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> La vie RÉINCARNATION; I had a dream, Enter the dreamscape...
post Jan 29 2012, 03:30 AM
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==>I had a dream<==

Join Josh a basic high school student who doesn't mind his normal boring life until one day he is selected to represent the dreams of human's, and reclaim the power of dreams for humans again, before THEY do. Fight evil, a dark thought fused with the power of the mind to create a physical form. Change your alignment based upon your choices. Explore the dreamscape, and fight evil to reclaim areas again. Join up with willing evil to fight other harmful evil. When your not fighting for humanity in the dream world you can adventure your own city, with terrible sense of direction on the map, and very strange people. Save with your butterfly friend that appears in almost every other map! Collect treasure idols to turn it to that weird old treasure collector in the park on the third day! Experience the extremely long dungeon crawling with excruciatingly hard enemies that will make your eyes bleed! Challenge, challenge doors in new game plus, and when you meet other objectives! Oh, and so much more!

Enter a strange land full of awkward teens, and creepy children! You live in an unnamed city. Time doesn't matter here since it's a strange mix of past, present, and future. Here you can talk to people, adventure the city, go to the Saturday market to buy exotic, and rare items, in the park. Explore the more than boring museum, to find out its actually a XXXXXXX center for XXXX! Sell treasure items you find to the treasure collector in the park. At night you can fall asleep, and go into the dreamscape where you can fight evil, and endure long challenging puzzles. Challenge yourself in the challenge doors when you reach new game plus! Scurry through other places inside of the city like, school, that rich kids house, and an old legendary castle that has some weird stuff in it.


Sorry you still can't ditch school.

Fire's are bad kids.

Today's lesson is....


A young average teenager, around the age sixteen. He lives in an urban unnamed city, just like every other generic video game character in the world. Until one night he is selected to represent human dreams to stop the flow of evil, and take control before THEY do. He's sort of a silent protagonist, and has a very swell personality. He usually makes friends with anyone. Unless you change his alignment, and twist his soul. He lives with his mom, and brother who makes a no show in this game. His impact on the story basically changes the fate of all humanity, because did I ever mention that everything that happens in the dream world happens in the real world? SURPRISE! And it's all Josh's job to keep safety maintained, and no one gets hurt.

The almighty dream angel that protects Josh in the dream world. His purpose is to guide every representative in the dream world every foot step along the way to make sure they fulfill their destiny. He fend's of evil from harming any master he is assigned to. No one knows how he was created, and why he lives on in the dream world, but I'm sure its a secret. He is a very loyal person who is good to everyone that is nice back. They're rumors among the evil about him that he murders any master that is rude, and evil. Even though that's against the rules of the dream world for an angel to kill their master it's still a spread rumor.

(Sorry no picture)
Deva Frost
A kind loving Jack Frost, also known as the mascot of Atlus, that has stuck itself into the dream world, and fused with evil to become Deva Frost. It still has a kind loving attitude, it's just that it is now more deadly than any other Jack Frost in the universe. He joins you after a spar in the area Myra, and he calls you it's friends. After he join's you, Deva Frost becomes more attached to the two of you, and becomes overwhelmed with emotion. It becomes Omega Frost, and you have to fight him again there. Anyway to sum it up Deva Frost is a very kind loving creature in this world.

Yes the part we have all waited for! What I need to do this game is
-A person to make a design for the main menu
-A person to make a design for the game over screen
-Some epic custom character sprite sets (that are separate, because I'm using side view atb battle system)
-Custom map items
-Amazing custom made dubstep music (no faking its yours)
Optional-An opening cut-scene for when you start the game (so I need a good artist, and animator who will take precious time to do this)+(I need it to be matching this awesome jam HERE


Wanna help make my game become real? Click below for the link!
Too bad it's not real yet!
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