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This forum is for recruiting for games in development. Please do not post threads about games being made here.

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> Experienced Scripter Taking Commissions
post Mar 12 2012, 02:25 AM
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Type: Coder

About Me:

Hello, my name is Tedrick Binder, but online, I go by Sinmora and in some cases xBrokenSin (Sin for short). I have been working with RPG Maker for a long time, all the way back to the days of RPG Maker 2000.

Of course, back then, there was no scripting to be done, but I did spend my days working on personal projects, and when I became more experienced, I created custom systems using events.

Its only natural that I was curious about scripting with the release of RPG Maker XP a while later. It was hard at first, but after more than 5 years of scripting, I feel that I have become proficient in it.

How I Operate:

I am quick and efficient, and depending on the scale of the script, can guarantee that no request will take longer than two weeks (Note: For larger scale scripts, such as Custom Battle Systems and the like, I can give no estimate of time.)

I script for both RPG Maker XP and RPG Maker VX, and soon I hope to add RPG Maker VX Ace as well.

Once the script is done, I will send an encrypted demo for you to test and evaluate. If it is to your liking, we then both decide on a suitable payment--which will be done through PayPal-- and upon a confirmation of the transaction, I will then send you the unencrypted project file.

As a general rule, I will continue to fix all bugs that arise, and make any minor changes you request on the script--free of charge--for a two month period. After that, I am resolved of all obligations to supporting the script, but will still be available to offer assistance should it be needed.

How to Request:

Basically, if you want to request a script from me, the best way to do so is by sending me a private message. Be sure to include as many details as possible, so that I can ensure that the script you receive will be exactly as you envisioned it.

As a purely personal choice, I would prefer not to edit an already existing script, as I find it easier to make my own from scratch. Not only that, it would feel wrong simply editing someone else’s work and then charging for it. If it is unavoidable, however, I will consider it--but in most cases, I will not be editing scripts.

If the script is to have any graphical enhancements, be sure to include those in the request as well. Same goes for any sound or music files which are to be played in the script.


Here is a compilation of previous scripts I have done for various people and reasons. As I continue to work, I will add more references here in the future. (Note: Most scripts referenced here are not available for public use and are the ownership of the one who commissioned it.)

Script Name(s):Decoration System
Description: A decoration script where the player has the ability to take furniture from a storage and place it however they see fit.

Script Name(s): Ram Racing & Auction System
Description: Ram Racing is a mini-game where the player races against NPCs of various skills... on rams. The Auction System on the other hand, was too a mini-game of sorts similar to the Auction House of Final Fantasy 9, where an item would be put up for auction, and the player was able to bid against various NPCs who too wished to win the item.

Script Name(s): Various
Description: I was around the 2nd or 3rd scripter on the project, and when I joined, the game was already more than half finished. As such, instead of making any large scripts, I edited and tweaked many existing ones.

Script Name(s): Dark Cloud 2 Weapons
Description: I made this script a long, long time ago, and it is one of the only completed scripts I’ve made available for public use. With it, you can create, level, and customize weapons in many ways, such as in the game Dark Cloud 2. Since I made this script so long ago, it is no longer supported by me.
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