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> Fedher-SS: Scarlet of Frosthund
three cups
post Mar 2 2012, 07:20 PM
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This is a Side Story in my Fehder Storyline that takes place Three Years before the beginning of the story...I'm still writing Fehder, so it's a pretty biggie thing for me just to write a Side Story for the Storyline...

"Has she come in yet?" Ruhdlan asked politely waiting for Scarlet. He couldn't stand how proper the palace was because it reminded him too much of Vveldergaid than of Frosthund. A mighty land, Frosthund is because of their will to live in the harshest climate of the Treaty lands. Looking around he could see the carpet was imported, the Furniture handcrafted too well, but also the Chandelier was from Vveldergaid! He couldn't believe that Lady Scarlet was a Noblewoman in the house of Frosthund and still have all the luxury of a home such as this!
"She has not come in just yet, I'm afraid." The Butler replied. Ruhdlan did not say much else and returned to his seat in the fancy halls. He sat down in the strange cusions that felt like sitting on a Cat, much less it is. He tried to relax, but this luxury came too easily to him and he did not like this one bit. He couldn't help but notice that there was more Fireplaces than rooms that kept the house warm! He couldn't stand it much longer and stood to try and calm down. He did not care for Pain, but luxury is a feeling that is not familiar to him as much as others. He waited a bit longer before asking the servant more about Lady Scarlet, but his anxiousness caught up and he hurried over to the butler.
"Is she in yet?" Ruhdlan asked again.
"She's in, but not yet ready to see you." The Butler Replied. "She is changing into her day clothing."
"Day clothing? But she's of the house of Frosthund! She shouldn't be as Luxurious as that!"
"Well then sir, perhaps you'll sit down." the butler motioned to a chair. Ruhdlan took offense and did not care for the butler.
"I do not take luxury lightly, but rather I take it as a gift that is earned through hard work and gaining all the needs for it. I do not need fancy items from Vveldergaid, but what I need is to talk to lady Scarlet. Take me to her now!" Ruhdlan demanded.
"And perhaps you'll rememeber this is a Council Member's house because if you don't behave, you'll be sent to trial." The butler threatened.
"So you'll do well to remember that I am Ruhdlan, Keeper of House Frosthund, bearer of the Crystal Sword, Fourth Lord of the Sighenlands! I am a warrior at heart and serves as a leader to my people, so no Council Member will be feared by me!" Ruhdlan remarked back. He spoke in a harsh tone that threatened the butler. The butler did not look as if he knew, but instead gave in and walked away from the room. He turned around and motioned Ruhdlan up the stairs by pointing the way. Ruhdland received the message and started to walk up the well finished stairs to the Carpet at the head of the stairs. There he saw the countless doors go in both directions with the Repeating of the same decor over and over again. The butler stood at the left and again pointed the way down the hall. Ruhdlan took no delay and followed the butler.
They wandered down the hall for a short while and finally they turned round to face a large wooden door that was seemingly out of place in a hall such as this one. Ruhdlan never noticed the door, so he didn't worry much. The butler opened the door for Ruhdlan and inside was Lady Scarlet. She had just finished putting on her large Blue Dress and her Red shoes; The Traditional Scarlet heels that seemed to rise higher than the bed, but in reality were shorter. She turned around to look at Ruhdlan. Her red hair flew backwards and revealed a pretty face of the House of Scarlet.
"Mi'lady, this Barbarian wanted to see you right away and I couldn't help but take him to you." The Butler spoke in a tone of voice. Lady Scarlet did not ignore the Idea of a stranger in her mansion, but was worried of who he was.
"Might I ask who you are, Warrior?" She spoke softly in a Lady-like tone. She smiled like a polite young girl to a stranger who seemingly knew her. Her blue Eyes sorrowed Ruhdlan, but he had to remain strong.
He replied, "I am Lord Ruhdlan of the Sighenlands. I've come with a message from King Ravuel Frosthund for you." Lady Scarlet looked at him and wondered what it was he wanted, but she suggested a small smile would fix the world right. She wondered a bit on what the king would want, but instead did not worry.
"That will be all, Fedzig." She told the butler as she tried to get him away from the two.
"Very well, Mistress." The butler bowed and walked away down the hall. Ruhdlan looked at her and did not believe his eyes.
"Well? What's the message from the king?" She asked, interrupting Ruhdlan's dream. He stumbled back into reality and tried to remember the message and finally gave it to her.
"Ah yes, he wanted me to tell you that the Bitch-wolf has finally given birth to the Treaty Children and that the lands will need an ambassador such as yourself to help further the peace before a Civil War erupts. Will you respond to your duties?" He asked. Lady Scarlet was surprised to hear that, but she did remember that it was almost Seventy Years ago when the Prophet Zheyar gave the Proof of the Seven-born Children of the Bitch Aandgara. Unkindly it was, but it was told that the Wolf would bear Seven who would be used as Sacrifices to bring peace to the world. It was long awaited by the people to find these wolves.


Ruhdlan Snowforge (Ruh-deh-lan) - Fourth Lord of The Sighenlands (Sig-en-lands) and Twentieth in the Line of Succession to the Throne of Frosthund, he served as Ambassador for the king for Thirty Years, but because he was born to a Commoner, he wasn't allowed to serve the king till the age of 21 (as such by law of Frosthund). He is now prominent in the fulfillment of the Prophecies, but has come to hate the job of being Ambassador because he wishes to go back to his mother on the Borders of the Sighenlands. Through his entire job, he became distracted by Lady Scarlet; Mistress of Kighen (Kai-Gen), who happens to be an enchanting beauty in and of herself. Even so, he is troubled by how Luxurious her lifestyle is. He is now distressed because of her...

Vighera Scarlet (Vig-Hera) - First Lady of Kighen and Seventh in the Line of Succession to the Queenship of Frosthund. She is the Official Minister of Peace among the Treaty lands and hopes for the future to be brighter by fulfilling the prophecy. She receives imports from the finest of all lands, leaving her with a Luxurious lifestyle in her Castle. Often scorned because of her lady-like manners and her wondrous charms, she is a pleasing woman to be around because she acts so child like with a proper manner of style. When she came across Ruhdlan, she didn't feel the same thing he felt, but her heart softened towards him and after a while, she became more worried that she may have given away her love to a Commoner...


Vveldergaid (Veld-er-Gayd) - A Queendom in the Treaty Lands, Vveldergaid is well known for being the richest of all the lands. More or less a Merchant Country, it has delegates with all nations that are in the known world. It is currently Ruled by Veirya Jaran, Fifteenth Queen of the Current Queendom. Vveldergaid's Capital is Radnadom, home of the House of Jaran.

Frosthund - A Kingdom in the Treaty Lands, Frosthund is the largest of all the Treaty Lands, though it may be the smallest in Populace. It is more a country of peace than a country of war because they are dedicated to the prophecy to fulfill what was to come to pass. It is Currently ruled by King Kagon Snowforge, Thirtieth King of Frosthund. The Capital is Minerdale, The Seat of the Snowforge House.

That's All I've got for now, but I'll add more on!

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