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> Legend War Zeon Adventure, Need team.
post Jan 7 2012, 10:29 AM
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Type: Designer
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Hi all.
This is my 1st game i am developing. Although i have developed some small mini games for experience but this will be by 1st main game.

Legend War Zeon Adventure ... Yeah this is the title.

Story -

Far away from the Milky Way Galaxy. About 1189 Galaxies far the galaxy of 'Lixux' lies. In the galaxy there are many systems. One of the system, the 'Zeon System' of the biggest star ever known (in the game) 'TRY GIRIA' our story begins from their. The planet Zeon. Likely to Earth their also life is. The humans on the earth think that they are the only one... but at the Zeon planet their also other humans living. Their are also other species -


The Orceres -

Depending on the physical strength only they are very powerful but the least developed specie.

The Undead -

Overall performers. If you can't decide which type of field you want to choose you may take Undead.

The Demons -

Lastly the Demons. The demons also depend on the attack. But there is only one character which you can choose.

Objective of the game


Objective? HERE -

Actually just because of an Theft there was a war and then the species started fighting. ... THIS SOUNDS BAD! ... The theft was of the Special Orb. Your main objective is to obtain that Orb and then give it back to the Demons. But your work is not done yet! You must stop Zard in his secret bad mission 'ELIMINATE EMPEROR'S FAMILY AND BOLTON!' So that he becomes the next Emperor.

Characters -


Ander -
He is basically the main character of the game. He is the son of the emperor.

Lisy -
You will just find Lisy in the second or third map as the main partner. She is very close friend of Ander and had studied with him before.

Oscar -

An intelligent spell caster friend of Anvilon. He appears bit late in the game while in a secret mission.

U -

U is the little sister of Oscar and like him only. U will be shown in late in game in Winter! (The game starts from Spring!). She will make things difficult for you as she will be of less Level and you must have to protect her.

Bolton -

Brave and bold. Intelligent and Strong. The Emperor has 2 main gourds (other than the guard that appear in the starting castle). One of the guards is Bolton. He is honest and would do anything for the Emperor.


He is the second main guard of the Emperor. Besides he is ultimately strong but still his main goal is to kill Emperor and his family (consisting - Ander, Empress, Prince Alen and Lily)


Extraordinary fighter! Firen lives in a forest and no one knows him. The god has already told him the future when his mother was been murdered by Zard's Brother Zreek. When Firen grew he killed Zreek and then god told him that Zard will kill Emperor's Family. Firen 1st appears in a mission and then he disappears then very far after the Winter (2nd Spring) he appears saving everyone (Of course i cant tell everything its a secret!)

--- More Characters will be added on sooooonnn!!!---

I need -
  • A mapper
  • A spriter
  • Music artist
  • Dialog suggester

The project file will be given to my team (each member)
The game demo will be uploaded soon in the Project Development section.

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post Feb 2 2012, 03:31 AM
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Type: Musician
Alignment: Unaligned

i could help with music.
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post Feb 20 2012, 12:32 PM
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Type: Coder

I cannot script very well but most the stuff you can do via scripting i could do via events here's some of my examples http://www.mediafire.com/?kv28fba1u6tnxvv
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post Apr 4 2012, 04:04 AM
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Type: Musician
Alignment: Chaotic Good

this looks pretty cool,id like to write music for you if you would have me,heres a link to some samples http://soundcloud.com/justingraves-2

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