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> Note for Early Project Feedback Threads

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> Evolution Gears, Should be fun...
post Feb 9 2012, 11:07 PM
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Type: Designer
Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Why I decided on creating this project?
After a ton of uncompleted projects I finally decided to man-up and bring one to the very end. The premise behind Evolution Gears is that it’s supposed to be simple in its complexity while being fun and addicting at the same time. By a “simple complexity” I mean it should play like a real RPG, carefully combining elements of Japanese and Western RPGs alike into a cohesive whole.

What is the premise of the project?
The premise is: you assemble a 4-man team and use a large number of skill combinations to run through different dungeons collecting loot, solving puzzles and avoiding traps. The 4-man team can be changed in the quest hubs between dungeons, at special locations within a dungeon or through other, special means. Your motivation to actually beat a dungeon should lie in a main story quest for that dungeon, as well as several side quests. Aside from main, story dungeons there would be smaller side-dungeons. Simple, effective, fun!

Strange gears are set in motion as a Clockwork City Lord disappears right before he was about to be arrested by the Clockwork City Inspectorate for performing research that was deemed illegal. This research involved incorporating mechanical parts into a human body through Connection. Afraid that this technology might fall into wrong hands, the Council of Lords decides to assign a special detail on the case. Composed of current and ex-military personnel, all with supernatural Connection powers, and led by Inspector Eric Podmore, the team’s primary objective is to locate and secure the runaway Lord and his research at all costs.

Clockwork City is the most industrialized city-state in the whole world. Its accomplishments, like the great inter-city railroad (which is still unfinished), echo throughout the Land. The wider state area is split into “Circles”, each of which has its own number. Circles are usually run by Lords who own the largest industrial facility in that area. Ordinary people work in these facilities which operate almost as independent cities themselves. All Lords comprise the Council of Lords which meets in the Central Circle, or the City itself. The council passes decisions that affect the city-state as a whole; it also discusses foreign policy of the City and decides about major common projects (such as the railroad, for example). The Inspectorate is an organization under the supervision of the Council. It deals with Connection, a supernatural power that people of the Land try to harness since the beginning of civilization. One of the primary tasks of the Inspectorate is to control the general use of Connection and prevent or secure major Connection-related anomalies that happen from time to time.

To: Lord Charles Howle
Designation: Inspectorate Black Seal, Director Hughes

Dear Lord Howle,

although we have processed and approved your inquiry of access to our archives, I have took the liberty of putting together a list of suitable candidates for your needs. The disappearance of Lord Paulder is a matter of both the Inspectorate’s AND the Council’s interest and I hope that you will at least consider this list before putting together a team. Frankly, I’m a bit insulted that you didn’t come directly to me with this problem as I’m sure we could’ve planned a more effective strategy than to blindly waste all these resources on clearing up the mess the Council itself caused. Well, that’s your decision anyways…

Name: Eric Podmore
Age: 30
Occupation: Inspector
Origin: Third Circle
Connection Class: E
Eric Podmore started his career as a security officer in one of the Third Cricle’s industrial complexes working for Lord Paulder. During the war with Oramar he was drafted to a unit which dealt in counter-intelligence. It goes without saying that he had quite a few Connection-related experiences while serving there… After the war, he joined the Inspectorate and rose quickly from an ordinary operative to the rank of inspector because of his wartime intelligence training. Although he doesn’t have the Connection affinity to be a useful field operative, his abilities as a unit leader should prove invaluable in our pursuit of Lord Paulder. Other than that I personally assure you that he will follow orders exactly to the letter, no matter their nature.

Name: Thaddeus Thorpe
Age: 33
Occupation: Engineer
Origin: Third Circle
Connection Class: C
Paulder’s prodigy of sorts, Thorpe worked as a mechanical engineer in the Third Circle on incorporation of mechanical parts into a human body via Connection. During the war he was gravely injured when his battleship was sunk by an Oramarian vessel. Thorpe managed to survive and with the help of the very technology Paulder was developing, he was partially rebuilt. During the last two years he, himself upgraded his implants and is now a valuable asset for the Inspecorate in the capture of Lord Paulder and, when time allows, continuation of his research. His knowledge of the fugitive and the technology which he was developing make him an excellent addition to your detail.

Name: Willard Lesphouse
Age: 34
Occupation: Ranger
Origin: Sawer Region
Connection Class: B
Willard Lesphouse started out in the Clockwork military as a scout. His Connection affinity allowed him to quickly move up the ranks to become a captain in a special operations group with which he completed several high-tier assignments. Those even included several assassinations of Oramar’s commanding officers. After the war he remained with the military as a tracker in the Sawer Forest where he reported of various military activities of the Flaming Trident clan. He is now in service as a border patroller in Sawer Region, just south of Fort Sawer. Lesphouse’s Connection abilities and tracking experience will surely come in handy when searching for Lord Paulder.

9 playable classes
Choose between 9 classes to compose your own 4-man team to bring into combat. Even if you don't like the setup in the current mission, you can switch your party at the current base hub or at designated drop points in the mission itself.

Character Customization
With the stat distribution system, six base stats to increase and an extended equip scene you can customize any character and expand on their original role.

Over 320 skills
Each class has a separate 10-skill set divided into 3 skill trees in addition to 6 hidden skills per class.

Environmental skills
Aside from using the skills in battle, certain puzzles require of you to use those skills to progress through the dungeon or they can be used to discover secret areas and paths. A system by FenixFyreX

Intricate looting system
Manage you inventory size and the loot you pick up to maximize the value of your backpack then sell and buy new, rare items from the advanced shops. Systems by Overlord_Dave and cmpsr2000.

Quest tracking
Follow all of your main and side assignments using a handy quest journal accessible from the menu. A system by modern_algebra.

Battle Engine Melody
With BEM, the battles are guaranteed to be exciting and fun to participate in. A system by Yanfly

If you’re interested in the project and would like to follow it as it develops further…that’s awesome!

If you’re interested to the point that you’d like to lend a hand, then drop a few words in reply to this topic with anything that you see wrong in this project. From the logo, the thread headings, grammar, paragraph wording, stray pixels in future screenshots…anything and everything you notice and point out will greatly help the development of this project. Also, if you see anything that you like, point it out too, so I know I’m on the right track. Thanks in advance for your assistance!

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