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> So what Dark Souls Covenant are you/would you be?
Ark Aurelius
post Jan 12 2012, 05:39 PM
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I have been playing the hell out of Dark Souls, and as I progress through the game, the Covenants through the game have picked my interest.

What are Covenants? You could say they are the factions that factor in the story in Dark Souls, and play a huge part in online play. Within certain covenants, your chance of connecting with another player within certain Covenants is higher, while some are more PvP oriented.

So since I havent posted in here for a while, ima ask what Covenant would you be if you played Dark Souls. If you DO play Dark Souls, what Covenant are you? Also, drop me your PSN ID to play Co-op online biggrin.gif ...and I will try my hardest to not invade your game and seal your souls XD You dont have to be familiar with the story to take part. just pick one you like.


Way of White/ Lawful Good - The starting Covenant for Knights and Clerics. Headed by a group of Cleric Knights, aiding a young maiden from a distant land in search fo an ancient rite to strenghten the power of the bonfires scattered through the land of Lordran, to attempt to break the Undead Curse. Mostly known as the newbie Covenant.

Warrior of Sunlight/ Lawful Neutral - You could say this Dark Souls memetic Covenant. Headed by a Sun Knight named Solaire (everyone calls him Sunbro XD) who admires the sun that shines brightly even in the cursed land of Dark Souls. Their goal? ENGAGE OTHER PLAYERS IN JOLLY CO-OPERATION! Being in this Covenant gets you powerful Lightning Spear spells, and lightning in this game is very powerful, as this is the biggest weakness of most bosses, and Dragon type enemies's kryptonite.

Gravelord Servant/ Lawful Evil - Covenant headed by Gravelord Nito, The first of the dead. Members who take part in this covenant can inflict a powerful curse to other players that invade your game or who you're invading. This curse halves their HP Total, and they also cannot restore their humanity. If they cant restore their humanity, then they cannot play online or summon allies. It also makes the enemies in their game much stronger, and the curse will be active for as long as you're online. Pretty evil, amitite?

Princess Guard/ Neutral Good - Covenant headed by the Daughter of Gwyn, the God of Sunlight. Members of this Guild get access to very powerful defensive Miracles, that also serve a big part in co-op play. She also helps the player in their next goal. It is also to note that if for some reason, you kill her, then you kill the sun (litterally). Course, you get banished from the covenant cause its head is dead.

Forest Hunter/ True Neutral - Covenant headed by Alvina, the Cat guardian of the Dark Forest. (Yes, I said cat). The purpose of this covenant is to defend the Dark Forest from other invading players. If an online player invaded your territory, you get summoned to protect it immediately, and you get a bonus in souls (which are used to Lv up, upgrade weapons and buy items). Nothing but the forest and its secrets matter.

Path of the Dragon/ Neutral Evil - Covenant headed by the last Everlasting Dragon, which were known for their immortality. Members of this covenant can invade other players and duel other players, in qhich the reward are Dragon scales, which are used to upgrade Dragon weapons. Also, you gain the ability to transform into a Dragonoid, which grants you a fire breath and a shockwave to knock opponents off balance.

Blade of the Darkmoon/ Chaotic Good - Covenant headed by Gwyn's son, Gwyndolin. Also known as the Dark Sun deity. The purpose of this Covenant is to bring judgment on players who have sinned thorought their game. Also, if you kill his sister Gwynevere, you are automatically on their Hit List, and you will be hunted and killed like a dog. Players who get invaded can report the player through an indictment, in which their name is listed in the Covenant's record, where their priority will be to "judge" you indefinitely until you absolve your sins.

Chaos Servant/ Chaotic Neutral - Covenant headed by Quelaag's sister, the Daughter of the Witch of Izalith, mother of pyromancy. The purpose of this Guild is to help "Our Fair Lady" in whatever she needs. Mostly aleviating her eternal pain due to her deformed appearance. Doing so gets you access to more powerful pyromancy. She is mute unless you have a special ring, in which case she will confuse you for her older sister Quelaag, which is a boss you gotta kill to get to her. Through dialogue, she shows she regrets not being able to escape with her sister and how much pain she's in but she's able to bear through with it because she still has her sister (aka you). sad.gif

Dark Wraith/ Chaotic Evil - Covenant headed by the Primovial serpent, Darkstalker Kaathe. Members of this guild give invading other players and stealing their souls and humanity priority. Also, siding with Kaathe means you aid him in his quest to cover the land in absolute darkness.

Also, note that if you are in Way of White, Princess Guard and Warrior of Sunlight, you can connect with each other much easily. Chaos Servant has no particular focus, other than just helping Quelaag's sister by relieving her eternal pain bit by bit. The others have their own set of guidelines and rules in most of the Dark Soul Wikias, and their forum.

Since everyone has their own alignment, you can kinda see what part you would be XD

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post Jan 13 2012, 03:03 AM
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Hello, my sweet lil' honey bee.
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Oh cool, a Dark Souls thread. I haven't finished the game yet (or even close to it) nor have I played it in a while but I'm pretty certain I'll get back to it soon. I went with a Knight so by default I'm in the Way of White. This won't stop me of my goal as I intend to eliminate every faction in the game. Starting with the Way of White when I pop the disc back in and decide to start playing it again.


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