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> The Magic Series Team, Take a look in thread to see if I am deserving!
post Jan 19 2012, 01:22 PM
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I am still learning how to make clean posts. Please PM me for advice.


Anyways, I'm looking for people to join on my team, the Magic Series Team.

Open Positions:


I am currently in need of:

Spriter *1
Writer *2
Drawer *3

What I don't really need, but I'd be happy if they'd join our team:

Scripter *4

Please PM me if you want to apply for a different position other than the above.
Please PM me if you will apply.

I recommend you give some of your samples.

*1 = Kaduki Sprites only, please.

I'd also like to have monster sprites more than NPC's.

*2 = They should expand on my story because the story is very simple.

I also don't like my World. Please change it if you can.

Also, you can change my story. Just make it more better than the original. mellow.gif

*3 = I don't know as of yet of what you should do. Perhaps, portraits?

*4 = If you can make simple edits, you're in!

I would like if you can create a:

HUD Script

(That's it as of now.)


This is Lamberdia. A land made by a creator named God by the people. They believed that he made Earth for the them, the plants, and the animals to live. That god felt that it's earth needed protection and balance. So he created the nodes or, as people prefer, the Elemental Crystals. Those crystals were told to give the power of the elements, the fire, water, earth, wind and thunder. These crystals were meant to give a person the power to balance the Earth. Though nobody knows where it is in the continent, Lamberdia, they know why. It can be abused. In the next years, or even decades, this legend is long forgotten, though one encounter will change a person's life. Which will take the person to a long journey, with the help of friends. Our story, begins with a person named Vill, a normal townsfalk, living in a town named Hollowton, known for its delicious pies...



Vill Seacrest:


A well-known guy that lives on the village of Hollowton.
Though he's very impatient, he also gives his best.

Hayley Rema:


She's the girl who is the guide of the party. She also
is full of passion and gives equal love to the enemy.

Toko Sunder:


She's the younger sister of Drake. She loves experimenting.
Everyone thinks she is a tomboy, because of her attitude.

Drake Sunder:


He may be serious always, but everyone does
not know that he has a good sense of humor.



The only continent you will be playing in Chapter I is only LAMBERDIA.

The Earth (FICTIONAL ONLY) has 3 continents, namely:


This is the world you will play on. It is located on the eastern part of the Earth.
This continent is known for its legend of the Elemental Crystals.
The capital of the continent is the Minato Port Town.
During Colonial Period, this continent was found by a person named:
Jevish Lordsladder. Because of that, he became the first ruler to be the ruler of Lamberdia.


This continent is also nicknamed: "The Frostbite" because of its killing blizzards.
No one had ever lived at this continent yet some people have adapted to it's
chilling environment. They are called "Omicks'. Those people are very known
for their hospitality.


This is the continent which situates in the west.
The continent is discovered by: "Via Elsterstrom", the
first female ruler of a continent. Dessia is known
for their inventions.



These are not the ACTUAL MAPS of my project. It's just to show you

that I am worthy to make my own team.

Also, other features and vocabulary may be changed and/or removed. THANKS!

This is the title screen. I personally edited the Window to be at the center.

A test of the experimental map. I'm using Celianna's Farm and Nature Tiles.

I used Overlay Mapping.

Another test of the experimental map, but instead with all the party


This is the Main Menu. The Menu System was scripted by Yanfly.

This is the Equip Scene. This is also scripted by Yanfly.

The Party Scene made by Yanfly.

This is the System Options made by Yanfly.

The Item Menu made by Yanfly.

And lastly, the New Game, Save Game, and Load Game Menu made by Yanfly.

Here showing some dialogue using Yanfly's script.

Again, this is an another NPC dialogue.

I accept advices on mapping.

And lastly,

Application Form (PM):


Preferred Code Name:

What skill?

(Optional yet recommended) Examples of work:

Why should you join?

That's all for now!

My Personal Sig:

Please open this spoiler!


*made by myself

Please PM me if you want to help me with my project... Thanks!
Currently in need of a graphical artist and a story writer.
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