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> Note for Early Project Feedback Threads

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> Codex (WIP), A game I am working on and intend on finishing
post Feb 11 2012, 07:57 AM
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(So I'm new here and tried to read the guidelines for posting here, but it kept giving me this error message and told me to try again, which I did and it gave me the same thing. If my topic/thread thing isn't following community guidelines, mods feel free to remove, deny, PM me, do what ever you need to do.)

So this is somewhat of an unconventional RPG I'm making (Well I think that's the word to describe it).


Basically the story is you're an accountant working for Carlos Inc (Sorry if you don't think the name is creative, like I said, my friend came up with the name after himself because he's conceited like that and personally I like it). Eccentric and drug addicted CEO Carlos' wife has passed away from disease and he intends to bring her back using Maura's Codex Tablet, a stone tablet created by an archaic prophet over 200 years ago that has magical powers that can bend reality to the user's will. While filing a complaint about your paycheck being replaced with a kilogram of drugs, he sends you to go get the tablet from Alborada, a sort of New World (Like in history class, dude, the Spanish found America or the "New World", come on, man, get with it) to find the codex tablet. He is offering you 100,000 Delians (Game currency) and is reconsidering dismantling the company for this simple task, however soon things go awry and you find yourself exploring the world, past and present, and facing great danger all in the name of saving yours and everyone else's jobs.

About the game

So like I said before, this game (in my opinion) seems a bit unconventional. Most of the games on here are freaking awesome with great story lines about Middle Earth or something like that. You guys all got mithril armor and awesome stuff like that. The game I am working on is different than the other games like that. For example, usually to boost a character's attack you would normally use some sort of strength potion. However, in my game you would smoke crack to get the extra strength, at the cost of reduced accuracy and defense (because crackheads are reckless). So yes, there are drugs in my game ranging from weed to heroin. Someone should please tell me if this is not allowed. Also, there's a lot of swearing and adult references which someone should also tell me if this is not allowed on this forum. Basically my game is more mature oriented, but in a silly way. Think of GTA, but sillier and more RPG like. I hope this is okay, I would read the sticky, I really swear I would to find all this info, but everything I click on gives me a error and tells me to try again. If it's not okay, I'd be very sad because I think this would be a fun game. Weapons include firearms and melee weapons. Given that all these things are okay with the mods and members, the game will be free upon completion. Absolutely 100% free, you should not pay for the completed version.


I hope I did this right...



Guys, please, it's just a small beta of what I have so far. I know some things cost 0 and other problems might arise, but please try to have fun with it, but save often because it may crash due to the lack of an audio file or two. Also, if bad words or drugs/alcohol offend you, please don't download. It is 88MB and Mediafire.


OVERALL, please help me improve my game. I know the story isn't too creative. I am open to suggestions for the story, but what I REALLY need is advice on how to improve gameplay and things like tile-sets, etc. What do you guys think would be the best tile-sets, add-ons, etc. What would be the best quest script. I know I could search this, but I want to know what YOU guys wanna see in my game (even though that totally sounds like an excuse to be lazy, which i'm not, I am experimenting with some quest scripts already, I just want to know which one you think is best and easiest to implement without bugs)

Sorry for the book biggrin.gif
Mods, please don't ban me. D: lol
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