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> New beginnings~
Psithyroi Online
post Mar 15 2012, 10:23 PM
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Hello everyone, I am Akatsuki and will be representing a new team that is being formed by a group previously known as Indie Opportunity. We have been through a lot since may 22nd 2011, and are now at a stopping point where we seriously need to rethink our foundations as well as our team itself. It is very hard to maintain voluntary developers when real life takes a heavy toll on the amount of time we have to actually concentrate on developing games we have planned. Though as of today, March 15th 2012, we’re starting all over from stage 1. We are driven by our ideals, and wish to experience that with others whom have the same dedication as we do in bringing forth what other games discard. There is a huge difference between loving a game and just playing one because you are bored, and we are planning to change all of that with the amount of content, security and ideas we have for many of our soon to be planned games. Though we need a team, and that is the exact reason I am going around trying to find talented, dedicated, volunteers wanting to work with us in developing games that people will play, not because their bored, but because they enjoy it.

We do not have a name for ourselves yet, as we would like to get a team of 25 developers together first before jumping to step 2. Currently our team consists of 15 developers, most of the developers already know each other as they were previous Indie Opportunity founders, leaders, or developer, while others just joined recently. The team consist of four programmers, one musician, three 2d pixel artist, four illustrators & concept artist, three graphics artist and 1 manager. Each developers are talented in multiple things.

Our ideals are simple, but the development will be hard. Many times we’ve seen gaming companies choose content over security, as well content over community. We are leant towards listening to what our community wishes to see within a game, and not just making updates depending on how we feel about it. Content does matter, but what good would new graphics do if the majority of a community dislikes it? We understand everyone can not be pleased, but it is best to have the community involved with updates and allow them to add their opinions, debate over why they like and or dislike a planned update, and from there, come to a conclusion if we should continue with the update, or rather concentrate on bug fixes while planning updates that the community has proven to be something they would enjoy. As I previously said, we can’t please everyone, but we will carefully listen to what they have to say.

There are many challenges we will face, but as a team I believe we can get through anything. We will not ask for much from our developers, as it is very understandable real life does take priority over a volunteered job. Though we do require that you have enough time to spare, can be trusted, and can have fun while working. We do not want boring individuals, rather talkative developers that can communicate with everyone freely and still be able to concentrate on their job or position. We will never rush anyone to complete something, unless it is needed. There are currently only ten positions opened, and below I will try to clearly explain each role and what is needed.


Positions & What is expected


You must be able to understand the mechanics of TCP/UDP networking and basic IO operations. We need advanced problem solvers who can work well with other programmers, either more or less talented. Source code is expected to be shared between programmers in a group folder and not held privately when it comes to group projects. Be experienced in either Java, C#, C++, or PHP/MySQL/other standardized web languages.

There are two slots opened.


You must be open to constructive criticism for this position. Musicians are expected to be capable of
producing multiple styles of melodies and be able to produce a wide variety of songs that are needed to fit the many environments in our games. Music is a very important aspect when it comes to playing a game!

There are two slots open.


Animators are also a very key role in games we create. Games need animated sprites to function properly! As an animator you will be working very closely with pixel artists who may or may not be experienced in animating their sprite-work. This job is very important, as it brings our games to life. Be able to adapt.

There is one slot opened for this position.

Sound effects

A game is never great without sound effects. Sure I can sit there and enjoy the music over and over but how would a player know their being hit when their away from the keyboard? You must be able to create rich sounds that will allow players to know what is going on around them. Even if it is just a fox running by, players should be able to hear the soft sounds each feet creates.

It is highly required that you are able to take criticism and take into account anything other developers have to say about the sounds you make in order to produce something of great quality. You must also be able to communicate with the other developers and know how to have fun. The ability to communicate with the musicians is also needed. There are two slots opened.


What fun would a game be without a good story behind it? You must be able to bring a story to life, not just put bits and pieces of random thoughts together, but go crazy with creativity. Make every lore something people would want to read, and not just skim through. Don’t worry about grammar or misspelled words, first get the draft done, proof-read it, and add more details. You must be able to make the readers actually picture each image in their head, or even feel what the character is feeling, such as sadness or pain. Describe objects not just with one word, and color, but with everything you can possibly imagine that’ll allow the reader to know exactly what you’re talking about, even if they have never seen what you’re describing. You’ll also need to be able to take criticism as well as communicate with other developers.

Editors must have proper grammar, ability to spell, be able to spot errors quickly, and turn small words into large ones. You must be able to communicate with the lore writers as well as other developers in order to insure everyone is adding something to the story. There are one lore and one editor slots opened.

Graphics Artist

Graphic artists are responsible for assisting web developers, providing logos and promotional graphics for projects, and designing in-game graphical interfaces. Basically, your job is to attract people by making good looking, easy to follow designs.

There is one slots opened.

Application Format

You’re almost there! If you’ve read everything and came to a decision that you would love to join our team, please follow the format given below and email it to akatsuki@indie-op.com . Keep in mind that Indie Opportunity is no longer our name, and that a new name will be debated upon once the creation of this new team is completed.

When all positions are filled, we will inform you. There is no dead line to this application, until we announce that all slots have been filled and we are no longer hiring volunteers.



First Name:

Last Name ( Optional ):

Nick Name ( What would you like us to call you? Other then your real name ):

Email ( something we can email you at, must be an email address you check daily ):



Are you dedicated? (Y/N):

How much time are you willing to put into this position?:

Can you communicate well with others? (Y/N feel free to add more to it if you would like ):

Have you worked on any other project or team before? If so, what projects? ( Include a link if this project is still around, or attach work you’ve done for this project in a separate folder within a zip folder. ):

Reason(s) for wanting to join:

Attachment: Please create a zip file with everything you wish to present. If you are adding work(s) from other project(s) you took part in, please create a separate folder within the zip file named after the project or team you did the work for.

All applications will be read by me( Nick ) at the end of each week until we’ve chosen the best sent for each slot that were opened. Feel free to add more information to your application if need be, such as favorite food, snack, drink, etc.. anything that will allow us to know a little more about yourself. Each application will be reviewed by every member of the team, and voted upon in order to keep fairness.

We are looking forward to seeing a good amount of applications hopefully, and please keep in mind that this is a voluntary thing for the time being.


Currently Planed Projects

Social current~ A service dedicated to providing local parties and events to people via website/iPhone/Android applications. Users will be able to see what events are approaching within their town, or what parties/events are going on that very moment.

Users may pay the entrance fee to an event within the app itself and provide a 4-digit code at the door instead of going through the hassle of handling material cash. People will also be able to take photos with their smart phones and have them instantly streamed onto the party’s photo feed inside the app and on the website, letting others have a glimpse of what is going on. Users will also be able to rate events and the people that host those events, write reviews, subscribe to the host for future event notifications, and more.

Welcome to the social network of partying.


Little Knight~ Little Knight is an RPG planned for multiple platforms (Windows/Linux/Mac OS/iOS/Android/Xbox360/Web) in which you are the son of a farmer, who feels destined to do more in life. Despite the constant criticism from your grandfather, whilst in town on a mission one afternoon you end up in a squabble, which ends with you saving the kingdom's bratty princess from her own self-instituted situation. Saving the princess earns you one of the highest and most desired roles in the kingdom; a position within the High Knights Guild, protecting the royal family. However, not all is well in the kingdom. As you venture around and complete quests you begin to find there is something dark and twisted (and even comical!) going on within your kingdom.


Psithyroi Online~ Psithyroi Online is an MMORPG side scroller based in a fantasy world in which players take their own creative paths through-out the world. As player’s make their choices in missions and quests, and as they explore, they will begin to be set apart from players taking opposite paths, and will decide the future of their gaming experience as time goes on. We’re aiming for Psithyroi to be a vast open land where people can have fun by teaming dungeons, completing party quests, enjoy creating guilds with friends, exploring open lands, completing a plethora of quests and fighting wicked monsters (and players…)

More on Psithyroi can be found on our current temporary forums http://psithyroi.com/


Bane~ A post-apocalyptic side scrolling MMORPG that takes place in the distant future after the great nuclear war. This side scroller is far different than the aim of Psithyroi. It’s set in the future when weapons are built for total destruction; featuring many modern rifles, vehicles, and more. Explore the wastelands of what was your planet with friends, take on enemies that weren’t so lucky to find shelter during the nuclear fallout, and try your best to rebuild your radiated planet.


Current Team

Entire Team:

Daniel O. ( Sk8 )
Cameron C. ( Crazy )
Joshua W. ( Mb )
Darren J. ( Apollo )
Nick M. ( Akatsuki )
Tyler K. ( Staffcarguy )
Monique B. ( Sakura )
Katherine T. ( Kat )
Kachima H. ( Chanit )
Kevin B. ( Kevin )
Steva J. ( Stava )
Leslie N. ( Vixxie )
Michael J. ( Legend )
Eric M. (MLM)


Team Manager:

Nick M.


Daniel O.
Cameron C.
Joshua W.
Darren J.


Tyler K.
Monique B.
Katherine T.
Kachima H.


Kevin B.
Tyler K.

2D Pixel Artist:

Kevin B.
Steva J.
Leslie N.

Graphic Artist:

Michael J.
Kevin B.
Eric M.(MLM)

Lore Development:

Michael J.
Monique B.
Nick M.
Tyler K.

Community Manager:

Nick M.


End Statement

We are very excited about this, and hope everything goes well. There will be many challenges along the way as I said earlier, but there has not been anything we couldn’t accomplish by working together and not only as a team, but a family. Working voluntary is not something you’re forced upon, it is something you dedicate yourself to because you trust that what you’re putting your time into will turn into something amazing in the future, and that is how each and every one of us feel. Spending as much time as we can organizing while the team is being formed, while talking about the most random things you could ever think of.. such as food.. Everyone loves food, I hope.

We’re looking forward to more developers who can liven up the chat, and communicate with everyone while knowing that he/she can still do what ever else they need to that is of higher priority or importance. We will never rush any of our developers, unless what they are meant to do is critically needed for other developers to continue a project. Summer is closing in, we’re hoping to be fully ready before then to start developing and most of all, having fun.


Meet the Developers

Here you can read what the Developers and leaders have to say about the team. Most of everyone currently on the team are previous Indie Opportunity leaders, or developer. They will just be writing a few things about how they felt working as a team with one another, and what ever else they have to add. Everything was written by them, unedited.


I’ve been working with Cameron, Michael, and Kevin for about almost a year now. Clark, Leslie, Monique, Daniel and everyone else came afterwards. Honestly, I have no idea where to begin. Since I joined the group, I took the role as community manager and started handling everything related to social networks, emails, community management, and organizing. While school and real life took much of my time, I still had more then enough hours to spend talking to the team and it was AWESOME! Everyone would communicate well, and Kevin would always tell us a random fact, which had nothing to do with what ever topic we would be talking about. He is also always saying jokes. Michael, I always knew him as legend.. Until one day I found out what his real name was.. And almost shit bricks. Michael Jackson was his name, and it wasn’t even a joke, though I thought it was at first.

Sometimes I wonder if he can dance.. I’ve only seen him play the guitar, and he is quite good. Clark can make an amazing impression of Chris from family guy, and is an amazing musician. Fun thing about the team is, we have a couple :3 it was thanks to Clark, we all met Leslie, who was his girlfriend. Leslie can make awesome cheese cakes, and I only just learned that about 3 or so I think days ago. We’ve all been working together for what feels like years, when it hasn’t even been a year yet. Cameron was the one who invited me into such an amazing team, and I will never forget the day I joined the team. He is a very talented programmer who taught me more about CSS and HTML for web development, although I still have much to learn since the time I put in practicing is quite less then I do in managing. Daniel is also a very talented programmer who taught me an easier way to understand binary, and for no reason at all, I enjoyed it. I still plan to bother him more often once summer starts, as well as Cameron. I love Monique’s voice, we all agreed she would make a great speaker for our YouTube videos, and she can not say no (evil grin). Joshua is an odd fellow I must say… I jokes, just enjoy messing with him since the day he became dead to me for reasons I can not remember. Little Joshua is an impressive programmer just like Cameron and Daniel, though he is more leant to small games, which we’ll be doing before the release of Psithyroi Online.

Psithyroi Online is our only major project we’ve been working on which was recently put on hold due to team recreation. We are all very dedicated to finishing every project we start, no matter how long it may take, it will meet its completion. Kevin and Steva are the lead pixel artist for Psithyroi, I’ve known Steva for quite a bit, and was the one who invited him to the team after his version of the character sprite was voted upon to be used. Psithyroi has gone through many changes and is will still be going through many more changes.

I wish I could keep writing more and more about the team, but I would end up writing an entire novel. So I’ll just stop my thoughts here, and simply say, I have learned a lot of new things from working with these guys, we have gone through the loss of good artist(s) one of them being Forrest Imel who has done a great job while working with us. He still continues to improve day by day, and will be missed. David (Levaunt) whom just disappeared. Chari, who is no longer officially part of the team due to previous lack of work, which lead to the creation of a new team, but she is still willing to work on projects with us. Chari was also amazing with character illustrations.

Managing this new team will be a great task, and together we can take on any challenge. OH!! Before I go, I must mention one of my funniest moment with the team.

[2:48:57 AM] Sk8 : but yes I can program an rpg
[2:49:04 AM] Vixxie : =D
[2:49:07 AM] Sk8 : just what language would you want it in
[2:49:15 AM] Vixxie : English >_>
[2:49:21 AM] Vixxie : im not fluent in my Japanese yet Lol
[2:49:39 AM] Akatsuki : XD
[2:49:44 AM] Akatsuki : he meant programming language
[2:49:49 AM] Vixxie : LOL
[2:49:49 AM] Sk8 : very interesting..
[2:49:57 AM] Akatsuki : I think
[2:50:00 AM] Vixxie : er
[2:50:00 AM] Sk8 : yeah xD

Couldn’t forget that. Lol. Looking forward to reading those applications.

More will be added as I get them..
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