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> How do you write your stories?, Your inspirations, preferred genres... you know.
post Mar 15 2012, 07:58 PM
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Writer and Soon Programmer!
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Type: Writer
Alignment: Neutral Good

Hey, I've been doing a lot of story writing recently. But I was thinking, and I was wondering how other writers go about it. Maybe an example of your work? Use the following format that I use to explain how I write to make it easier, smile.gif

Use this format to say what you want to say. I think it's the best way to get your point across. Of course, yours doesn't have to be quite as long and detailed as mine is.

Experience: How much experience do you have?

Work Example: Provide an example of your work. It can be anything, original or FanFiction, I don't care.

Style: What's your style? How do you write? What are some quirks you have as a writer?

Preferred Writing Category (Original or FanFiction): Do you prefer writing Original Works or FanFiction? Why?

Inspiration: Where do you get the inspiration for your work from?

Story-building: How do you build your story? Do you use outlines, flow charts, and other things or are you a more relaxed and impromptu writer like I am?

Preferred Genre: Which genre do you prefer to write in?

Characters: How do you create your characters? What kinds of quirks do they have? What are the amount of characters that you like writing about at once?

My Biggest Writing Problem: What is your biggest problem as a writer? I know we all have one so don't try and fool me... tongue.gif

Writers Block: We all get it, what do you do to deal with it?

Here is mine!

Experience: 11 years

Work Example: http://www.fanfictio...ance_Book_4_End (Only the first 4 chapters, others are examples of far older work, even chapter 1 is pretty old but I think still slightly representative of my skill, chapters 3 and 4 show me at my best so far)

Style: My style tends to concentrate on a balance of emotional and action sequences. My outlining for stories is limited to events, everything in-between them is created on the spot. I am an event focussed writer, and because of this my chapters focus on specific segments of time. I do a lot of time-skipping to keep the story moving and to communicate the best parts. But I do sometimes do sequences that seem pointless so that I can make my characters seem more human. I'm also a SUCKER for continuity, I make absolutely sure that dialogue and events match up with previous events so that the story flows nicely. I don't do awkward events, and I no longer release writing I feel is inadequete in any way. Of course, we all make mistakes, and so do I. I tend to write the story from a single character I can relate to as well, so the story is mostly told from their eyes.

Preferred Writing Category (Original or FanFiction): I prefer FanFiction, but I do do a lot of Original writing. Creating a world and characters is very difficult, but I have done it before, and am in fact working on a Science-Fiction novel that is in a completely original built universe. In FanFiction, you have a template and your job is to build on top of it. I'm a sucker about continuity as mentioned above so I do rampant analysis before considering myself ready to write FanFiction on any subject.

Inspiration: I have multiple sources of inspiration. One of my more promenant story ideas is actually directly based on a dream I had a few years ago. Of course, I had to do a lot of work to make a dream into a cohesive story, but in the end, the idea itself is actually great. At least I think so. My best source of inspiration is the work of other Authors. Star Wars, Mass Effect, the Inheritance Cycle, multiple other movies and video games, Harry Potter, and lot of other books inspire me every time I go to write. Other times I get insipiration from the news or history.

Story-Building: I build my stories by first plotting events within a storyline in sequential order in my head. These events can be changed, moved, or entirely dropped as I write. I don't do any kind of outlining, all of my writing is a bit impromptu and a lot of the time I don't know what's going to happen next as my fingers drum across the keyboard. I get really invested in my own stories, which I think speaks greatly about me as a writer. Because I am a consumer of my own writing, I know what is clearly bad when I'm doing it. No endings like ME3 here, lol. All of the in-between stuff is completely imagination, but it is changed or dropped just like events in my outline if I don't feel if it messes with the rest of the story.

Preferred Genre: I prefer writing in the Science-Fiction or Fantasy genre's, maybe historical fiction, but I haven't tried it yet. I could definitely do action stories as well.

Characters: I write my characters as individual personalities that don't really relate with characters on the outside world. I also write with the focus tied to a central main character, and I write from that characters perspective as I said above. In addition, I get a bit overwhelmed with large groups of characters so I try to keep the amount of characters in my story to a very limited few so I can concentrate on them and not mess up because I try for to wide a scope of recognizable characters.

My Biggest Writing Problem: My biggest problem is focus. I tend to focus to hard on that central character, and because of that I have very critical problems telling stories from more then one perspective. Another problem of mine is not being able to handle to much, which is why I prefer to work with such a limited cast of characters.

Writers Block: I get over writers block by playing music that matches the mood of the scene I'm trying to create. It usually gets my creative juices off. I also NEVER write with headphones on, seems to make writers block very promenant for some reason. If that doesn't work, I play video games, watch movies, or other things. If that still doesn't work, I lay down and refine my ideas in my head. My last resort is literally just forgetting about the story completely for days, weeks, or even months at a time until I finally get over it.

I Am the Project Leader (Lead Writer, Lead Designer) of

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I Am the Lead Writer of...

Various things...
Various Sayings...
  • The enemy of my enemy is my friend
  • At the end of an infinite road, you will find more road.
  • More to add as I come up with them...
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post Apr 6 2012, 10:03 AM
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Type: Writer

Hey there, I'll make it as short as possible smile.gif
I've been writing random stuff since I was 10
Now I prefer to write short stories, mainly in my blogs
My character is a 1980s kid, ateliotic and spiritually immature, struggling with everyday's life smile.gif
My toughest problem is the lack of living experience and failure top unite all my ideas in sth wholesome

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post Aug 15 2012, 03:33 PM
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Type: Writer

i'll also make this as short as possible.
i started writing by the time i reach the age of 13. at that time i usually make my own story based on the things that i'm playing. from what i remember i made short stories of CS strike, and using the name of the bots as my character and the map as the settings.

GEnre: something that deviates from the usual norm of different stories.

when i reach college i think i was 17 at that time i shifted genres to short novels. my story by then were things that i think are not the usual genre although most of them are kind of like an rpg set up. example. most of my stories, the evil king/dark lord or whatever some may call them is the one who will kill the good guy which is threatening the balance of his dark empire. or an evil mysterious swordsman who kills his opponents using the sword of immortality. but since its a sword of immortality. the souls of the victim shall never leave its flesh for all eternity and even if the human is immortal....their pain of their limbs being thorn appart will never heal for all of eternity.

as for the inspiration usually it is boredom.

building the story:
i just plot the start and the finish of my story then let my head just write my over flowing ideas. and whenever i get a new idea. i write it first to my outline then start writing again.

usually weird or evil characters
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post Aug 17 2012, 04:33 PM
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Type: Designer
Alignment: Unaligned

Experience: 10+ years

Work Example: I designed and wrote the story of Profit Motive also a lot of the NPC dialogue.

Style: I'm very structured. Lots of planning, templates, and checklists to fill out when designing.

Preferred Writing Category: Original. I just have too many ideas of my own I want to express and I prefer creating new things.

Inspiration: Life. My life. Other's lives. Research, reference, etc. I also use a special technique I developed for coming up new ideas which I've started to detail, here.

Story-building: I start with the high-level idea and "feeling" for the story then do a basic outline of it (I use the C.O.P.E. system: Who is the character? What is their objective? What problems stand in their way? How does their story end?). I then move on to developing the characters and the story world. With all 3 of these things in place at a high level, a framework is established and I can choose to freestyle or drill down deeper into any part of it. Once I've fleshed everything out to a reasonable degree, I implement it in the game at a first pass and play through to see how it feels and flows. From there I review and iterate over and over and over again until things feel just right.

Preferred Genre: Action - Adventure, Comedy, and Drama

Characters: How I create my characters depends on if I'm developing them to fit within a larger story idea or if I'm developing the story idea to fit with them. I usually come up with an interesting premise or problem for a character (e.g. a talented musician who is cursed such that every instrument he plays only produces erotic sounds). From there I decide what kind of personality archetype I want (i.e. chief, badboy, professor, swashbuckler, warrior, boss, etc.) and then last I add all the details (backstory, traits and quirks, age, special skills, etc.)

My Biggest Writing Problem:
I'm great at designing unique and compelling stories and characters, but I'm weak at dialogue. So I just end up hiring dialogue writers to re-write what I wrote, better smile.gif

Writers Block: I use that ideation method I was talking about before. That or I do research. I usually never find myself in writer's block when it comes to creating new ideas. I usually get it when I'm trying to resolve a very specific problem in the story in a way that will make everything just "click". I don't really see this as writer's block, more like problem solving. Reviewing some theory on writing and doing some more research usually clears things up.

Interesting post btw!


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post Aug 19 2012, 04:33 AM
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Type: Artist
Alignment: Chaotic Good

This may sound wierd, but... I sit down with my feet against the wall, while i cover my face with mayonnaise, then I wrap myself around bubble wrap, and afterword I turn on a spanish novela and stare at the ceiling the entire time until I get my idea...

Just kidding, I usually get a random Idea in my head, and then in the morning I wake up and type everything up, i then go off and draw my characters, which i can then build up to.

My Youtube Channel!
Art is the way YOU express YOUR creativity!
If you are a believer of Jesus Christ, and are 100% proud of it, put this in your sig!

*My Current Game Projects!*Check it out! XD

My way of thanking those who have helped me in the past!
<---- LOL


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post Aug 26 2012, 07:41 AM
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Type: Designer
Alignment: True Neutral

Experience: Three or so years.

Work Example: This was the only way I could give an example without linking to my FB, sorry:

A broken child with a golden tipped arrow sits on a cloud, his countenance : a frown. His eyes glistening with passion while he looks over a city of brotherly love. His frown is because he is without his bow; the tool used to project the inspiration of love.

Miasma made a mistake. Or, so he believes. He caused two people--not on his target list--to fall in love with one another. First, the male, since he loves the look in their eyes when they first meet their soon-to-be-lover. Then, the female, since there love is mending. It was an internal battle, between: heart and mind; soul and body; an impulse and the taught laws of Non-Lachrymal Academy.

"One must never twang his bow for anyone whom is not listed on their list." *If you'd like the rest of the short story, I'll post it upon request.

Style: I've been told I write a like Emily Dickenson. I have ideas--some that harass my mind, only until I write them down. My quirks ... my sporadic mind; a lack of structure. And, oh how I love to throw the reader into the middle of a scene.

Preferred Writing Category (Original or FanFiction): Original. I don't like the idea of carrying on another's.

Inspiration: Most comes from Salman Rushdie, other authors. Movies, video games.

Story-building: How do you build your story? Impromptu ... definitely impromptu.

Preferred Genre: Fiction, Fantasy.

Characters: I don't ever feel like I'm making them up. The tend to just roll out of me, oddly enough.

My Biggest Writing Problem: I NEED A LONGER ATTENTION SPAN! biggrin.gif

Writers Block: Play SSBM, or chess. tongue.gif


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