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> Voice Actors, NEEDED
post Feb 19 2012, 04:24 PM
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Type: Designer

Hey guys at the moment we are looking for 3 voice actors for are game Dark Matter
judgeing and deciding on who will take each part will be done by the following people.

Edgar Dunkan - Writer
Lee (Kain) Janes - Director
Jamie Parker - Producer

please look through the links below to view the characters
Dark Matter is a futuristic RPG, Those who volunteer will have their name on the credits.
the 3 charcters are 3 of the main character in the game so sucsesful voice actors will have to be aware that there will be alot of work involved.

dark matter starts with the protagonist waking with a crashed space ship in the back ground he remembers nothing at all.
on the floor is Leone she is the Vice - Warden she starts to shout at the protagonist when Cyrril War the Head Warden turns up and blames both Leone and the protagonist for crashing the prison ship which lays in ruin in the background.

These 3 charcters are the 3 we need voice actors for.

This is the protagonist through the game he is given alot of options meaning alot of work for anyone that would like to be his voice in with his lines is a short options speech.


Just as well Cyrril never escaped.

He would have brought all of his

cult lackeys in there with him.


“Void Stuff”? Whoever came up with

that name was probably as lazy as

those Nexus townsfolk.


I feel like my head’s been

pummelled by a sledgehammer.


Thanks for taking you sweet time.


I feel like someone’s used an

Effron Pistol on my head.

This is Leone as i said before she is the vice Warden who is framed and is forced to work with the PROTAGONIST in order to survive. Through the game she become very emotional and her Character Deepens alot.


From what I understand, Foltix’s

hands are stained in the blood of

Roke’s entire homeland. Never let a

criminal escape.


How dare you! I’ll show you who

will be the dead weight if we team

up. Hmph!


So you’re going to teach us how to

use the Hudokai against this “Cult

of Kai”?

And last but not least we have Cyrril War the Warden he is a bad guy he is also a recurring character through the game and plays i big part in the story.


We all, at the cult, have differing

reasons. Mine is to simply rule the

law, to shape it to my whim and

watch the universe controlled by

how I want it controlled.


Now, knowing that Hudokai is forged

in the void, deep within the Nexus

crust and briefly uncovered by the

prison ship, I will escape this

place and provide the cult with

Hudokai delights.

so there you go guys if you think your up to the job then let me know as soon as possible.
if you wish to do a voice then record yourself doing the lines and send them to me at


LEE and ED
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post Feb 19 2012, 04:59 PM
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Type: Artist
Alignment: True Neutral

Moving this to the recruitment forum. smile.gif
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post Feb 19 2012, 05:19 PM
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Everyday I'm Shufflin'
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Type: Artist
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Ah, Voice Acting tongue.gif
I'm not a VA, but I have dabbled in adding it to my own game, and it actually turns out pretty well!
I would suggest opening another thread on this site: http://voiceactingalliance.com/board/forum.php
It's where I found most of my voice actors, and there are some very talented people on there! biggrin.gif

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post Feb 19 2012, 07:06 PM
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Type: Designer
Alignment: Chaotic Good

i wouldnt mind being a voice actor
just pm me i you still need some

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post Feb 29 2012, 01:26 AM
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Snake Eater
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Type: Writer
Alignment: Neutral Good

Interesting, well I did do voice acting for a few youtube flashes (sadly they all were shut down due to copyrighted songs u.u), and almost had a big part in another flash, but could not make the deadline due to school, but this looks promising, PM me if you need someone.

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