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> Drake II: The Awakening, A tale of a man who has no recollection of his past.
post Mar 17 2012, 03:32 AM
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Drake II: The Awakening


1000 years ago, Narg the Frost Dragon was sealed in his own castle. For 1000 years, Narg Island remains peaceful...but can peace truly last forever? There are those who wish to revive Narg and the unsuspecting villagers are simply not fit to fight after such a prolonged peace. A man named Drake and his 2 companions are caught in the middle of this story and seek out to stop this resurrection. But, is defeating Narg truly enough? What if one was to lose everything in the process? Can Drake truly discern good from evil? What is truth? Drake is just really confused by the time it's all over and doesn't know who to believe anymore.

The story begins when a man named Gran tells Drake that he knows about his past. Drake and Gran then embark on a journey to Vorn (Drake's hometown). But, there is a cliche detour involved as usual. Drake then finds himself on a quest to prevent the revival of Narg. Not really having the time to question anyone's motives, Drake fails to notice that suspicious behavior of those around him. But, what can he do but to trust his new friends when he cannot remember his past life?


The story takes place on Narg Isle. Narg Isle was named after Narg, the dragon who got sealed there by the "Heroes". There are 2 towns: Ark and Vorn. Both are quiet and very isolated from the mainland. War and strife are simply not known on this island. But, over the last 6 months the island has started changing and the animals have gotten more violent.

Silver and Gold Towers: What purpose these ancient towers have is unknown to the general public.

Forest of Exile: A forest between Ark and Vorn. It got its name after Grimhelm spent 10 years there honing his Mercenary abilities.

Clear River: A sidequest area. What secrets does it hide?

Narg Tunnel/ Castle Narg: Who would be foolish to venture there? The locals haven't touched it for a millennium.

Main Characters

Drake: A young man who lives in Ark but, is originally from Vorn. He is a descendent of Grimhelm (one of the “Heroes"). He arrived in Ark 6 months ago covered in blood and passed out. He was nursed back to health but, he cannot remember his past (I know it's cliche). He's an adept swordsman and obviously doesn't remember why. His life changes when he meets Narg, a mysterious man who claims to know Drake very well. But, is Drake ready to find out what kind of man he was in the past? Drake's primary duty in battle is just to attack. Later on, he gets some skills once he becomes a Mercenary.

Mirage: A bold woman who is a descendent of the "Heroes" and Mr. Kain's slave girl. She seems to be quite knowledgeable in the ancient tales and knows more about them then the common person. But, it is as if she knows TOO much. Drake trusts her and never questions her agenda. She is a mage skilled in using the elements. She is the primary damage dealer and helps end battles quickly.

Ivan: An emo kid who speaks in Kingslish. He's originally from the mainland (Eastern continent) but, the ship he was on crashed on Narg Isle. His older sister talks Drake into taking Ivan along for the journey. Ivan refuses at first but, agrees after realizing he might as well have some fun (even though Ivan is a firm believer in Nihilism.) Despite having a bad attitude, Ivan makes a pretty good white mage. He later learns spells to help you get around more easily and is the only one who can revive a character.

Other Characters

Gran: Claims to know Drake. He offers to help him journey to Vorn to see his parents. They get to the Forest of Exile but, cannot pass... an rpg-like detour comes after that. Gran has a mysterious air about him and he acts peculiar.

Felix: Drake's friend who nurses him back to health after he found him bleeding outside the village. He lends Drake a helping hand when he needs it.

Isis: Plays piano at the bar. She is also Ivan's sister and Felix's wife. She really likes playing Debussy. Maybe you should visit her at the bar.

Kain: Stereotypical pervy old man who has a 15 year old slave girl named Mirage. He has some evil plans it seems.

Grimhelm: Founder of the "Mercenaries" and one of the ancient "Heroes" who sealed Narg the Frost Dragon


Wait Guage (9 scripts total) - Ziifee
Lite Menu - Woratana
Pseudo 3D Battlebacks - Cozziekuns

Windowskins - Aindra and Woratana
Face Generator - CompulsoryHero and Sick Dezign
Character Generator - Damian666
Logo - Cooltext.com

Claude Debussy
Hiroshi Tamawari
Hitoshi Sakimoto
Koichi Sugiyama
Michiru Oshima
Miki Higashino
Motoi Sakuraba
Shinji Tamura
Shoji Meguro
Yasunori Mitsuda

Story: Ragnarok99999
RPG Maker VX and RTP: Enterbrain

Special Thanks:
My friends (You know who you are)



or http://www.4shared.com/account/dir/5O9y9iun/_online.html

You don't need to have RPG Maker VX installed for this.

edit1: I uploaded a new and improved version. The difficulty has been toned down to lessen anger induced by grinding. Also, the game is about 5 hours if you do everything. The game is complete for all intents and purposes.

I understand my mapping is terrible. I'm trying to get better but, I'm a mathematician not an artist.
If you have suggestions for how I can make better maps or suggestions in other areas then please say something.

You can find Drake I on my blog. It's about 3 hours and VERY simple (Think Dragon Quest 1) so be warned.

I'm currently working on a new project that's a vast improvement over Drake II in every category. I currently have 6 hours of material and I'm probably not even halfway done yet.

edit2: I added Ziifee's Wait Guage and made the game a bit easier. It flows much more smoothly now and it's only 3-4 hours now (depending on how thorough the player is in getting everything.) This is probably the final version... but you never know.

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