of this secondary skill slot available to your disposal. However, the max number of skill slots is only two, your class skill slot and the skill slot of your choice. Just be sure that you've learned some skills of your secondary skill slot!

Job System – There several different jobs within the game. Additionally, other jobs can only be reached or "unlocked" if you’ve had some experience in other jobs (learning enough skills). Finally, players need to be careful with what jobs they choose, as staying with one job for a while will affect the stats of that character to either the player’s liking or disliking.

FFT Shop – For one, you have the buying section where you can buy armors, weapons, and items and they are all separated into categories. Your relationship with the shopkeeper can allow lower prices. Additionally, based on how powerful you are, the more available items there will be. Finally, there will be a pop up window of the available skills that the weapons/armors can teach you. There is a shop in each major city or town.

Recruitment and Relationship System (RRS) – Within Rockdale Town there is a unique system in building a relationship with an interactable NPC which will ultimately affect your chances of getting them to join your Hunter Group. When you talk to someone, you'll have the option of interacting with them where a new scene will appear allowing you to talk to them, give them an item, or recruit them. When you affect the relationship at all, an animation will appear over the relationship value similar to that in battle when you lose health, damage will pop out. However not every civilian in Rockdale Town is interactable, only those that are actually Hunters.

Clan Style Custom Menu – A clan style menu that is based off of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance is implemented. The menu has three main sections: equipping items, setting/viewing abilities, and changing jobs. In the equipment section, there is new interface for equipping items. Not only is it more graphically appealing by adding face graphics and having the numbers values be red or green when changing equipment, but also a small animated window will appear showing the abilities attached to the piece of equipment. You can easily toggle ON and OFF this window. Next, in the Abilities Window, you can view the current skill(s) you are learning, you also have to option to view all permanently learned skills, and finally, you can set a secondary skill slot to use in battle. For the job changing scene, you can choose between unlocked jobs to change to that class. This window will also show how your stats will be affected by the change. Finally, one last feature within the menu system is the ability you have to boot off clan members. However, you are not allowed to kick off main characters.

Tactical Battle System - There will also be a tactical battle system which was engineered by gubiD and heavily edited by me. In this battle system exp is gained in a way that grinding is pointless, and leveling up is not a burden due to a formula that allows exp to be gained by any action as long as it makes contact, and all levels only require 100 experience points to move on. I’ve added in a part that makes it so that EXP does not go over to the next level as well, to not make it so simple to level up. Next, I've designed "Special Enemies" or enemies that have levels, jobs, dynamic stats, skills, and equipment. All these attributes correlate to the strength of the actor's party. There are nearly 200 unique skills, over 160 weapons, and over 125 pieces of armor all that provide plenty of variety in battle

Quest System – In the pub of Rockdale Town there will be a quest board where all missions will be taken. Storyline missions will be accepted here as well. There are several quests that don’t follow the storyline, but some may only be available after beating certain story quests.

Original Sound Track An original soundtrack is being produced by the musician of the team (Turkwise), several tracks have already been produced. (Current Progress of OST)

Leader – The Law G14/TheScripter: Responsible for scripting the systems needed for the game or editing pre-existing systems to fit the needs of the game. Mapping every “Battle Map” where the player can battle enemies as well as mapping all of Rockdale Town. Finally, eventing every cut scene and every recruitable NPC in which you could hold a conversation with. Developing the plot and fleshing out characters.

Musician - Turkwise. Responsible for creating an Original Soundtrack specifically for this game.

Artist - Mahomagic: Responsible for creating semi-realistic face graphics and main character portraits.

Character Spriter - silverskystrike. Responsible for creating unique characters and battlers as well as a few icons.

Graphical Artist – Xach-Crisis: Responsible with aesthetical design of the game, like the battle HUDs, Quest Screen Interface, etc.

Usebar – Show Your Support!




Final Fantasy Tactics
Ragnarok Online
Valkyrie Stories: Escallion Rising

Graphics Credits

Script Credits
The Law G14
Charlie Fleed

Music Credits

(Please forgive me if I forgot anyone, this is still a WIP)

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The Law G14
post Jan 5 2012, 06:48 PM
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Just a note, we hiring one last pixel artist if possible. The pixel artist will help in the development of the unique custom tile set as well as the character and battler sets! Thanks smile.gif
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post Jan 7 2012, 05:29 PM
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Geeky is the new sexy... I hope.
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Amazing looking game, really can't wait for the demo!
I really like what you've done with the weapons types and the class progress system.

I've said it once, i'll say it again: can't wait for the demo!

Keep up the good work!

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The Law G14
post Jan 7 2012, 06:29 PM
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Thank you very much for your interest, it really motivates me smile.gif As for a demo, we're still in the construction phase, like getting all the resources collected and systems programmed, but I'm trying my best to get a demo in by 4/5/12 because that's my brother's birthday and I wanted to give him this as a birthday present.

Thanks again for the comment smile.gif

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The Law G14
post Jan 14 2012, 09:37 PM
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Hey everybody!

A couple new things. First of all, someone has been able to work on the World Map for the game. The World Map is an essential part of the game's construction as it is the way you travel from place to place. Meanwhile, Vergessen from HBGames is helping me finish up the scripting for the Interactive World Map system. By the way here is very early work-in-progress of the World Map (All the little dots are location markings):


Next thing is, since the team has grown since before, we should be moving faster from now. I've set goals for the team this month so by the end of the month, most of rest of things that need to be scripted will be done, the main character face graphics should be done, several icons should be done, and a couple new pieces to the OST will be added. Those are the major goals for January. When January is over, I€™ll post a major update to show all our progress through the month.

That's all for now!

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The Law G14
post Feb 1 2012, 11:36 PM
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Major Update:
January has come and passed and with it, some new major development to the game! Here’s a rundown of what’s been going on:

Main Character Face Graphics
Our artist has gotten to work on the main character face graphics! So far she’s done two along with their emoticons and she’ll be sending the other two (Bryce and Damien) over the weekend. Here’s how Anito and Heather turned out:

Weapons Icons
Our Icon Artist, bamboo123 has been working hard on completing a completely unique custom icon database for “Gai’s Hunters”. However, due to some issues she had over the month, she wasn’t able to get too many icons done, but this is just to let you guys know a custom icon database is being worked on smile.gif

Rockdale Theme
The Rockdale Town Theme has been completed! It’s easily one of my favorite songs from our musician Turkwise, you can listen to the track here:

All quests written
I’ve finished planning all in-game sidequests accessible at the Rockdale Pub. There will be 150 quests and each quest will have a “Quest Type”. There are six Quest Types: Battle, Conversation, Delivery, Search, Elimination, and Escort. Each Quest Type varies in difficulty and yields a different AP Reward. Finally, several quests are multi-part, meaning you can’t do one quest without completing the prerequisite quest, allowing for nice side-stories.

New Team Members
Xach-Crisis has officially joined as a Graphical Artist for the team!

We finally have a userbar, thanks to my good friend Sicon/Xach-Crisis (Our new team member):

Make sure you put this in your sig!


New Title Screen
Finally, we have a new Title Screen. The old one was amazing (Thanks to Radethdart), however, since we’re not using Ragnarok Sprites anymore for the game, the title screen no longer fit and I didn’t want to bog down Radethdart with another task despite the fact that Xach-Crisis decided to join as a Graphical Artist. So, Xach-Crisis and I worked together on creating this new animated title screen. The video is a bit bad quality but I’ll fix it soon:


Next Time
Next update we should have all main character graphics finished along with several support character face graphics (Mr. and Mrs. Stone, Jasmine Brown, etc.) Additionally, about three new tracks should be added to the soundtrack, and all items, swords, axes, and sabre icons should be finished. The World Map should be also finished along with the scripting of it and the database should finally be complete. So stay tuned!
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The Law G14
post Feb 29 2012, 01:42 AM
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Loss of Icon Artist
We’ve lost our icon artist, bamboo123, due to issues in her personal life, we thank her for all she’s done up to this point smile.gif I’ve also decided that we won’t be having a custom icon set unless someone really wants to join or bamboo123 decides to come back if she can. With that said, I’ll continue using the icons I picked up around the internet which are still pretty good quality.

Database Complete!
The database is finally complete!! Well, basically, at least. All animations have been settled with (further editing will take place later when more animation resources are available), and all weapons, skills, armors, and items have been configured. So that’s great because now serious game development can get under way.

Main Character Face Graphics!
Our amazing artist has finished the main character face graphics and their emoticons! Here’s a little something I put together to showcase them:

Quest-Time-Map Integration System
I’m busily working my but off trying to combine the quest, world map, and time systems into a combined system. There will be twelve months in a year with 25 days per month. Every time you move one space on the world map, a day passes. Quest time limits are based on these days. There are several more features to this but I still have a couple more things here and there to code so when I’m completely done, I’ll make a video. So stay tuned on this!

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The Law G14
post Apr 6 2012, 02:08 PM
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Hey everyone, progress is being made quickly on this game! Unfortunately though, the original release date for the demo, which was 4/5/12, has to be pushed back. Now, were making a smaller demo which we call a “Teaser Demo” that contains a small portion of Act One. This will hopefully be released on 4/26/12. However, our musician already has all but two songs left for ALL of Act One, you can listen to the 18 tracks here (I just realized it isn’t completely updated, but I’ll tell him about it and it should have all 18 within a couple days):


With that said, I don’t want to give any other displays of our progress as I’d like to show all that through the “Teaser Demo”. In the mean time, I’d love some feedback and thanks for your patience and support!

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The Law G14
post Apr 26 2012, 10:23 PM
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Major Update

Hey everyone, it’s been a looooong time lol. Well, today was supposed to be the release date for the demo, and sadly that won’t be happening sad.gif This is due to complications in the team where they have some person issues going on in their lives, but most of it has been resolved smile.gif On the up side, a lot of progress was made despite this which I’ll be going over in this update!

All the maps for the “Teaser Demo” have been created, this includes Rockdale Town, the Rockdale Woods, the Hollow Woods, the Rocky Plains, and Bern (these are all the locations in the Tenth District). Here are some screenshots:


The Hollow Woods

Rockdale Town

The Rocky Plains

All of the main story cut scenes have been evented and all dialogue has been inputted (as I pre-writed all the dialogue of Act One to make sure all the grammar was right). However, there are some non-story quests that can be picked up from the Pub that still need to be evented. There will be approximately 17 available Pub Quests in this demo.

Turkwise, our musician, has been refining the songs (as he’s completed all but three songs for all of Act One which is already way more than needed for just this “Teaser Demo”), so check out his soundcloud, which is linked too from the first post of this thread, and from there you will be able to listen to the OST.

Face Graphics
Our face graphics artist (Mahomagic) is in the process of creating the last Support Character graphic needed for this demo (Jonas, the geologist that will be accompanying the party for most of Act One) and also Mahomagic will be creating some more Job Classes face graphics for the demo.
Character Graphics
Our character artist was having some personal issues within her life, but most of it is now resolved. However, we be switching back to the default RMXP character style graphics with some refinement to make it look nicer. This will also speed up the generation of these graphics as I’ll be able to make some character graphics that are non-important (like civilians) with a generator I downloaded.
Tileset Design
Our Tileset Designer also ran into some problems when his computer crashed. If his files are still okay, then he’ll be able to send me the Cave Tileset in the Medieval style that the rest of the game is in.
Graphical Art
Our graphical artist has done a lot, including making completely custom Battle System graphics. Here they are:

I have a little bit left to do on the scripting side. The first priority is to get battle processing more smooth and the battle results page looking less “weird”. And next is to get the Relationship System up and running so that you can recruit people in-game for your Hunter Group.

So essentially, things are looking good, if all goes according to plan, we should have a demo available to the public by late May. So keep watch everyone and thanks for the continuous support! biggrin.gif
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The Law G14
post Jun 10 2012, 12:07 PM
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Hey guys the "Teaser Demo" is just around the corner, all we have to do is get another test run in which will be done by today, and gather the remaining character sprites needed from our new character artist. So get ready to check out this game guys, I'd love comments and feedback on it when it's released!
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The Law G14
post Jun 13 2012, 05:29 PM
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The teaser demo is FINALLY available! Thanks to all that helped make this happen! You can find the download link on the first post.

Feedback would be greatly appreciated smile.gif

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The Law G14
post Jul 4 2012, 03:06 AM
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Alright! The Official Teaser Demo is out, no more errors, all possible pub quests available, no lag on the world map, and renewed dialogue. Try it out when you get the chance!
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post Jul 6 2012, 01:20 AM
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So, gave it a go, and I love the tactical battle system, but when I tried to head to Bern it just wouldn't work. The screen goes black every time I try to enter Bern. I tried it a couple of times, even redownloaded, and it keeps going black. So I can't do much, as I'm too low-level to do any of the currently available quests, which kinda means I can't even really get much equipment for my new recruits. Oh, and the world map still seems to be a touch laggy. It's not jerky laggy, just... slow. On the item note, how does the revival herb work? I tried to use it when I did the quest for the guy in the park, and couldn't figure it out.

Hope for some help soon, I'm a huge fan of tactical RPGs!
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The Law G14
post Jul 6 2012, 01:27 AM
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Hey thanks for the comments! First of all, were you doing a normal quest when you headed to Bern or were you doing the story quest? And what do you mean "too low-level" if you're refferring to the rank of the quest lol that doesn't mean what level they're going to be at, it just means how hard the objective is. In pub quests, the enemy level is around your level, in story quests though, the enemies are at set levels. And I'll touch up on the world map to decrease the lag smile.gif Oh, and the revival herb, as long as an ally is dead, you just click it and then press on a tile next to you and that character should revive.
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post Jul 6 2012, 06:19 AM
Post #15

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I was headed there to do the story quest first, and the second time I tried it after taking one of the pub quests that you need to head to Bern for. As for the too low level... I got my butt kicked trying to take on the quest the guy in the park gives, hence trying to figure out the revival herb, and since I figured that the other quests were of similar difficulty I was going to try and get a few levels first, as well as some equipment for the new recruits so I'm not so outnumbered, then try again.
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The Law G14
post Jul 6 2012, 01:27 PM
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Alright I just reuploaded the demo with the fix so if you're still up for it, you can play again and reach Bern now smile.gif And the park quest gave you troubles? Hm, that's odd, I made that quest not too difficult I'll look into it and make sure the revival herb works properly. And do you think pub quest fees should be decreased?
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post Jul 6 2012, 05:41 PM
Post #17

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Of course I'm up for it! ^.^ As for the pub fees, I think most of them are fine, but some of them should be cheaper to take. The leather cap one stands out as being one that, should you complete it immediately when it becomes available, you actually LOSE money, as, all in all, it costs you 350 shells and you only get back 200. You also only break even on the potion quest, which, while not as bad as losing money, doesn't give any real incentive to complete it, other than simple completion purposes. ... Which means I'd do the quest anyway, but still.
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The Law G14
post Jul 6 2012, 09:59 PM
Post #18

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Yea that's definitely true you raise a good point lol, I"ll make sure I decrease the prices for the appropriate quests like the Leather Caps. However, ther are other incentives to complete quests besides rewards and the "completion" feeling lol, it also helps you learn the abilities attached to your equipment, though Delivery quests like Leather Caps dont give that much of an AP reward to learn these skills. And thanks again for the feedback smile.gif
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post Jul 12 2012, 05:33 AM
Post #19

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'Kay, so played a bit more. Not much, since I've been busy, but... I noticed a few issues. First off, you can't return to the forest in which you have the very first battle in order to do the 'Friends' quest. Second, I recruited the archer from the library, Lanessa I think, and bought her a bow... But when she shoots it, it's not an arrow flying across the screen, it's a character face. I found that kinda funny the first couple times, but I love my archers... and take my archers VERY seriously. In other words, after a time or two, it started to really bug me. I was doing the quest from the guy in the park again, in case you need to know. Anyway, other than that, I liked the scene in Bern, though I can't seem to do any of the quests THERE, either, which leaves me very few options in terms of quests... I'll play some more in a few days, probably.
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The Law G14
post Jul 14 2012, 05:23 PM
Post #20

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Hey thanks for the comments again! I'm not home yet so since I've been away for a week so I'll get on to figuring out these errors when I get home tomorow. And for Bern you can't do any quests after you do the story quest or before?
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